15+ Best Commercial Cleaning Services In Downtown Toronto (Hamilton) 

Still trying to decide whether investing in professional cleaning services is worth it? A clean commercial space boosts productivity and reduces sick days, leaving you with a healthier and more efficient team. Plus, clients are consistently impressed by the pristine environment you present, fostering trust and confidence in your business. And you can only experience these benefits if you get these expert commercial cleaning services in Downtown Toronto.

1. 7 AM Cleaning 

7 AM Cleaning lets you experience a higher level of freshness and cleanliness. They’re your go-to for janitorial and commercial cleaning services and maintenance. Their modern cleaning solutions are dedicated to various commercial spaces.

2. Hello Hunter Staff

Need a cleaner for your corporate offices or retail stores? Hello Hunter Staff offers tailored commercial cleaning and maintenance that fits any budget while keeping high cleaning standards.

3. Evergreen Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial

Evergreen Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial ensures commercial spaces stay safe and vibrant with their commercial cleaning services, including post-construction cleanup, carpet cleaning, interior window cleaning, etc.

4. Corporate Specialty Services

Corporate Specialty Services handles every cleaning project flexibly and professionally, ensuring a stress-free experience. They guarantee spotless facilities with their reliable, professional cleaning and maintenance.

5. Elite Commercial Cleaning Services

Elite Commercial Cleaning Services doesn’t just clean; they create an environment for productivity and success. Moreover, their cleaning schedules ensure convenience as they understand your unique operating hours.

6. Dust ‘Til Dawn

Relaxation meets meticulous cleaning with Dust ‘Til Dawn. Their experienced cleaners handle every task with attention to detail, from janitorial duties to office and washroom maintenance, ensuring every inch of your space is spotlessly clean.

7. GQ Cleaning Service

GQ Cleaning Service’s commitment to quality, satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness makes them the top choice for premium commercial cleaning services, providing a clean, healthy, and inviting environment.

8. MasterMaid

Keep your commercial property safe and clean while boosting its productivity with MasterMaid. Their experienced cleaners and advanced cleaning equipment are perfect for restaurants, offices, retail spaces, and more.

9. Golden Lion Cleaning Services

Golden Lion Cleaning Services offers customised commercial solutions, including janitorial, restaurant, warehouse, and post-renovation cleaning. These services ensure your space shines without exceeding your budget.

10. WhiteRose Janitorial Services

WhiteRose Janitorial Services blends eco-conscious practices with top-tier professionalism, specialising in multi-residential and commercial janitorial needs while positively impacting the environment.

11. Janitorial Services GTA

Proactive, quick replies, friendly, and meticulous—expect these from Janitorial Services GTA. They meticulously handle everything from sweeping floors to disinfecting touchpoints and thoroughly clean every corner.

12. Squeaky Cleaning 

Squeaky Cleaning will keep your commercial space spotless and sanitary and maintain its aesthetic value. Their professional cleaners will address your distinct cleaning needs to deliver satisfying results.

13. City Maids 

Offering professional maid services, City Maids is renowned for outstanding customer satisfaction. You can also choose how often you want your commercial space cleaned and other customisations. 

14. Seva Cleaning 

For a cleaning company that prioritises the health and well-being of your customers and employees, choose Seva Cleaning. Their housekeeping solutions use safe cleaning practices and eco-friendly products. 

15. Dos-Pro Cleaning Services 

Customer satisfaction? That’s Dos-Pro’s top priority. They provide flexible scheduling, use safe and eco-friendly cleaning techniques, and ensure a cleaner, more productive work environment. 

16. Toronto Shine Cleaning 

Toronto Shine Cleaning will transform your commercial property into a spotless, organised, and inviting space. After systematically reviewing your space, they will develop a strategy dedicated to your cleaning requirements.


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