10 Best Engagement Photographers in Toronto

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you both are in a brand-new chapter of your life, it may be a bit daunting but don’t let that prevent you from making the most out of this magical and once-in-a-lifetime moment for the two of you. Now, it’s time to start planning and take superb photos with these fantastic engagement photographers in Toronto and surrounding areas across the GTA.

Best Engagement Photographers in Toronto (Ontario)

1.Emblaze Photography

Toronto Engagement PhotographerEngagement Photographer Toronto

Treating each client they work with as a blessing and seeing it as an honour, Emblaze Photography commits to delivering excellent photos that capture not only people but the moment and story behind them. They have a knack for taking light, fresh, and sophisticated photos that helped them gain quite a reputation in the industry. Truly flexible, the tea behind the company can work with almost any concept – whether indoor, outdoor, or even a destination shoot. Let their team know what you desire, and they’ll, without inhibition, bring it to life.

2.Joanna Galant Photography

Joanna Galant Photography

Like taken straight out from a film, we are sure you’ll fall in love with photos taken by Joanna Galant. An esteemed portrait creator in Toronto, as she claims, she grew up in dark rooms given her father was her mentor in the field. She has proved to deliver fun, whimsical shots that bring more to the story and show the personality of the subject. Playing around with the background and other details, she managed to make each photo taken turn out to be magical.

3.Lushana Bale Photography

Lushana Bale Photography

If there’s something we love about Lushana Bale, it’s her timeless, classic photos. She is one of the go-to engagement photographers in Toronto. Accommodating and game for almost anything, she does outdoor shoots that her subjects work naturally with the scenic venue. Gifted in what she does, she delivers natural, ordinary, yet meaningful shots. As if reminiscing, her bright, warm-lit photos feel more natural and familiar to us.

4.Photography by Shivani

Photography by Shivani Engagement Photographer

Shivani is a fantastic all-rounder photographer – from portraits, any occasion, to even weddings (engagements, pre-wedding and the wedding itself). She got you and your partner. Moreover, she was able to pull-off a client’s request for an engagement photography/proposal last December 2020 in Eglinton Grand. Though moved a couple of times, they were able to make it happen. Truly a grand gesture and a memorable moment captured beautifully by Shivani.


Davide Wedding Photographers in Toronto

Davide is one of the best engagement photographers in Toronto. He was featured in various awards and media, even guested for several TV shows. Additionally, he mentored under great photographers in New York, which groomed him to become the successful photographer that he is now. With over 400 weddings covered, he still continues to move forward and deliver excellent photos to his clients. Reach out to him now if you’re interested. He’s open to accepting bookings for 2021 and 2022 already!

6.Mango Studios

Mango Studios Engagement Photographers in Toronto

Wary of choosing who to take your engagement photos? Why not try Mango Studios? Run by a couple themselves, you can easily feel at ease with these two. Besides this, they have an impressive portfolio that showcases their creativity and talent. From engagement to wedding photos, they got you. They ensure that you get to know you and your partner best to help them capture not only moments but also your personality, emotions, and quirks.

7.Piper Studios

Piper Studios

A go-to for wedding photography, Piper Studios can also take your engagement photos. They have comprehensive photography packages you can check out and see what works for you and your partner. With dreamy, soft, and romantic shots,  you’re sure to fall in love all over again with each other. Showcasing the couple and bringing out their dynamics, you will never go wrong with this studio.

8.We Are Fox Photography

We Are Fox Photography

Another studio run by a couple, We Are Fox Photography is a reflection of the two’s passion and talent. With their influences from growing and having to live in different countries before settling in Canada, they are exposed to places and experiences. Quick on their feet and flexible, these two incorporate their experiences and uses them to help them deliver authentic and beautiful photos.

9.AGI Studios

AGI Studios Engagement Photographers in Toronto

Taking a look at their portfolio, AGI Studios truly takes charming photos. One of the go-to engagement photographers, they are able to deliver outputs that are full of life and natural. Not surprising, as they make sure to relate to their clients and ensure that they are comfortable during the shoot. Furthermore, they are open to collaboration between the couple. Truly bringing life to the couple and their relationship.

10.Focus Photography

Focus Photography Engagement Photos

Since 2015, Focus Photography was able to deliver creative and refreshing shots for couples who recently got engaged or soon getting married. They can work with any venue and make it work favourably for the couple. Moreover, they are perfect for couples with no idea yet what they want or where they prefer to have their photos taken. They will happily suggest and lead the collaboration if necessary.

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