10+ Best Wedding Content Creators in Toronto and GTA Areas

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You spend several months planning your dream wedding, all details are picture-perfect, and you celebrate with your loved ones. But you freak out the next day as there’s nothing to post or share on social media for people who couldn’t make it. Or maybe you asked a friend to capture your wedding’s behind-the-scenes moments, but you fear they might overlook the most crucial shots.

Fortunately, wedding content creators in Toronto and GTA areas won’t let you experience these scenarios. These content creation experts allow you to fully immerse in the moment and share the love on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. And let’s meet them.

  1. Plan In Love 

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Think Plan In Love as your personal memory-capturer during your wedding day. They can also be your storyteller. They capture behind-the-scenes and candid moments and turn them into creative and shareable content.

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  1. VintageBASH 

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VintageBASH can immortalize your wedding day’s cherished moments as one of the trusted wedding content creators in Toronto, They specialize in candid iPhone content capture, BTS footage, social media management, and specialized content creation.

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  1. Mad Bash Group 

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Besides brand and product content creation, Mad Bash Group excels in weddings. With a knack for dreamy décor and enchanting setups, they turn your wedding into a masterpiece of memories, complemented by their behind-the-scenes content creation service.

Instagram: @madbashgrp

  1. Emily Rowsell 

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As someone who has worked in social media for several years, Emily Rowsell can creatively tell your love story on social media. Her artistry through the lens captures every emotion and intimate detail, transforming wedding moments into timeless treasures.

Instagram: @em_rowsell

  1. Event Besties 

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Meet Kara and McKina, the creative minds behind the Event Besties. They let you stay in the moment with your favorite people while capturing your memories. The organized content is sent to you within 24 hours of your wedding.

Instagram: @event.besties

TikTok: @eventbesties

  1. Toronto Wedding Content Creator 

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Toronto Wedding Content Creator captures all your desired photos and videos and delivers them within 24 hours after tying the knot. This way, everyone can enjoy the party, and you’ll have candid wedding content perfect for social media posting.

Instagram: @torontoweddingcontentcreator

TikTok: @torontoweddingcontent

  1. Laura Clarke Photography 

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Comprising a team of enthusiastic designers, visual storytellers, influencers, and bloggers, Laura Clarke Photography specializes in creating and capturing unforgettable wedding-related content. Their expertise aids couples, and their loved ones in preserving the wedding day’s special moments, emotions, and intricacies.

Instagram: @lauraclarkephotos

  1. Xo.TheSocial 

Xo.TheSocial captures every wedding moment, guaranteeing couples a trove of fun and memorable content to share. From preparation to anticipated moments and behind-the-scenes glimpses, they craft wedding content that is expertly prepared for social media sharing.

Instagram: @xo.thesocial

  1. Content Bliss

Content Bliss is devoted to “capturing love stories, one frame at a time.” They excel as storytellers, highlighting the essence of each wedding and transforming it into an unforgettable narrative filled with creativity.

Instagram: @contentbliss.co

  1. Core Memory Creative 

With candid wedding content service, Core Memory Creative captures your memories while you live them. They offer Wedding Recap Reel, Touching Moments, and Engagement Party Recap, and all content is shot using an iPhone and promptly delivered within 24 hours.

  1. The Social Markit 

The Social Markit is perfect for candid, modern, and social media-shareable wedding content. Their behind-the-scenes documentation ensures no beautiful moment goes unnoticed, and their content is expertly prepared for social media sharing.

Instagram: @the.social.markit

TikTok: @thesocialmarkit

With their lens capturing grand moments and intimate details, these top-notch content creators create an enduring legacy of love, laughter, and cherished memories. They produce content and facilitate real-time and post-event sharing, ensuring that the magic of weddings is instantly captured and preserved.


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