10 Top Places to Rent Christmas Props

Christmas season is undoubtedly festive. Maybe it’s the weather or the atmosphere changes but people are evidently more cheerful. For one thing, parties are sure to pop up left and right.

If you are planning a party, whether it’s corporate or with family, friends, or children, you would need to set up the space to be fitting for the season. Of course, that would mean you either buy new decors or, on the positive side, go for rentals.

Regardless if you have your Christmas party at home or at an events’ place, we’ve got amazing rental suggestions that can cover any theme and put your guests in a merry mood as soon as they come in!


  1. VintageBASH

Photo credit: https://www.vintagebash.ca

If you want a classy and elegant dinner, you can use refined Christmas-themed centerpieces or garlands. VintageBASH has different kinds for you to choose from. You can opt for candles, a winter wonderland, starry themes or combine all of them. Go the extra mile to get a sophisticated touch. In this case, you can rent their custom decorated Christmas tree. You can pick from three themes, Winter Wonderland, rustic, or candy cane.

If you need extra help, they have event planners that can work with you to achieve the set-up you want for your party.

  1. Joe’s Prop House

Joe's Prop House
Photo credit: https://www.joesprophouse.com

For a truly festive party, you can’t go wrong with Joe’s Prop House. They carry an array, that may even be an understatement, of props for any event. They’ve got Christmas lights, balls, socks, ornaments, and different types of Christmas trees.

Complete your theme and styling with their seating, tables, lighting, and décor too. Joe and Maria, the owners are really passionate about events and have made their business a one-stop-shop for any occasion. So far, the collection continues to grow and you can only expect to have more options in the future.

  1. Confetti Event Rentals


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If you don’t have a specific theme in mind, you can simply style the venue with beautiful backdrops and marquee letters to highlight the Christmas spirit. By all means, dress the table up with some festive décor and you’re good to go. It’s a good thing you can count on Confetti Event Rentals to carry all of those. From custom tables to candy carts to backdrops and marquee letters, their catalog can complete your arrangement.

It’s important to realize that there’s no single rule for parties. Be creative. Mix and match to get the perfect Christmas party motif.

  1. Tickle Trunk Costumes and Props

Tickle Trunk Costume and Props
Photo credit: http://www.hollywoodtickletrunk.ca

Tickle Trunk is a haven for themed parties. From costumes to props and scenery, if you need it, they’ll most probably have it. Who says you can only play dress up during Halloween? Besides, you can change up your holiday party and go for a costume party this season.

Their Christmas specific décor includes a fireplace living room backdrop, grinch Santa, gingerbread men, and so much more.

  1. FOS Rental Group

Fos Rental Group
Photo credit: https://www.fosdecor.com

FOS is a full-service event design firm that offers furniture rentals. You can choose from their furniture, general decors, draping, dance floor decals, and themed prop rentals for your party’s needs.

The quality is topnotch. They’ve successfully planned different types of events including weddings and corporate. The same quality is expected from their rentals. You can definitely combine different products for your party. Although their Christmas-specific décor includes a Santa with bag statue, a large snowman, and Santa’s throne for the popular picture prop.

  1. Fiesta Rentals

Fiesta Rentals
Photo credit: http://fiestarentals.ca

The best kiddie-friendly rental company would be Fiesta Rentals. They have amazing products for children’s parties including Christmas-themed ones. They have a holiday bouncer, a bouncer with slide, and two gorgeous Christmas backdrops.

If you want to add more fun activities to the party, be sure to check out their website. They have different inflatables, interactive games, photo booths, fun food machines, and more. Basically, all things fun and happy for a true f-i-e-s-t-a are available.

  1. Pop Events

Pop Events
Photo credit: https://popevents.ca/

Pop Events is a Toronto corporate events agency that handles team building, holiday events, and employee engagements. Through the years, they have accumulated props and unique party rentals.

They’ve got photo booths, game rentals, candy concepts, theme rentals, plus children’s activities and entertainment. There’s no worry if you’re sticking to the Christmas theme because they have a ton of holiday-inspired props available as well. It’s always a lively and fun-filled party with Pop Events rentals and entertainment.

  1. Abbey Road Entertainment

Abbey Road Entertainment
Photo credit: https://www.abbeyroadentertainment.com

Founded by two best friends back in 2008, Abbey Road Entertainment is now a full event management company. They expanded into event and entertainment rentals as well. Their inventory includes have fun games, karaoke, fun food, and holiday-themed rentals.

Indeed, you’ll get into the festive spirit with their rental catalog.  You can even add some enjoyment in what could be the best party you’ll throw this season with their offers too.

  1. Hart Entertainment

Hart Entertainment
Photo credit: https://hartentertainment.com

Established in 1994, Hart Entertainment is a true powerhouse in event rentals and entertainment. They not only carry rentals, they also have performers to spice up your party. If you’re looking to throw a big Christmas bash, you’ll be more than happy to see their catalog.

They carry arcade, inflatables, carnivals, photobooths, and casino rentals. Good choices for Christmas party performers include magicians, balloonists, DJs, and good old Santa Claus for the kids.

  1. Twist Events

Twist Events

Photo credit: https://www.twistevents.ca

As a full-service event planning company, Twist Events take your special occasions and make them beautiful, fun, and stress-free. Their rentals also reflect those qualities. They offer different décor, lights, and lanterns so you can easily achieve the look you want for the party.

Serving dishes and glassware are available too. If you want a swanky dinner set, fun food machines, or games and activities, their rental catalog has got your Christmas party covered.

We hope you find the best rentals for your Christmas party. Indeed, the spirit of Christmas comes alive when we all come together to celebrate good times. May good tidings and cheer fill your hearts this season and may your parties be as fun and enjoyable as possible with the help of a few Christmas props to brighten your space.


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