8 Best Chinese Wedding Packages in Toronto (Ontario)

Traditional Chinese weddings are usually extensive, with many processes to go through and a lot of details to consider. With so many steps to go through, it’s actually overwhelming having to plan it all by yourself with no previous experience. However, we learned how fascinating Toronto has been through the years. They grew inclusive of all cultures – respecting all heritage and traditions. Should you and your partner plan to get married soon, here are the eight best Chinese Wedding packages in Toronto you can check out.

chinese wedding inclusive packages in toronto

1. Bellamy Loft

Seemingly plain without any decor or furniture, but we advise you not to judge this fantastic venue at first sight. Bellamy Loft hosted several events and managed to deliver complete service for weddings – from excellent decor, superb food to even inviting an officiant. Beyond these few things mentioned, this venus is well maintained on its own and certainly perfect for whatever you have in mind. Be it traditional or modern, let them do their magic! Book an appointment with the team that runs the place. They got you!

  • website: www.bellamyloft.com
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit #4, North York, Ontario, M3K1Z9, Canada

2.Rainbow Chan Weddings

Chinese Wedding Toronto

Rainbow Chan Weddings is a go-to consultant that offers Chinese Wedding Packages in Toronto. Offering a full-month wedding preparation service, you can easily set a meeting with the team to let them know of your preference. Besides this, the team is behind several sophisticated weddings done with a different motif in the past. They were even able to execute a modern oriental wedding. Merging traditional Chinese and contemporary appliques, all we know is they indeed did it well.

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This intuitive website presents a vast array of elegant planners, adaptable templates, and vital tools to guarantee a flawless, memorable event on your special day. Become a part of the Plan In Love community and gain access to over 500 masterfully handpicked, top-notch templates, each customized to align with your distinct wedding aspirations. Revel in the peace of mind and self-assurance that Plan In Love bestows, as you smoothly traverse the thrilling path toward bringing your dream celebration to life.

3.Fusion Events

Chinese Wedding Packages

If there’s one who embraces diversity more than the other, it’s Fusion Events. This unique events planning company helps plan events of all sizes. Whether it be just virtual to even huge cultural weddings, they are truly great to work with. They understand the tradition and the importance of wedding traditions which helped them plan Chinese weddings without going too far from their roots. Moreover, they can also invite an astrological expert to help the couple determine the best wedding date. Impressed already? This is just the surface.

4.Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events

Chinese Wedding Planner

Events planned by Rebecca Chan have always been remarkable and stunning. They pay attention to details and make sure you and your partners get the best Chinese wedding possible. Making sure that they also listen well to their clients makes it to a point to collaboratively involve them through the whole planning. Furthermore, this event planning company offers extensive wedding packages that you can check out.

5.The Avenue Banquet Hall

Chinese Wedding Packages Toronto

Hosted events for almost a decade already, The Avenue Banquet Hall witnessed many celebrations over the years. Perfect for practically any event, they have a well-maintained venue and spacious enough to accommodate huge parties. Similarly, the team behind the place helps make sure your wedding is aligned to tradition.

6.The Eglinton Grand

Chinese Wedding Catering

With two decades of experience in the events and hospitality industry, The Eglinton Grand remains one of the best places that offer Chinese Wedding Packages in Toronto. The venue is already famed for its historical value and luxurious appeal. Moreover, they offer comprehensive packages from classic weddings to Indian or Chinese weddings. They also have the option to add bar and hotel accommodations to the package. Undoubtedly convenient, check out the packages they offer on their website.

7.Weddings by Ardenian

Chinese Wedding Decor

Weddings by Ardenian specializes in providing complete wedding services and event decor. They truly manage to accentuate any venue based on the couple’s wishes. Making sure to bring it all out the table, the team behind the company ticks all the to-do smoothly with all surely done accordingly. Besides this, they are actually also experienced in planning Chinese weddings, and all were just stunning! Therefore you won’t have to worry much with this amazing team.

8.Devoted to You

Chinese Wedding Planning

Truly devoted to delivering excellent wedding packages, Devoted to You pays extra attention to details, and this is what makes the wedding they help plan be memorable. Like weaving tradition into the narrative, they manage to learn more about the couple and their backgrounds. This helps them ensure that they are able to provide what you want, the way you want it. Through storytelling, they are able to bring life to culture and heritage. Furthermore, the team actually fuses tradition and modern time. Hence they are mindful of meanings and symbolism, which brings the small details to complete and further accentuate the venue.

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