15+ Best Commercial Cleaning Services In Don Mills (Toronto) 

Clean spaces mean business. In a bustling neighbourhood like Don Mills, staying on top of hygiene is key. Imagine the daily grind: offices buzzing with activity, restaurants serving delights, and stores brimming with shoppers. But with the action comes the mess—spilled coffee, kitchen grease, and dust aplenty. That’s why we’ve handpicked some of the best commercial cleaning services in Don Mills, Toronto, to help you create environments where productivity soars, reputations remain untarnished, and peace of mind is a given.

1. 7 AM Cleaning 

7 AM Cleaning is your trusted cleaning partner in creating pristine business hubs. Their modern commercial cleaning and maintenance solutions are ideal for offices, retail stores, restaurants, and more.

2. Hello Hunter Staff

Let Hello Hunter Staff handle the sweeping, scrubbing, or vacuuming while you focus on your business success. With their green approach to cleaning, you’ll breathe easier knowing your environment is toxin-free while keeping your space spotless.


Coffee spills, grease stains, you name it—JAN-PRO will eliminate them through eco-friendly and professional cleaning. Their cleaning expertise lets you enjoy pristine surfaces without the stress of unsightly spots.

4. MCA Group

In a rush? MCA Group delivers lightning-fast results without compromising quality. With their efficient techniques and streamlined approach, they’ll have your space gleaming as quickly as possible.

5. Hygiene Clean by Toronto Pro Cleaners 

Can’t do business operations while keeping your property sanitary and organised? Leave the cleaning job to Toronto Pro Cleaners. Their hygienic cleaning eliminates germs and bacteria, creating a healthy environment. 

6. JDI Cleaning Services 

Does messy, dirty space ruin your business operations? JDI Cleaning Services will help you conquer clutter and chaos. From organizing desks to decluttering common areas, they’ll restore order to your environment.

7. Hazelgreen Cleaning Services 

Focusing on precision, reliability, and commitment to creating pristine commercial spaces, Hazelgreen Cleaning Services elevates your business’ operational efficiency and professional image. Their maid services are also designed to leave a lasting impression on clients. 

8. Squeaky Cleaning 

Wish to transform your commercial space into a productive and enjoyable working environment? Squeaky Cleaning is ready to tackle even the most daunting messes quickly and efficiently through efficient cleaning and maintenance.

9. AspenClean

AspenClean is known for their award-winning eco-friendly maid services and housekeeping. They only use organic natural cleaning products for all their cleaning projects. 

10. Stratus Building Solutions 

Need cleaning without the commotion? Stratus Building Solution’s professional cleaning service allows you to enjoy the benefits of a clean environment without disruption.

11. King Kirby Cleaning 

Can your commercial space be cleaner? That’s a YES if you choose King Kirby Cleaning. Their affordable janitorial and cleaning solutions use unperfumed, odour-free products to protect employees and customers sensitive to harsh smells. 

12. Canadian Cleaning Company 

Want to turn heads with your clean space? Canadian Cleaning Company ensures your environment doesn’t just impress – it wows. Also, their commercial cleaning services create a happy, comfortable work environment. 

13. ICleaning 

One call cleans it all – that’s a promise at ICleaning. They keep their commercial cleaning services simple, hassle-free, and always on schedule to accommodate all your cleaning needs.

14. MoveReady Cleaning Solutions 

MoveReady Cleaning Solutions leaves every corner sparkling clean, providing you with a fresh and tidy space. They offer insured and bonded cleaning services and prioritise the safety and security of your property.

15. Maid in T.O 

With Maid in T.O, your office area reflects your brand’s professionalism with carpet vacuumed, bin emptied, and floor swept and mopped. So, you’ll welcome your clients and staff into a fresh, orderly environment.

16. Evergreen Cleaning Services 

At Evergreen Cleaning Services, they understand the need for flexibility in your commercial cleaning schedule. Whether it’s after hours or a schedule tweak, they easily adapt to your timetable.


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