22 Black-Owned Businesses in Toronto You can Support Right now

The Black Lives Matter movement is certainly stronger than ever. Indeed, the fight and cry for equal treatment and opportunity are louder than ever before. You, like many others, may be wondering how you can support the cause in your own little way.

There are different ways to show solidarity to our Black brothers and sisters. First, you need to educate yourself about the issues that are happening, know both history and current events so you can open your eyes to the truth. Second, you can pledge to organizations that are behind the movement. Third, you can and should support their businesses.

You may not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare, but equally if not more important is your support. That is, how you utilize your buying power is a strong tool to help the community as a whole no matter the value.

Here is a list of businesses you can check out and support right now. There are definitely many others and we hope we can all start with small steps in this movement for change.

  1. Vivian Kaye

Vivian Kaye
Photo credit: https://viviankaye.com

Viv’s success story didn’t come easy. For one thing, she had to overcome obstacles that included dropping out of college, battling depression, and going through different jobs before finding her niche. By 2006, she went fulltime into her first startup, it became a successful 6 figure wedding décor company. In addition, she then started her premium hair business, KinkyCurlyYaki, and grew that into a 7 figure enterprise.

Now, with all those experiences under her belt, she wants to significantly empower other people to achieve as well. Her “Mind Your Business” is a mentorship and accountability monthly subscription designed to educate people on different topics such as social media marketing and SEOs. Their goal is to help each other grow and achieve greater heights in business.

  1. Jam Gamble

Jam Gamble
Photo credit: https://www.iamjamgamble.com

Jam is THE public speaker for those afraid of public speaking. As a leader and media personality, Jam Gamble has forged her way as certainly one of Toronto’s best motivational speakers with a passion to help others find their own voice. Indeed, her #SLAYTHEMIC program is intended to embolden people to speak with confidence so they can make a difference too. The program can be adjusted to suit students, teachers, and entrepreneurs.

Without reservation, Jam is a great speaker. She can facilitate workshops or deliver talks about different subject matters. She can talk to adults about leadership, empowerment, personal branding, and mental health. For students, she can talk about wellness, diversity, and inclusion. If you want someone to deliver a topic to a set of people, she’s the person to do so. She takes a theme and transforms it into a powerful and memorable message of inspiration.

  1. Coco and Cowe

Coco and Cowe
Photo credit: https://cocoandcowe.com

Coco and Cowe is a digital lifestyle blog that caters to all women’s needs. It has articles on life, wellness, food, career, fashion, and beauty. It is a relevant and inspiring site to visit to get up to date on the latest issues, trends, and topics that you need to know about.

Their founder, Catriona, is a mom and entrepreneur who makes sure she provides her readers not only with inspiration but also works hard to ensure that she talks about issues that are thought-provoking and challenging as well. They have recently started a podcast that mirrors what Coco and Cowe is all about. Tune in and listen to their conversations, just like you would with your own girlfriends!

  1. Black A Daima (Aziza Brown)

Photo caption: https://nicious.ca

Aziza Brown is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, award-winning fashion stylist, and now the proud owner of Nicious. It is an online health and wellness marketplace that hosts an array of different brands. They have vitamins and supplements, hemp and food products, as well as bath and beauty among many others.

Her business was a consequence of the COVID19 pandemic. As she looked for ways to earn during these times, her passion for naturopathic health led her to create an online shop that caters to people’s overall wellbeing.

  1. Brenda Danso

Brenda Danso
Photo credit: https://www.brendadanso.com

Brenda Danso created her company BD interior design with the intention of providing economical ways for people to have their own relaxing space. She uses her background on mental health and passion for interior design to create spaces that are functional and uplifting.

Her design process is customer-centric and she makes sure that the end result is a reflection of your needs and lifestyle. As a mom, she incorporates her knowledge of organization without skimping on style.

  1. Styled by Erin-Ashley

Styled by Erin-Ashley
Photo credit: https://styledbyerinashley.com

Erin-Ashley’s direction towards styling goes beyond culture and societal norms. No stereotypes of race, gender, and class, only creativity that dynamism for a style uniquely her own.

She has styled music videos and has a line of couture masks. Her personal services include a closet revamp which will help her clients dress better for their body shape, advice on how to dress better, and how to be more confident in their own skin. She also has personal shopping and image consultation services for clients that want to amp boost their personal brand through strategic styling.

  1. The Chloe Branding Co.

Chloe Branding Co.
Photo credit: https://www.thechloebranding.com

If you want to build your brand from vision to reality or if you want to rebrand and relaunch your business, Chloe can do all that for you and more. She is knowledgeable and incredibly talented. As a client, you will feel nothing but trust in her step by step guidance through the whole process from consultation until the final product.

Her services include consultations, strategies, custom logos, business cards, and website design. All of these are catered to make your business stand out. Her attention to detail, artistic talent and innovative designs make her a wonderful graphic designer to work with.

  1. DollfaceDredie MUA

Dollface Dredie
Photo credit: https://www.dollfacedredie.com


Omega Mighty, also known as DollfaceDredie is a singer and makeup artist based in Toronto. She started out in marketing and real estate. In 2012, she used her talent to start freelancing as a makeup artist. From there, she worked as a counter artist in MAC and studied in order to become certified.

DollfaceDredie has grown leaps and bounds since then. Weddings are her first love. She gives her brides incredible makeovers for a captivating look on their big day. Aside from making women look their best, her services also include hair, dance, and live music.

  1. WhenGirls

Photo credit: https://www.whengirlsto.com

WhenGirls is a movement directed toward encouraging and liberating women so that they can reach their goals. Regardless of where you are in your life, Renee and Omega with the help of Chelsea can help you out. They are brand strategists that can provide consulting, strategies, and marketing support.

If you want to be more successful in your career or if you’re starting a small business, they can mentor and guide you towards achieving that lifelong dream.

  1. Keshia Charles

Keshia Charles
Photo credit: https://www.keshiacharles.com

Keshia Charles is a stylist specializing in editorial and commercial fashion. She displays her immaculate taste in fashion not only through her work but also in her everyday life.

She is a co-founder of Majesty Palm Clothing, a curated collection of pre-loved modern and vintage pieces. The shop is all about sustainability and self-love and the desire is to motivate and inspire women to be unapologetically themselves.

  1. Simple El’egance Events by Nicole

Simple El'egance Events
Photo credit: https://www.simpleelegancebynicole.com

Simple El’egance is a full-service wedding planning company. It offers quality but affordable service to make your big day run as smoothly as possible to make memories that you’ll be able to look back on with joy.

The team develops a true relationship with their clients to be able to highlight the couple’s personalities and story through their detail-oriented approach. They work to meet and exceed your expectations and do everything so that you are relaxed and stress-free on your wedding day. Their professionalism and passion for weddings are tried and tested to make your vision come to life.

  1. Selfmade couture

Self-made Couture
Photo credit: https://selfmadecouture.com

The brand name says it all, Self-made couture is a custom clothing brand that produces custom and tailor-fit men’s clothing. The design and details are all made according to your measurements and preferences.

They do not only provide in-person service, the same assistance and experience can also be accomplished online. They take pride in exact measurements, laser-cut fabric, and seasoned tailors to make your garment exceptionally elegant and classy.

  1. Faces by Dom


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Dominique Watson is a certified makeup artist with a forte for brides and events. With her skill, she is able to make clients look their best for special occasions, most especially weddings. Her makeup style is natural glam that accentuates your best features.

In Dom’s hands, you can relax and let her magic touch do the work. Her eye for beauty will not fail you. You’ll step out of it looking stunning and more confident than ever.

  1. Sophia J

Hair by Sophia J
Photo credit: https://hairbysophiaj.typeform.com

Sophia J can work wonders for people’s hair. She specializes in hair extensions, glam styling, and bridal hair looks. It doesn’t matter if you have textured, fine, or thick hair, she’ll have you covered. She’s done looks for runway, editorials, events, and of course weddings.

Complete your look with a crowning glory that’s meant to make you look like the fabulous queen you are. In order to comply with safety precautions this pandemic, her business, SJ beauty temporarily halted its services. Having said that, they are still busy giving hair care tips over on their Instagram page. Have hair questions you want to be answered? Shoot them an email for expert advice and don’t forget to book an appointment once things get better!

  1. By Meaux

By Meaux
Photo credit: http://bymeaux.com

ByMeaux is a blog and Instagram space meant to inspire women from all over the world. In her pages, she shares about family, life, health and fitness, food and drink, and so much more. Meaux is a wife, mother, crafts expert at Cityline, and is also a member and current Vice President of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority – Toronto Chapter.

The sorority has long been active in leading community programs to support Black women in the Greater Toronto Area. She continues to use her platform to educate, through her personal experiences, about relevant issues on race, health, and other subject matters.

  1. How She Hustles

How She Hustles
Photo credit: https://howshehustles.com

How She Hustles is a community of women connected through social media and special events. Emily Mills, the woman behind the program, has created programs and events that cater to women and their needs. She is joined by different Canadian women entrepreneurs in her Startup & Slay digital series where they share stories and advice about starting, maintaining, and scaling their small businesses, especially during these times.

Emily has won several awards and honors for her work. She continues to inspire change and growth as she enables women of different cultures and classes to hustle for their dreams.

  1. Madison Meal Prep

Madison Meal Prep
Photo credit: https://www.madisonmealprep.com

Madison meal prep is a food service and catering company. They deliver prepackaged food that can last you from Monday to Friday. It’s perfect for busy bees or those that like keeping their calories or macros in check. Their website has a menu that contains all the details you need.

Their meals are guaranteed fresh and made from local farm ingredients. They are packed in microwavable containers and stay fresh for approximately 5 days when refrigerated.

  1. Kaela Kay

Kaela Kay Photo credit: https://kaelakay.com

Kaela Kay is a clothing brand that displays colorful African culture and combines it with modern fashion. The company is all-inclusive carrying up to size US22 with the option for customization for any size. They support the local industry by producing their garments in Toronto by local seamstresses.

Catherine Addai, Kaela Kay’s founder, introduced Ghanaian culture and beauty through fashion.  Her achievements through hard work and grit continue to inspire women all over the world to stand out and succeed.

  1. Britney Morgan Artistry

Britney Morgan Artistry Photo credit: https://www.britneymorganartistry.com

Britney Morgan is a pro makeup artist and educator. With her as your makeup artist, you will undoubtedly look your best during your wedding or any special event. Look absolutely fabulous in her hands or book her for private lessons so you can learn how to do it yourself. Under her tutelage, you’ll be equipped with the skills to look fabulous every single day!

She carries cruelty-free mink lashes that are sure to accentuate your eyes. Choose according to your preference – dramatic or natural. These lashes will level up any look for any occasion.

  1. The Well Connected

The Well Connected Photo caption: https://www.thewellconnected.ca[/caption]

The Well Connected is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle communications agency that can “connect” your brand to the right people. They specialize in swag bag curation, interactive events, and PR. Using their creative and unique strategies, they are able to target your specific market by establishing real connections to your consumers.

They do their research and strategize intelligently to create positive brand awareness to help you and your company reach your goals.

  1. Alicia Roberts

Photo credit: https://somewherelse.com

Alicia Roberts is an events producer and production coordinator for Somewherelse. The company specializes in art to brand strategy, event production, creative direction, and experiential marketing. Through art and music, they are able to establish creative expression that connects people.

Currently, Somewherelse has made anti-racist resources available for everyone to become educated regarding the current crisis that’s happening. Alicia continues to inspire change through her platform and Somewherelse to bring awareness on issues that can no longer stay in the dark.

  1. Ken Mortgage Remedies

Ken Mortgage Remedies
Photo credit: http://www.mortgageremedies.ca

Kenneth Francis is an expert mortgage agent that puts his client’s needs as the top priority. Indeed, mortgage and finance are two rather complicated topics. He will guide you through the process and answer any queries you may have.

His job is founded on integrity as he assures honest and ethical advice regarding your current situation. Regardless of what your needs are regarding purchasing, transferring, or refinancing a mortgage, Ken assures sound counsel for all your needs.



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