15+ Best Dirty Thirty Birthday Party Venues in Toronto & GTA

Welcome to the 30s club. Turning 30 is a big deal, and what better way to celebrate this milestone than with an epic “Dirty Thirty” birthday bash in the lively Toronto and GTA scene? Toronto, or as we lovingly call it, “The 6ix,” is a city that knows how to party, and it’s packed with birthday party venues that are tailor-made to ensure your milestone birthday is legendary. We’ve scoured the ultimate list of party hall venues to celebrate your Dirty Thirty in style.

1. Bellamy Loft 

Bellamy Loft
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Bellamy Loft is perfect for your Dirty Thirty bash in North York as you’ve got options – be the boss and DIY your event, or let them handle the details. They offer a la carte services, from catering and makeup to DJs, photographers, and photo booths. They’ve got the connections to make your party pop.

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2. Lodge on Queen 

Lodge on Queen
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This birthday party venue is legit magical, filled to the brim with artwork, stained glass that’s straight-up breathtaking, crystal chandeliers, and exposed brick, giving you all those industrial feels. Plus, Lodge on Queen has a touch of theatre and camp for that extra aesthetics.

3. Studio V Events 

Studio Events
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Since it’s all about you and your event, you deserve a fantastic, inclusive, and budget-friendly space to celebrate your Dirty Thirty. Studio V Events allows you to tailor your celebration just how you like it – go all out or keep it simple, and they’re here to make it happen.

4. The Eglinton Grand  

The Eglinton Grand
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This party hall used to go by The Eglinton Grand Theatre, but it’s been brought back to life with all its 1936 vibes intact. Now, you can relive the glorious design and total sophistication of The Eglinton Grand on your 30th birthday celebration.

5. The Symes 

The Symes
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The Symes introduces you to an architectural gem straight out of the Art Deco era but with a modern twist. This place was born from serious visionary vibes and has been reborn for the 21st century, making your celebration lit.

6. Palais Royale 

Palais Royale
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From concept to ending, Palais Royale has style, originality, and service that’ll blow your mind. The menu’s all about you, sourced locally for top quality. They’ve got customized bar packages and flair bartenders. For setting the mood, they have top-notch AV gear to create the perfect atmosphere. Lights, camera, action, right?

7. The Great Hall 

The Great Hall
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The Great Hall is not just any indoor birthday party venue space; it’s THE place to be. From the cool red brick exterior to the tiniest interior deets, it’s like they’ve brought a piece of history back to life, all while adding a serious 21st-century twist.

8. Belmont Event Space 

Belmont Event Space
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You’ll get sophistication and style with Belmont Event Space, conveniently located just off the 401 and Dixon. This birthday party venue has some killer options, too – you can rent the space and do your thing or mix and match their services to fit your vibe.

9. Old Mill Toronto 

Old Mill Toronto
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Check Old Mill Toronto out – they’ve got a 200-seat fine dining restaurant, a chill Tea Garden, a legit Wedding Chapel, and 16 Function Rooms. That’s over 20,000 square feet of space ready to host the most epic, unforgettable events, including your 30th birthday bash.

10. The Dineen Lounge

The Dineen Lounge
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Lounge Tucked right at the corner of Yonge and Temperance Streets, you’re only a two-minute walk from the King Subway Station. The Dineen Lounge is a cool 1,300 square feet of open-concept awesomeness. Think exposed brick and stone, concrete floors, and reclaimed wood vibes.

11. StartWell 

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StartWell features two cool buildings that can make your Dirty Thirty celebration memorable, wherein the ‘Offsite Venue’ is the main private event spot. This party venue is like a DIY template where you can mix and match rooms to create the ultimate custom experience.

12. Second Floor Events 

Second Floor Events
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Expect top-notch in-house catering that’s next level from Second Floor Events, plus a pro event staff ready to serve and bartend so you can focus on having a blast. You’ll have a dedicated Venue Specialist who’s got your back every step of the way.

13. The Vandenberg House 

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The cool thing is, you call the shots at The Vandenberg House. Want to go all out with a fully planned event? They’ve got you covered. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, DIY it up. Plus, if you’ve got a favorite caterer in mind, they’re down for some outside catering.

14. District 28

party hall, birthday party venue, north york, indoor birthday party venuve space
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District 28 is here to set the stage for your ultimate event creation. They offer exceptional in-house catering that’ll make your taste buds sing. And they’ve got some killer connections with the biggest names in the event vendor world.

15. The Fifth Social Club 

party hall, birthday party venue, north york, indoor birthday party venuve space
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Look no further than The Fifth for your birthday celebration with a seriously flexible floor plan – an authentic loft space. You can host a massive crowd here. Think 150 people theater-style or a whopping 800 ready to rock it standing.

16. Globe and Mail Centre

party hall, birthday party venue, north york, indoor birthday party venuve space
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Globe and Mail Centre offers a sophisticated, modern vibe highlighting natural light. Whether you’re planning a swanky birthday bash, a chill get-together, or something in between, this is the place to make your Dirty Thirty dreams come true.

We know that hitting the big 3-0 can feel intimidating, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to throw a party that’s as unforgettable as your twenties. With these incredible venues, you’ve got all the tools to craft a night you’ll be talking about for the next decade.



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