25 Best Headshot Photographers in Toronto & GTA

Headshot photographers have been helping numerous professionals create a lasting impression. When everything is online, it’s necessary to have pictures that make clients and employers go wow. Those CEO-looking profile pictures on LinkedIn and other professional social media platforms are looking that good thanks to them.

Here are best 25 headshot photographers in Toronto and GTA that you can rely on. These headshot photographers often provide other photography services for weddings, commercial and editorial companies.

Professional Photographers in North York

1. Brand Glow Up

Headshot Photographer TorontoToronto Headshot Photographer

Brand Glow Up is a full-service marketing and branding company that also provides headshot photography services. This team of excellent and creative individuals will not fail in making your headshot a professional appeal.

2. Emblaze Photography

Headshot Photographer TorontoToronto Headshot PhotographerOntario Headshot Photographer Emblaze Photography is a company that specializes in wedding, event and commercial photography. Expect a light and natural approach to your photos when you choose this company as your photographer.

3. Marevna photography

MarevnaMarevna Photography is passionate about maternity and newborn photography. After all, newborn angels deserve a perfect photo of them.

4. Jay&Cee Photography

JayceeJay&Cee Photography specializes in capturing heartfelt moments but can also be your headshot photographer.

5. Orchid Portrait Photography

OrchidStand out from the rest with cutting-edge techniques of Orchid Photo Studio. This team is one of the go-to headshot photographers of professionals from Toronto for their undeniable amount of skills and high-quality outputs.

6. Moment Photography

Moment Photography captures the most significant moments of your life including headshot photos that have a lasting impression.

  • address: 3030 Don Mills Rd E, North York, ON M2J 3B6, Canada

7. John and Veronica Photography

John and Veronica Photography has established a reputation in the wedding industry but can also be your headshot photographer. They utilize a unique and creative approach that perfectly reflects each client’s personality.

8. Shm photography group

SHM Photography Group is a couple owned studio that takes pride in its 6 years of expertise. This duo tandem has a tremendous amount of eye for design, finishing their photography degree in Cavendish College. They specialize in industrial style photography that can be perfect for commercial, headshot and editorial photography.

9. Event Imaging

Event Imaging is a one stop service photography studio. This company can provide services for events, commercials, headshots and more.

10. Rema Studio

Rema Studio is fully equipped for any photography help you need.

11. Royal Dream Photography

Royal Dream Photography provides impeccable service for video, printing and photography.

12. Caryn Silverstein

Caryn Silverstein is an expert and passionate photographer that you can rely on whether it’s for family photos or headshots for an impressive appeal to clients.

Headshot Photographers in York

13. Doug Sturgeon Headshots

Doug Sturgeon headshot photographer in York

Who wouldn’t want a distinct headshot photo? Dough Sturgeon might be the photographer that can lead models to numerous castings!

  • website: dougsturgeon.com
  • address: 1001 Roselawn Ave, York, ON M6B 4M4, Canada

14. Ally’s Photography Studio

Ally’s Photography studio focuses on maternity and newborn photoshoots but can also give professional service for clients needing a headshot photographer.

  • website: www.allysphotography.ca
  • address: 15 Ennerdale Rd, Toronto, ON M6E 4C2, Canada

15. Sooters Studio

Sooters Studio provides outputs that will make you stand out. Aside from portrait photography, this company also offers their professional and flawless service for digital companies.



Your headshot is your branding. And you make it appealing and impressive with Pamela Yool’s impeccable talent and skills.

17. Katherine Fogler Photography


Who doesn’t want a headshot that looks so “you”. Katherine Fogler will help you give authentic energy to your headshot.

18. Kimberly Walker Photography


Kimberly Walker Photography is a lifestyle and family photographer. But, she can also be one of the best headshot photographers you can come across.

19. Suny Foto

Establish a credible aura with Suny Foto’s strong attention to detail. When it comes to headshots, this company deeply understands how impactful it is. For this reason, they work hard to help you radiate that sense of professionalism and reliability.

  • website: www.sunyfoto.com
  • address: 2425 Eglinton Ave W, York, ON M6M 1S8, Canada

20. Julia Park Portrait

Julia Park is another photographer who’s passionate about taking photos of pregnancy and newborn babies. With the talent and high-quality equipment you’ll surely be

  • website: www.juliapark.ca

21. Vanessa V. Pereira Photography

Are ready to get the job? With Julia Park Portrait, you’ll surely leave a lasting impression. She has un

22. Eric Benchimol Photography

Erich Benchimol loves to capture intimate and loving moments of his clients. In addition to that, he also has the flexibility and knowledge in switching to styles depending on your needs.

  • website: www.ericbenchimol.com
  • address: 1001 Roselawn Ave, York, ON M6B 4M4, Canada, Toronto, Ontario

23. Katia Taylor Photography

Katia Taylor is a lifestyle and wedding photographer who also loves to take portraits of different professionals.

24. Avital Zemer Photography

Avital Zemer can be your go-to photographer for portraits, fine art photography, Mitzvahs and more. He has an original technique of simplifying the essential elements of his subjects into a fresher and newer approach.

25. Macdonell Photography Studio

If you want movement, color, fun, great lighting and composition, Dean MacDonell can make it happen for you. This photographer makes sure that he understands your style and history to give you an effective portrait that will make you happy and satisfied.

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