Cake Smash Photography Packages in Toronto (North York)

Celebrate Your Kiddo’s Birthday with a Smash

Is your baby’s first birthday getting closer? Don’t you want to celebrate it with a twist? Bellamy Loft has the perfect solution to make the celebration fun and memorable. 

Our customized cake smash photography packages uniquely capture your baby’s beautiful moments and budding personality. What makes these sessions truly special is that you can preserve these cherished memories, revisiting them whenever you please.

Explore Our Packages – Unforgettable Moments, Captured Forever 

Your baby’s first birthday is a significant milestone, and a cake smash session with Bellamy is the perfect way to celebrate it. We ensure they will enjoy exploring a cake made just for them and capture that genuine emotion. 

During our fun-filled cake smash photo sessions, your child can gleefully smash a personalized cake while you, siblings, or caregivers watch and join in on the fun. Our packages include high-resolution images, access to our selection of outfits and décor options, as well as an online gallery for easy social media sharing.

Theme Your Little One’s Cake Smash Session 

Choosing the right theme for a cake smash photography session can make the experience even more memorable. At Bellamy Loft, we offer you the freedom to customize the session according to your preferred theme and other specific requirements.

Popular themes include tropical, barnyard, carnival, Disney, sports, garden, and more. But we also love coming up with new and exciting themes to make each session unique and special. Our add-on services are available to fulfill your customization needs; just let us know your preferences.

What Sets Us Apart 

  • Professionalism – Our team consists of skilled photographers who use top-notch equipment to ensure the best results.
  • Safety First – The cakes used in our sessions are made with baby-safe ingredients, and our studio in North York is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before every session to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for your little one.  
  • Professional Editing – Our talented editing team will enhance your photos, providing you with the highest quality images.

Quick FAQs

How old should my baby be for a Cake Smash session? 

Most Cake Smash sessions are scheduled around your baby’s first birthday, but they can be done a bit earlier or later, depending on your preference. The key is that your baby should be sitting up on their own.

Do I need to bring anything for the session? 

We provide everything else, including the cake, outfits, and props. However, if you have a specific outfit or item you’d like to include, feel free to bring it.

What if my baby is not into cake smashing during the session? 

Don’t worry; we’ve seen it all. Babies have different reactions, and some may need a little encouragement. Our experienced photographers know how to make the session enjoyable, even if your baby isn’t too interested in the cake.

Let’s Start Planning Your Cake Smash Photoshoot 

Don’t let your baby’s first birthday go by without them smashing a cake. Contact us today at or call us at 647-995-5414 to book your Cake Smash Photography Package and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Bellamy Loft is here to make your baby’s special day even sweeter.


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