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Let your union reflect the important – the love you have for each other. It doesn’t have to be grand. It can be as simple as the two of you, two witnesses and an officiant. We’ve created packages and add-ons that you can customize to suit your needs.

Whether it’s just the two of you or in the company of family and close friends, you can be fully in charge of your wedding day. Convenient, reasonably-priced, and elegant, Bellamy Loft is the answer to uncomplicated elopements (some even call it runaway wedding!).

Our all-inclusive packages were carefully designed to make this day easy and stress-free so you can focus on what’s truly important. Features & Inclusions:

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Toronto Elopement Venue Packages

We understand that eloping and micro weddings are just oh-so romantic. We’re all about that spontaneous, heart-fluttering romance for couples who just wanna celebrate their love with some major amour vibes. At Bellamy Loft, we can do this for you without having to spend an excessive amount. This is why our customized packages can guarantee that you will be spending a lot of time relaxing before the big day rather than fretting.

Not everyone’s dream wedding involves grand ceremonies and epic blowouts. Some feel wants it want it warm, intimate, and all about them and their squad. At Bellamy Loft, we make room for every type of couple. Our primary goal is to provide various options for even the most laid-back of all couples. From elopements to micro weddings, we are prepared for everything. You can pop up on your Big Day with us. We’ll take care of the rest. Our venue and experienced pros are there to give you all the help you’ll need, no matter how big or small. We pay attention to the most minute of all details to provide you with an experience you will never forget.

The Bellamy Loft wedding and elopement packages are available for last-minute bookings all year-round. Check your preferred schedule with us today.