12 Month Wedding Checklist

The ring is finally on your finger and you’re engaged! Now you can start to visualize your dream wedding and start the planning. We firmly believe in enjoying the process of wedding planning. While it is known to be a stressful task, it’s something that will happen only once in your life. Cherish this moment and get started as early as you can!

With enough time, you can definitely have the wedding you’ve always wanted. Proper preparations are key! Create a checklist and a timeline that go side by side. This way it’s going to be easier to navigate through the whole process. Here is your first look at the foundation and start of this journey for the newly engaged couple. Typically, a minimum of 12 months is allotted for planning. On account of this, here is what you need to focus on a year before your big day!

Here is your wedding to-do checklist 10-12 Months from your chosen date!

  1. Set your Budget

Every decision and aspect of your wedding will depend on your budget. We highly recommend sitting down and seriously considering how much of your savings you want to allocate for your celebration. It’s most important to determine a number and STICK TO IT. Enumerate what your priorities are. We suggest listing them from highest to lowest to help determine your non-negotiables. Everything else will be based on your budget. Remember, your wedding is just the start of your life together. This is a one-day affair and as beautiful as you want it to be, always be smart in your spending!

  1. Guestlist

We always like to say this to our couples, “your wedding, your way.” Don’t let society dictate who and how many people will be on your guest list. There is a certain pressure to invite everyone including your distant cousin’s daughter who lives 5 hours away. The headcount should include people you truly want to celebrate with, those you have a true relationship with. Once you have that number down, you can consider inviting others if your budget allows it.



Congratulations on your engagement! Let’s get to planning!

Plan In Love wows us with its extensive collection of wedding planners, templates, and almost everything fancy you need before and on your big day! Each comes in various design execution which allows you to align it with your big wedding motif. Signing up on their community will give you access to over 500+ high-quality templates they’ve curated over the years and crafted with you in mind. Say goodbye to being over the place and find peace of mind in knowing that you got everything under control.


  1. Venue


With your budget and guestlist arranged, you can now start researching venue locations. First, decide if you want a separate venue for your ceremony and reception. Would you like a destination wedding or are you looking for a local spot? Logistics are extremely important, too. Remember that the area must be spacious enough to accommodate your guests and other provisions you may want to include such as a dancefloor, a buffet table, and a bar. Take time to make ocular visits to make sure you get one that will suit your preferred theme, guest count, and most importantly, your budget.


If you’re looking to get the most out of your venue, you can choose to get one that’s multifunctional for the whole day. With great styling, you’re getting the best value for money in one location. An area that can easily be converted from your ceremony to your reception.  Bellamy Loft is a prime example of a versatile and transformable space that will look beautiful regardless of the theme and motif.

  1. Make your own wedding board and decide on your theme

At this point, you can start getting ideas for your theme, color scheme, and other details from wedding magazines, Pinterest, or wedding websites. The resources are endless. These inspirations are the best way to communicate with your stylist, florist, and planner – should you choose to book these vendors. You’ll be able to start getting a good picture of how you want your day to look like. When you’ve gathered as much inspo as you need, you can create your own mood board for your most special celebration.

  1. Consider hiring a wedding planner

A wedding planner is most definitely not a necessary expense, but, it is a great convenience. Not only will the planning be easier, but you’ll also be more at ease on the day itself knowing that everything will be in charge of a professional. If it is within your means, we highly recommend considering getting one. He or she will help you every step of the way. These professionals also have a list of reliable vendors that they can suggest. You’ll never be left guessing.

  1. Catering

Food plays such a large part in celebrations. People tend to remember experiences more than aesthetics. They’ll remember how food tastes more than what the venue looks like! This is why you need to make sure you get delicious meals on your guests’ plates! Research respected wedding caterers. Read reviews. Ask friends and your wedding planner. The best part will always be food tasting! Take note of your favorite dishes as well as your standout picks before making your final decision. Always take your time!

  1. Start looking for photographers, videographers, and stylists

These days, there are so many different wedding vendors that it can be quite a massive task to choose which one is best for you. Your stylist must be able to suitably take your mood board and vision to bring it to life. The photographer and videographer are just as important because they are responsible for making the memorabilia for your most special day. These people are artists that have their own signature technique and style. Choose those that will best fit your personality. Much like anything that involves your wedding, you must research properly and read reviews too.

  1. Wedding dress

Window shopping with your closest friends and loved ones for your wedding dress should start as soon as you have time. Not only is this a fun adventure, but this will also be a good chance to explore your options early on. You do not have to decide as early as a year before but you can start fitting different styles to get an idea of what you want for a wedding dress and what designs suit your body type the best. Take note of your favorites, take photos, and give yourself enough time before you say YES to the PERFECT DRESS!

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