8 Best Bridal Shower Event Venues in Toronto (Ontario)

We’re happy to find you here! Perhaps you’re getting married soon and looking for a great venue to hold the best bridal shower ever. Contrary to movies, these celebrations in real life don’t need to go too extreme. You may still have the best night of your life in these venues we listed in Toronto. These venues are truly accessible and also easy to set-up. Check out these beautiful bridal shower venues and party halls in Toronto that are perfect for you and your girlfriends.

best bridal shower party venue in toronto

Check out these beautiful bridal shower party halls for rent around Toronto and GTA (Ontario).

1. Bellamy Loft – North York

Let’s start with the best venue in Toronto. Bellamy Loft is a go-to bridal shower venue in North York. As a matter of fact, they’re not only great for such events. The venue is very flexible so that it can accommodate almost any occasion. Treat the place like a blank canvas because the possibilities with the venue are just endless. Moreover, the lovely team who maintains the site is very enthusiastic and helpful. They’ll surely make your dreams come true.

2.Majesty’s Pleasure

Fit for royalty, you and your girls can easily locate Majesty’s Pleasure in King Street. The structure is kind of hard to miss. To add, they usually cater to corporate and bridal events. Your gals will sure love this place because, besides the lounge, they also have a salon and cocktail bar available. Choose whether just to have your nails done or a total makeover. Whatever you want, remember that it is your day, and you deserve all the great things in life.


We doubt that you’ve never heard of them – their stylish interior and superb Italian food choices are sure hard to miss! Oretta is remarkably located within Toronto, and we bet you’ve hanged around their cafe at least once in your life. If not, well, it’s never too late. What’s better this time is you have your girls with you. You’ve got a fantastic venue, good food, free-flowing wine, and stories. What else can you wish for?

4.Hotel Ocho

Hotel Ocho Venue Space

Hotel Ocho is located in downtown Toronto. Its quintessential red brick walls, columns, and rows of windows witnessed so many stories – from the celebration of beginnings and life’s small wins. The upper-level venue space should be perfect for your squad. Since this is a hotel, you can even get rooms and have a sleepover afterwards. Plus point, they have a bar with lounge too!

5.The Burroughes

The Burroughes Events Place

Another popular events place in Toronto, The Burroughes is, of course, one of the best places to consider for your bridal shower. Feel free to choose among the three rooms: the cozy, rustic brick room on the 6th floor, the main room seems a bit modernized rustic room or the rooftop venue on the 7th floor. Both are spacious enough to hold any events, and the place has its own personality already that gives off a more comfortable atmosphere to attendees. Complete with amenities, we personally prefer the rooftop as it includes a 360 degree overlooking of the city and an indoor bar you girls can chill in.

6.Bisha Hotel

Bridal Shower Venues in Toronto Bisha Hotel

Bisha Hotel offers ample rooms or venue selections you can choose from. From corporate to soirees, they indeed have a space that’s perfect for your event’s needs. Their team prides itself on the Sky Suite located on the 43rd floor of the hotel. Serving as a blank canvas to many occasions, it proved to maintain its chic modern appeal still.

7.Chez Lavelle

Chez Lavelle Restaurant

Their commitment to delivering world-class cuisine and hospitality service shines through, making Chez Lavelle one of the best bridal shower venues in Toronto. You may choose their three available venues: restaurant, rooftop pool, cocktail & bar. Select which one suits you and your squad, and have the night of your dreams. Surely, you’ll make quite an impression by holding your event here.

8.Jessica Gorlicky Designs Art Gallery

Jessica Gorlicky Designs Art Gallery

Celebrate girl power and pop culture at the same time by having your bridal shower in the Jessica Gorlicky Designs Art Gallery. Though this is quite unconventional, check out the venue first before you say no. Exceptionally spacious, you may easily just add furnitures since the venue is already filled with art. The venue has tall windows to allowing sunshine inside, giving it a light atmosphere in general. Additionally, this venue is accessible wherever you are in Toronto.

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