8 Best Chinese Wedding Venues in Toronto (Ontario)

Traditional Chinese weddings are one of the most elaborate ceremonies in the world. This event is also considered part of the traditional rites of Chinese people. It starts with proposal making, birthday matching, marriage divination, betrothal gifts presenting, wedding date fixing, dowry urging, welcoming the bride to the formal wedding ceremony. With many to accomplish as a couple, we want to be of help even with small things.

With this in mind, we rounded up eight of the best Chinese wedding venues in Toronto (Ontario). Each is different on its own so choose the best one to fit how you and your partner imagine your big day. Without further ado:

best chinese wedding venues in toronto (Ontario)

1. Bellamy Loft

Bellamy Loft is one of the best event places in Toronto. They boast of their spacious room that can easily be dressed up however you and your partner want. Since you have the liberty to decorate however you wish, you can create a unique Chinese motif – traditional, modern, or even interracial. The team behind the venue are true angels! They are attentive to details, making sure that you get the best on your special day.

2. Premiere Ballroom & Convention Centre

If you and your partner will be having more guests than usual weddings, you may go with Premiere Ballroom & Convention Centre. It’s truly one of the best Chinese wedding venues in Toronto. They have a comprehensive Chinese menu that your guests would love. To emphasize the Chinese cultural influence in the venue, all the fixtures have red and gold accents, which are lucky and happy colours for Chinese people. Moreover, they have other offerings you can check out. Should you prefer even to have lion dance, they got you.

3. Crown Prince Fine Dining

Crown Prince Chinese Wedding Venues in Toronto

By their name itself, the hint of royalty is apparent. Crown Prince Fine Dining is a great venue to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime milestone. The cultural elements of the place and grandiose fixtures and wall to ceilings accents resemble getting married at an Imperial Palace. Additionally, superb Chinese cuisine will be served to you and your guests. Surely, this venue will leave your guests in awe and definitely be a night to remember.

4. The Avenue Banquet

Chinese Wedding Venues in Toronto

Quite knowledgeable about Chinese weddings and the overly-elaborate in-betweens, The Avenue Banquets will assist you along the way and ensure that you get the traditional wedding you and your partner deserve. Like paying respect to your families and heritage, a well-executed Chinese wedding means a lot more to the parties involved. Accommodate up to 350 people in their banquet hall, and you no longer have to stress yourself over finding a separate caterer because they can serve Chinese cuisine. Plus point, it comes with Happiness Cakes!

5. Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine

Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine Banquet Hall

If your families are into seafood and choice Chinese cuisine, Dragon Boat Fusion Cuisine is a go-to Chinese wedding venue in Toronto. The venue boasts of their huge tanks holding live seafood on display, assuring that the food they serve is fresh. Besides this, the place itself is spacious on its own and can house huge weddings. Choose between their wedding package offerings and be on top of planning. Add some bottled wine into the mix if you prefer.

6. Golden Court Abalone Restaurant

Golden Court Abalone Restaurant is indeed one of the best Chinese wedding venues in Toronto. Its exquisite interiors are accentuated with gold elements with red as the base colour. Truly celebratory, they offer delectable full-course Chinese cuisine served in elegant tableware. You and your guests will truly feel like a royal in this place.

7. Pearl Chinese Cuisine

Pearl Chinese Cuisine Banquet Hall

If you want something refreshing and a Chinese wedding with a modern twist, you may check out Pearl Chinese Cuisine. Despite looking a bit modern, their food does not disappoint. Accommodate up to 250 guests for your special day, and the venue hall prides itself on the panoramic view of Toronto’s waterfront. Check out the place before you say no. You can add significant Chinese decors and flowers to accentuate the space.

8. Lai Wah Heen

Lai Wah Heen DoubleTree Hilton Hotel

Since 1995, Lai Wah Heen has strived to serve Canadians with authentic and delicious Chinese food. They are a go-to Chinese wedding venue in Toronto and are also considered a crowd-favourite. Featured in several publications over the years, they truly have built their reputation not just for weddings but for any occasion as well. Though located in DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, you may easily still dress up the place accordingly and honor the traditions.

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