10 Best Catering Companies During COVID-19 in Toronto & Ontario

If there’s anything positive that this COVID-19 pandemic brought to us, it would be innovation. We saw everyone forced to adjust from all kinds of industry and food catering services is one of them. While home catering delivery is quite common, we all haven’t heard of “virtual catering” until pandemic came. But nowadays, these are what companies do to show their concern and appreciation to their employees for their continuous service.

While some businesses did not survive, a lot of catering companies this COVID times have survived and emerged from the challenges. Now, they are back on provding service to house party catering, gourmet catering delivery, mobile catering and more. Majority of catering companies on this list serve in Toronto and other areas in GTA including King City, Etobicoke, Oakville, North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Stouffville, Pickering etc.

1. KACE Catering

Catering COVID-19 TorontoCatering Torontocatering

KACE Catering is a premium catering company that has never fallen short on providing good food. Their yummy boxed meals, three-course meal boxes and quenching beverages are only few of the things this company offers. Straight out of the pan, all of their food are available for home delivery for.a seamless transaction. With this, you’re guaranteed to receive freshly cooked meals. If you’re worrying about your allergies, with KACE Catering, you won’t have to think about it. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are available in this company. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself and your team with a luscious meal from them!

2. Seventh Heaven Event Catering

catering companies COVIDTrue to its brand, Seventh Heaven Event Catering will take you to paradise with their flavorful food catering service. Their secret? Refined ingredients blended with passion. This catering company also makes sure that every dish has an extra ‘flair’. That’s why they have secured a spot on our list. After all, we don’t often see catering companies this COVID-19 that stayed true to their brand.

3. Puffin Catering

Puffin CateringAre ready for a culinary adventure? Your tummies won’t get enough of Puffin Catering’s savory dishes. Definitely, a catering company you must try for your next party. Their excellent food is paired with passion and remarkable customer service. So, it’s no surprise that they have been one of the go-to catering companies this COVID-19 pandemic.

4. L-eat Catering

L-eat Catering companies COVIDEat like you’re crazy rich with L-eat Catering service. This catering company provides elite meals that will make you feel like old rich. Soothing you of all catering worries this trying times, this company has the unwavering dedication to customers. With their healthy and nutritional meals, you’ll find warmth and comfort amidst the chaos.

5. Urban Acorn Catering

Urban Acorn, catering companies COVIDCelebrations, corporate events and even team meetings will not be possible as how they used to. Meanwhile, catering companies during COVID-19 have come up with an innovative way–virtual catering. Urban Acorn Catering can help you enjoy the food with the team all at the same time despite the distance. Be it a three-coursed meal you want to dig in or a simple lunch box, they can cater it for you.

6. Heirloom Toronto

Heirloom, catering companies this COVID-19Long before Instagram came about, people already loves capturing beautiful foods. Heirloom Toronto not only provides picture-perfect food but also offers fantastic flavors to their cuisine. Be it for a home party or an office related occasion, this catering company will not disappoint. To top it off, Heirloom also offers healthy options for customers with dietary concerns. Truly, one of the most notable catering companies this COVID-19.

7. Toben Food By Design Inc.


Great food brings in people. No matter the distance, it will always do. Toben Food by Design Inc. stands firm to its value of providing high-quality, fresh and memorable experience to its customers. Serving global cuisine, travelling the world might be unnecessary if you choose Toben Food. A bite from their food might be the portal you’ve been dreaming for to loosen up and relax in this times. Ready to take on the adventure? Click their website below to get you started.

8. Art of Food Catering & Event Creation

Art of Food

Food does not only fill our tummies. It also satisfies our souls through beautiful presentation. After all, eyes are the windows to the soul. Art of Food Catering and Event serves food that looks like a masterpiece. They prioritize both that some are even too pretty, you might want not to eat it. Striving to expand their unique menu selection is to watch out for. So, if you want to experience the above and beyond cusine, Art of Food might be for you.

  • website: www.artoffood.ca
  • address: 11 Curity Ave, East York, ON M4B 1X4, Canada

9. Oliver & Bonacini Events and Catering

OliverPlanning to impress a potential client? Or straight up just told by your boss to plan for an office lunch for your upcoming corporate event? Whatever that is, you can now relax and leave that to the experts–Oliver & Bonacini. With 30 years of event experience, Oliver & Bonacini will surely impress your guests and praise you for a job well done. Not only do they offer superb food catering, they also offer out-of-this world venue that you might want to save for later. Be the next office hero by checking out their website today.

10. Encore Catering

catering companies COVID

Be it for home delivery catering or an office lunch, with Encore Catering, you need not miss their mouth-watering food that you love. Planning for that lunch meeting with your team or celebrate a special occasion? Just select the food you want for your guests, and they deliver the food right to all your guests’ doorstep. How convenient and safe is that? Check out their website now to know more.

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