11 Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto (Ontario)

Happening only once in a lifetime, choosing the best photographer for a wedding is one of the most important decisions one couple should make. Given we’d love for you to have only the best, we’d rounded up ten of the best wedding photographers in the scene. Moreover, they are all located near or within Toronto so you can get absolute perfection nearby. There’s no need to search high and low!

Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto (Ontario)

1. Emblaze Photography

Toronto Wedding PhotographerToronto Wedding PhotographerToronto Wedding Photographer

These photos were taken by Emblaze Photography.

For the bubbly yet luxurious couples who would love something bright, fun, and sophisticated. Emblaze Photography is best for such a style. They usually play around with colours and space, making use of the venue and accents to give more life to your wedding photos. Further, you can also look back through photographs and forever relive the prime moments captured by their team. Beyond this, their team understands how important it is to establish a relationship with the couple. This also ensures that everyone is comfortable, surely bringing the best results possible in any circumstance.

2. Plan in Love

Choosing the right photographer plays a vital part in a successful wedding. You have to make sure that they will beautifully capture every important and intimate moment in your very special event on your wedding journey. And it takes a special skill and effort to do this. However, you wouldn’t need to worry anymore as Plan in Love is here to give you the best and most memorable photography experience of your life. With their experience of planning and servicing countless weddings, they have successfully adapted to the continuous changes and are able to provide clients with their dream wedding photos.

3. Luminous Weddings

Luminous Weddings capture the brightest and warmest moments in a couple’s life. Known to offer comprehensive packages that start early in the journey. They got you covered from engagements photoshoots down to the big day coverage. Furthermore, they are also creative and well-networked. They are partners with several locations in and out of Toronto, so whatever you have in mind for the theme, they got you.

4. Olive Photography

wedding photographers in toronto

This photo was taken by Olive Photography.

Dedicated to capturing genuine moments of love and warmth, Olive Photography covers weddings with such ease and grace. The lovely photographer behind the company is as intentional as we would love. She appreciates the little things and believes that often, these mundane, tiny details make us truly us. From the name itself, you might think it’s related to olives. But truly, she wants a name that’ll encompass how she feels and what she wants her clients to feel with a photograph – it’s to O-live.

5. Rosetta Li Weddings

The woman behind Rosetta Li Weddings is a creative and proud achiever on her own. A virtual artist with a solid background in photography, you’ll surely get the best outputs from this passionate woman. More about her photography business, she was able to collaborate with photographers and clients in different countries. If you are curious about her style, she excels in those narrative and sweet photographs. This is ideal for couples who love telling their story.

6. Mango Studios

mango studios

This photo was taken by Mango Studios.

A couple themselves, Mango Studios is run by two people in love. With their elegant and gamechanger shots, you can definitely have excellent photographs while telling your story together. Also, they have comprehensive services you can consider. Be it for engagement photoshoots, to even further the story – maternity or family shoots, they got you.

7. Diego and Liza

Diego and Liza are one of the best wedding photographers in Toronto. In case you’ve guessed that right, they are a true married couple who started their own wedding photography business. Furthermore, they consider themselves like a cookie-cutter – capturing all candid and raw moments of your big day. They also love to play with the elements in a photo.

8. We Are Fox Photography

wedding photographer in toronto

This photo was taken by We Are Fox Photography.

If you’re looking for an excellent wedding photographer in Toronto, you’re in luck. We Are Fox Photography is a great find. They have an amazing portfolio that aced all four seasons. What we love the most from their past clients is the ones in the snow – a real-life wonderland.

9. Lauren Newman Photography

Next on this list is Lauren Newman Photography. As one of the celebrated wedding photographers in Toronto, she expanded to cater to different clients across Europe. She also worked in the industry for almost a decade. Moreover, you are also sure that she knows best. She can truly deliver beyond expectations.

10. Boeun Kim

wedding photographers

This photo was taken by Boeun Kim.

Distinct through her warm touch in each photo she takes, Boeun Kim is truly remarkable. She delivers deep yet meaningful photos that capture the feeling each moment holds. Making it even more nostalgic in the years to come. Moreover, she believes that home is not a place but rather a feeling. Exploring the thin line between colours, moments, and people. She indeed preserves our emotions and stories.

11.Corina V. Photography

As if taken straight from a fairytale, Corina V. Photography brings out the magic in moments of our lives. Live out your dream wedding and make sure to have it well-documented with an excellent photographer. As a known wedding photographer in Toronto, you are truly sure that you can never go wrong with this company. Take a moment to look at their portfolio, we believe you’ll also be impressed.

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