10 Most Romantic and Creative Engagement Proposal Ideas

Are you ready to pop the question but not sure how? We bet you’ve tried to search for proposal ideas on the internet but got bombarded with articles that talks about the cliche engagement proposals that we all heard and know by heart. Well, the search is over because Bellamy Loft got you the 10 most romantic and creative engagement proposal ideas! Feel inspired and get ready for your partner’s sweet yes.

10 Most Romantic and Creative Engagement Proposal Ideas

  1. Fill the living room with fairy lights

To make this work, you need a lot of fairy lights ready for set-up. Once you already have enough, choose where you want to do the proposal. Either bedroom or living room works. Set up the lights to dangle if you have many and feel free to add polaroids of photos as well for a more personal touch.

You can even spell out the words “Marry me” for the big question. Remember to set the mood with music and turn off all lights in a single switch before they come in. 

  1. A custom puzzle proposal

For puzzle fans, you can gift your partner a random custom puzzle of your favourite scenery together. As a bit of surprise, you can add a portion that spells out “Will You Marry Me?” for a sweet surprise after accomplishing the whole puzzle. 

Stay patient and remember that all great things come to those who wait. Completing the puzzle may take time but we assure you that your partner’s reaction will be priceless.

  1. Use old books for an academia-style proposal

book proposal

This can be done in several ways. Although cute, you can go ahead and cut a hole out of the book then place your ring there, waiting for your partner to open it and see. But if you’re feeling back already for the book, you can just keep it simple and highlight a page with the words “will you marry me.” It’s not necessary to have those all in a line.

Carefully spread out to the page works too! Like a black-out page without shading the rest with black. Remember the page and suggest to your partner to read it aloud. Another is to have a bookmark instead with the proposal written on it. 

  1. Show off your partner’s intellect with a crossword proposal

Besides a jigsaw puzzle, you can also work with a custom crossword puzzle. It can be challenging but your partner will surely work their brain out without realizing the big reveal. Cute and surprising, you can also customize all the clues into something relevant to the two of you. Remember though to keep it vague.

  1. Fancy dinner or breakfast in bed from scratch

Family Style Wedding Reception

Nothing beats a homecooked meal and this is even better if it’s made from scratch. Scale up your usual dinner or breakfast with a gourmet recipe from the internet. There are a lot of recipes out there to try. Even more, ingredients are now easier to acquire since there are grocery deliveries at your convenience.

  1. No-fail photobooth proposal

A quick visit to the arcade and ensuring that you got that photobooth shot is another cute and creative way to propose. Since these booths are set with timers, you can plan different phases of your proposal on each frame. The first can be a normal photo, the next would be with the ring, the third and fourth at your perusal. 

  1. Movie clip proposal 

movie clip proposal

Movie fans? This is your dream come true! Invite your partner for a movie night with a classic romcom showing, you can go ahead and clip it midway. Then add clips of your videos together, with your theme song playing in the background. Watch their surprise as the clip shows then pop the question already!

  1. Publish your love story

If you have time to write your story, you can go ahead and publish your own book. It can be a novella or storybook with full-on colour and cute graphics. Either, we’re sure that your partner will appreciate this. Another bonus: If you’ve written well, you can even try to send this to publishers!

  1. Art class sounds fun and romantic

For the artsy couple, it would be a fun weekend to attend an art class together. No need to go big or complex. A simple beginner’s class can work well. While doing the practical application, segue to incorporate the million-dollar question in your art piece. It can be painted all over on your canvas or moulded in clay – whatever available resources can be used.

  1. New Year’s Eve countdown

Want a creative engagement proposal? Start the year right – together forever – and propose as the clock strikes 12! Pop the question as you both countdown for a whole new year together. It can be at a party with friends, family, or perhaps with a crowd. Go ahead and make it special! Don’t overthink and make this truly remarkable.

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