Guide: Getting Married During COVID-19 Lockdown in Toronto (Ontario)

The current situation has dampened many wedding plans but you’re here and you’ve decided to push through. Congratulations! It may not be the celebration you yearned for but alas, you’ve decided to let love win no matter the circumstance. We are just as excited to help you with your most special day.

You may have brushed up on the legalities prior to COVID-19, but things are a little different now. There are strict guidelines to follow to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance and most importantly, the people you’ll be interacting with the days after your wedding. These are the steps to take so you can plan in advance. Do these for a hassle-free process. Planning is key for a hassle-free wedding.

COVID-19 Wedding in Toronto & Areas Across Ontario

Step 1: Prepare Your Identification Requirements

You are required to pass identification when you apply for a marriage licence. Each of you must ready two original government-issued IDs with your legal name and birth date.

Acceptable Identifications: Birth Certificate, Passport, Driver’s Licence, Ontario Photo Card (Purple photo ID card), Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (Canadian Citizenship Card), Canadian Government Refugee Travel Document, Conditional Release Identification Card, United States Green Card, Native Status Card, Record of Immigration Landing, Confirmation of Permanent Residency, Permanent Residency Card, Citizenship Card, Identity Card, Nexus Card, Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC), Possession & Acquisition Licence (PAL) (Source: City of Toronto.)

Once you have these prepared, you can set them aside and proceed to step two.

Step 2: Apply For Marriage Licence

Marriage application in the city of Toronto is accomplished online. Click here and fill-up the form with your partner. Once you’ve finished, you can download and print the file for the two of you to sign. You will then be given an application number that is required when you book your appointment.

Step 3: book an appointment online

Because of COVID-19, procuring a marriage license is now by appointment at the North York Civic Centre only. Click here to go to the booking page. Walk-ins are not allowed. Make sure that your name on the marriage license application matches the one on your appointment. You will need to enter your application number to get your appointment permit. You only need one booking for you and your partner.

Step 4: Secure your Marriage Licence

On the day of your appointment, make sure you bring your identification requirements, a completed application form dated with original signatures, and your appointment permit. Prepare $145 for the payment. Take note that they only accept debit and credit cards at this time. Only one of you will be allowed inside given your requirements are complete. Present everything needed and you’ll be given your marriage licence. You’ll be in and out in 15 minutes or less!

Everyone is expected to abide by the health standards imposed by the city. Masks are mandatory and anyone with symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and cough, will not be let inside. Physical distancing is highly encouraged for the safety of everyone.

Step 4: Plan! book an officiant and decide on the type of wedding

Once you have your marriage licence, it’s time to look for a legal wedding officiant. Because of the pandemic situation, the city allows only small gatherings with a maximum of ten people. Whether you want an elopement, simple signing, or an intimate wedding for a party of 10, you need two witnesses to make your union legal.

Your officiant must be a professional. Whoever you choose will be in charge of giving you the Record of Solemnization of Marriage. The two witnesses can be anyone of your choosing. They will sign the marriage licence and the officiant will register it with the province of Ontario. You can then obtain your marriage certificate, the legal document that proves your marriage took place.

Click to Book an Officiant with a Venue

Step 5: Choose your venue

Choosing the venue for this season can be tricky. You can opt to do this at home or you can rent out an events space. If you decide on a specific venue, make sure they adhere to proper health protocols. Many companies offer in-office signing or small styled venues for intimate gatherings.

Regardless of the situation, your union is certainly the star of your wedding day. It will remain to be one of the best days of your life. Again, congratulations on your decision to wed despite the circumstances we find ourselves in. We hope this article helps you in your planning process!

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