10+ Bridal Shower Venue Rentals in Toronto

Forget the tired old brunch spot for your bestie’s bridal shower. Toronto is overflowing with epic venue rentals that’ll make this pre-wedding party one for the Insta-books (and the memory books). We know incredible bridal shower venue rentals in Toronto that will help you create the perfect backdrop for celebrating your girl and showering her with love (and maybe a few mimosa refills).

1. Bellamy Loft

Photo via Bellamy Loft 

Bellamy Loft is the ultimate blank canvas for your bridal shower dreams with its bright, airy space and chic décor. You can personalise every detail to match the bride’s style. The team here is enthusiastic and ready to help realize your vision. Plus, it’s conveniently located near VintageBASH, which provides easy access to beautiful props and furniture rentals.

2. The Florist’s Loft

Photo via @thefloristloft / Instagram

The Florist’s Loft is bursting with personality and is perfect for a bridal shower. This intimate space can host up to 80 guests, surrounded by stunning floral installations that change with the seasons. You can also customise the centerpieces and linens to match your wedding colors, creating a cozy and personalised atmosphere.

3. Village Loft

Photo via @villageloftevents / Instagram

Village Loft’s bridal shower venue rentals in Toronto offer a modern and flexible backdrop. The newly renovated space features exposed brick walls, wood beams, and large windows that blend contemporary elegance with rustic flair.

4. Graydon Hall Manor

Graydon Hall Manor radiates elegance and luxury, perfect for a sophisticated bridal shower. With its stunning gardens and ornate interiors, this grand Georgian manor offers a touch of 1920s glamour. It has various spaces, including a private dressing room and a spectacular garden.

5. The Loft on King Street

Photo via @theloftto and @aliciathurstonphotography / Instagram 

The Loft on King Street’s bridal shower venue rentals in Toronto combine heritage charm with modern amenities. The original brick and polished concrete floors provide a stylish backdrop, while the flexible space can accommodate both large and intimate gatherings.

6. The Forth

Photo via @theforthto and @georgevphotography / Instagram 

The Forth offers a sleek, modern setting for your bridal shower. This multilevel venue’s bridal shower venue rentals in Toronto boast contemporary design and full catering services. Moreover, the unique interior and magnificent stairway create a sophisticated ambiance.

7. Palais Royale

Photo via @palaisroyaleballroom and @samanthaongphoto / Instagram 

Palais Royale is a premier event venue with a plush, art deco interior and a stunning lakeside deck. The historic ballroom, with its original barrel-vaulted ceiling, provides a glamorous setting for your bridal shower.

8. Leña Restaurante

Photo via @lenarestaurante and Nicholas Koenig / Instagram 

Located in a chic South American setting, Leña Restaurante’s main floor features an octagonal bar, marble walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The delicious South American cuisine and stylish decor make this venue perfect for an elegant and flavourful celebration.

9. Fairmont Royal York

Photo via @fairmontroyalyork / Instagram

The Fairmont Royal York offers a wealth of elegant options for your bridal shower. Each venue delivers timeless charm, from the grand Concert Hall with crystal chandeliers to the Italian-influenced Ballroom.

10. The Grand Luxe Event Boutique

Photo via The Grand Luxe Event Boutique 

The Grand Luxe Event Boutique’s contemporary design and luxurious decor create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Professional event planners will assist with every detail, including personalised menus and room layouts.

11. JC’s Banquet & Convention Centre

JC’s Banquet & Convention Centre’s bridal shower venue rentals in Toronto provide exceptional service and a stylish setting for your bridal shower. With full setup and cleanup, banquet tables, Chiavari chairs, and customizable decor, every detail is taken care of.


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