10+ Best Photo Studio Rentals in Toronto

Are you a pro photographer, an aspiring influencer, or just someone who loves snapping pics? We have the perfect list for you – the best photo studio rentals in Toronto. You’ll have all the space, lighting, and backdrops you need to bring your vision to life. And yes, no more trying to squeeze your setup into a tiny apartment corner. They’re your creative playground for commercials, branding, pre-wedding shoots, and more.

1. Bellamy Loft

Photo via @bellamyloft / Instagram

Bellamy Loft makes waves with its chic, blank canvas that is perfect for any shoot. This photo studio boasts large windows flooding the space with natural light and gorgeous white-washed flooring. Bonus: It’s right next to VintageBASH for all your prop and furniture rental needs at a discount.

2. THAT Toronto Studio

Copyright Daniel Camer Toronto Photographer | Photo via THAT Toronto Studio 

Founded in 2016, THAT Toronto Studio combines top-notch facilities with a heartwarming mission: proceeds help sponsor local youth groups. Owned by Daniel Camer, it’s a trusted spot for all your photography needs. If you want reliability and quality, THAT Toronto Studio is a no-brainer.

3. OBJX Studio

Photo via OBJX Studio 

Need to shoot at 3 AM? OBJX Studio offers 24/7 access to its industrial-chic space. This co-working studio is a dream for creatives with pre-built sets and props. Shoot day or night and use their unique setups to create stunning, one-of-a-kind photos.

4. Mararamiro Photography Studio

Photo via @mararamirostudio / Instagram 

Mararamiro Studio is located in the historic Toy Factory Building. This 700 sq. ft. space is drenched in natural light and furnished with warm wooden accents. It is ideal for lifestyle shoots and has excellent amenities like a sound system, a private washroom, and a mini kitchen.

5. Vintage Light Studios

Vintage Light Studios offers nearly 2000 sq. ft. of space filled with eclectic props and vintage furniture. Its photo studio rentals in Toronto offer huge west-facing windows, amazing natural light, plus LED and strobe lighting if needed.

6. Studio Plus Four

Studio Plus Four highlights a refined industrial vibe. It features over 1,600 sq. ft. of space, high ceilings, a cyclorama wall, and polished concrete floors, perfect for both personal and commercial projects. Plus, its private loading dock makes setup a breeze.

7. Fieldwork Studio

Photo via Fieldwork 

Fieldwork Studio is your go-to for photo studio rentals in Toronto with a minimal factory warehouse feel. Located in a heritage building, it offers spacious studios with south-facing windows, unique design pieces, and a custom-built 21’x21’ cove.

8. Of Sorts Studio

Photo via Of Sorts 

Of Sorts’ photo studio rentals in Toronto combine vintage charm with industrial loft vibes. This 2000 sq. ft. space features large windows, white brick walls, and a thoughtfully designed open-concept kitchenette. It is perfect for small to midsize projects.

9. Mint Room Studios

Mint Room Studios is a photographer’s playground with over 5000 sq. ft. of space and multiple themed rooms like the Ballroom, Conservatory, and White Loft. Each room offers a unique setting, perfect for wedding, family, and fashion photos. Need more? Check out the Preto Loft for its stunning concrete accents.

10. Icon Studio Space

Icon Studio offers three rooms: White, Art, and Iconic Room. With big windows for natural light and gear add-ons available, this studio is perfect for photographers and event organizers.

11. Lovt Studio

Photo via Lovt Studio 

Lovt Studio charms with its industrial, rustic features and large, bright spaces. The Marion Studio boasts photo studio rentals in Toronto with 18-foot windows, a mezzanine, and a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces. For a more intimate setting, The Jelmore Studio offers dramatic shadows and diffused sunlight, perfect for capturing stunning visuals.


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