10 Best Portrait Photographers in Toronto (Ontario)

More than just a photo of you, Portrait Photography brings out the character of a person. This primarily focuses on highlighting their good characters and minimizing the unlikeable. With this in mind, it is very important to choose the best portrait photographer that understands and sees eye-to-eye with you. Without further ado, we rounded up ten of the best portrait photographers in Toronto for you.

Best Portrait Photographers in Toronto (Ontario)

1.Emblaze Photography

Lifestyle Photographers TorontoLifestyle Photography TorontoOntario Headshot Photographer This photo was taken by Emblaze Photography.

Professional and commendable, Emblaze Photography is one of the premiering portrait photographers in Toronto. They offer a comprehensive list of services that starts with studio shoots to offsite events and more. Moreover, they have a knack for bright and positive photos – bringing out the best in people. Their touch truly brings more warmth to the photos making them more appealing to the audience. Be approachable while still exhibiting confidence. Their team got your back.

2.Stacey Naglie

Stacey Naglie can be considered as a jack-of-all-trades in photography. She caters not only to portrait photography but also, delves deeper into personal branding, family and even lifestyle shoots. With an impressive portfolio on her website, you can easier know if it’s a good fit. Aligned with what she loves the most in photography, she also helps people to tell their stories. Her inspiration derives from her clients themselves – literally bringing out the best from you.

3.Michal J. Photography

michal j photography

This photo was taken by Michal J. Photography.

A French photographer who loves to travel the world and take breathtaking photos, Michal J. Photography now takes clients mainly from Toronto and nearby cities. With a quite extensive collection of gears, you are sure that you’re in good hands. He fell in love with photography as he travels in Asia and Australia – capturing moments and sceneries. Through that, he eventually decided to hone his skills and offer photography services. Beyond portrait photography, he also takes on gigs for the animal, commercial, real estate, and street photography.

4.Robert Mcgee

An acknowledged headshot photographer for over 20 years, Robert Mcgee continues to deliver beyond expectations. Despite starting early in the industry, he never settled. He still pushes forward, learning new and current techniques in photography. With that in mind, he also remains one of the in-demand portrait photographers in Toronto for artists, business people, and more. Build a strong online personality with his help. Book an appointment now.

5.Sara Kardooni

portrait photographers in toronto sara kardooni

This photo was taken by Sara Kardooni.

If you’re looking into a creative or magazine-style photoshoot, Sara Kardooni is the one for you. She finds the beauty in her subjects and lets it work for them. Also, she encourages them to find confidence in who they are thus bringing out the best in them. Such bliss to work with, her outputs are also graceful and lovely – fitting for a strong woman that we all are.

6.Darius Bashar

With a very personal website, Darius Bashar bridges the gap between the online and offline world. He understands how as a photographer, one must connect to his potential client to be successful. Moreover, we also believe that he knew this so well as he already has a quite wide portfolio in terms of portrait photography. Beyond all this, he is a celebrated photographer. He was previously featured in media and praised because of his distinct technique: HeartShots.

7.King Street Photo Studio

king street photo studio

This photo was taken by King Street Photo Studio.

King Street Photo Studio has been one of the remarkable portrait photographers in Toronto. Despite the name, they are not located in King Street but rather on Lawrence Street. What people love about them is how they offer different packages to cater to what each client needs most. Be it for professional or dating use, they got you. Further, they even have beauty and hair to wardrobe services that sure relieves more stress than one can imagine.

8.Stenson Photography

Stenson Photography caters mainly to business and personal branding clients. As a photographer, they promise that each session will bring you lovely outputs that can help with your business and market it more. Bringing more life and sense of humanity to a business, they can also work with location shoots, team and lifestyle shoots, and even, company bloopers.

9.Julie Riemersma

julie reimersma

This photo was taken by Julie Riemersma.

Another celebrated portrait photographer on this list is Julie Riemersma. She has a wonderful website that showcases her portfolio well. Beyond this, it’s also good to know how she was already in business for over 12 years. Moreover, she is also working with a full team that will be of help to you through beauty to hair, and even photoshoot concerns. Bursting with life, her photos are always so lively – perfectly capturing moments that we’ll always remember.

10.Mango Studios

Ran by a couple themselves, Mango Studios built their reputation on engagement to wedding photography. Beyond this, they also have a superb family to lifestyle shots and it’s no longer a surprise that they now offer portrait photography services. Furthermore, they even have a promising edge with regards to providing a modern yet lively corporate headshot for their clients. Check out what they can do for you and also, book an appointment to connect in case you are interested.

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