12-Month Free Wedding Planning Spreadsheets & Checklists 2024

Planning a wedding is a joyous and exciting endeavour, but it can also be quite challenging without proper organization and structure. To ensure a smooth and stress-free wedding planning journey, it’s essential to have comprehensive spreadsheets and checklists at your disposal. In this blog, we present 5+ 12-month Free Wedding Planning Spreadsheets and Checklists for 2023. These tools will help you stay organized, keep track of tasks and deadlines, and create the wedding of your dreams.

12-Month Free Wedding Planning Spreadsheets & Checklists 2023

1. Plan in Love

Looking for a Yearly Wedding Planning Spreadsheet? Plan in Love provides an overview of the entire wedding planning process. It breaks down the various tasks and milestones that need to be accomplished each month, ensuring that you stay on track throughout the entire year. This spreadsheet acts as a roadmap, guiding you through the process from start to finish and helping you manage your time effectively.

2. Wedding Budget Tracker Spreadsheet

Managing your wedding budget is crucial, and a budget tracker spreadsheet is an invaluable tool in this regard. This Budget Tracker Wedding Planner allows you to set a budget and track your expenses across different categories such as venue, catering, decorations, attire, photography, and more. With this spreadsheet, you can monitor your spending, identify areas where adjustments can be made, and ensure that you stay within your financial limits.

3. Botanical Wedding Planning Checklist

Keeping track of your guest list can be a complex task, but a Botanical Wedding Planning Checklist simplifies the process. It also provides a centralized location to enter guest names, addresses, RSVP status, meal preferences, and any other relevant details. Additionally, this spreadsheet allows you to generate and manage seating charts. At the same time, this is also to ensure that all your guests are accounted for and seated appropriately.

4. Bride’s Wedding Timeline Checklist

Bride’s Wedding Timeline Checklist is an essential tool for staying organized and ensuring that everything happens according to plan. Furthermore, it outlines the key milestones and tasks that need to be completed each month leading up to the wedding day. This checklist helps you stay on top of deadlines, coordinate with vendors, and ensure that all the necessary arrangements are made in a timely manner.

5. Wedding Planner Spreadsheet

Creating a cohesive and visually appealing wedding aesthetic involves gathering and organizing decor and design inspiration. Besides planning, this Wedding Planner Spreadsheet spreadsheet allows you to collect and categorize ideas, images, and inspiration sources. You can also add notes and comments to remind yourself of specific elements you want to incorporate into your wedding decor. Moreover, the spreadsheet ensures that you have a clear vision for your wedding and can effectively communicate your ideas to vendors and decorators.


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