10 Shops to Buy Unique Retirement Gifts for Your Employer in Toronto

Don’t let the pandemic dampen celebrations or significant life events. If you have bosses or a mentor retiring this 2021, make them feel special with a thoughtful token before they reap the benefits of their hard work. In this list, we’ve included good ideas and wonderful options for anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter what industry, profession, or position they’re retiring from, you’ll find something here for a female boss, a male boss, an executive, or a CEO.

Whether it’s a gift that can be used as they enter a new stage in their life or a present that could be used for an online retirement party, this list has it all.

  1. Floralbash

Sweet Treat Box Delivery Toronto

Flower arrangements are classic gifts that never get old. At Floralbash, they have choices for men and for women. They also have delicious desserts and savory boxes that you can order on their own or coupled with their beautifully styled bouquets. If you know your boss’s favorite flowers, you can also have a custom arrangement made by their talented stylists. Make it a bit more special and get a box of your own so you can enjoy it together via Facetime for your own farewell party.

  1. Indigo

After years of being in the workforce, retirement is an entirely new chapter in life. Indigo is one of Canada’s leading book retailers. They are an incredible source for different books that can help anyone adjust to their new life. There are books on retirement, hobbies for him or for her, cookbooks, and many more. With so many titles to choose from, you can find something that is perfect for your mentor’s personality. Indigo is not only a home for bookworms, you can also find items for the home, wellness, and fashion. Find their stores all over Toronto and the GTA as well as online.

  1. Present Day Gifts

Present Day Gifts

Present Day Gifts is a great shop for very well-curated boxes composed of high-quality goods from local craftspeople and artisans in Toronto. Aside from their signature boxes, they provide their customers the option to customize their own gift boxes, too. They carry items for him, for her, and special boxes for every occasion. This particular box we chose is perfect for a mentor, executive, or CEO. It contains a bottle of Woodford Reserve Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, Top Shelf Preserves’ all-natural Maraschino-spiked Ontario sour cherries, deliciously preserved orange slices in natural syrup, DSB bitters, a classic Japanese-style stainless steel jigger, and a dark chocolate artisan chocolate bar.

  1. Cavalier Goods Co.

Cavalier Goods Co.

There is something unique and distinctive about handcrafted items. Cavalier Goods Co. is a small designed studio that specializes in making handmade leather products. The craftsmanship is undeniable. They carry stunning wallets, cardholders, belts, watch straps, passport holders, notebooks, and accessories. The beauty of leather is that it becomes more beautiful as years go by. Get your former employer a carefully crafted, high-quality piece from Cavalier Goods Co. This is going to be a very memorable gift for sure.

  1. KACE Catering

Retirement parties are not the same as they used to but you can always find ways to make it work. KACE Catering, a company trusted for weddings and other events, has made their signature grazing spreads available to enjoy at home. These are best enjoyed with wine or cocktails. These are perfect for a fun stay-in party. Their options include sweet and savory, dessert, luxury charcuterie, sushi bake, macarons, and more. All you need is a group of fun coworkers and a short program. You’re all set for an amazing socially distant retirement party!

  1. Urbivore

With over 40 newfound hours of free time, your former boss can now explore fitness or new exercise regimens. Yoga or stretching exercises is a good first step to move. Urbivore is a shop that champions mindful practices such as yoga. They carry amazing cork mats that you can gift to your retiring boss. Aside from its anti-slip quality, this mat is also as eco-friendly as it gets. One tree is planted for every mat bought. Awesome gift if we do say so ourselves!

  1. Cocktail Emporium

We may not be able to go out and enjoy drinks made by talented bartenders but we sure can still have awesome cocktails at home. Thank goodness for Cocktail Emporium! They offer an elevated at-home experience with their signature ingredients, bar tools, and glassware. You can definitely order for your retiring boss or get some for your group. You can be your own personal bartender and have a socially distanced home retirement celebration.

  1. Stube Toronto

For a more neutral gift selection, you can always go the chocolate route. But since you’re gifting this to a retiring employer, take it up a notch and make sure you get a delicacy. Stube Toronto is exactly where you should be getting yours. As a family-owned business, their recipes have been passed down for generations. They are famous for their artisanally crafted truffles, chocolate bars, and pastries. For over 25 years, their excellent products have set the bar for pastries.

  1. VintageBASH


VintageBASH is a design and styling company widely known in the weddings and event industry. If you’ve seen their work for these types of occasions, you would see why they have expanded their services to accommodate floral arrangements, too. Always timeless and beautiful, their bouquets are a favorite among repeat clients. You can give this to your retiring employers and add a special note of thank you and well wishes.

  1. Above Ground Art Supplies

Art is always a great hobby and retirement is a wonderful time to get into it. Above Ground Art Supplies is an excellent store that carries all the essentials for students and professional artists alike. They have a wide selection of paint, brushes, pencils, sculpture materials, studio essentials, and so much more. They have three retail stores and an extensive online store that you can peruse to find a present that will surely be appreciated.

  • website: https://www.abovegroundartsupplies.com/
  • address: Toronto – Downtown 74 McCaul Street / Toronto – West (The Junction) 2868 Dundas St. W / Toronto – East (The Beach) 1842 Queen St. E




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