8 Best Engagement Party Venues in Toronto (Ontario)

Several milestones in life are worth hosting a party for. This indeed includes the celebration of engagement between couples. As this marks the start of a lifetime together, you know this will not be just another party but something that people will never forget whenever they see the two of you. Besides the wedding, of course! Now, we only want what’s best for you, so here are eight of the best engagement party venues in Toronto that are worth checking out. Seize the moment and make the most out of your engagement!

Best Engagement Party Venues in Toronto (Ontario)

1.Bellamy Loft

Engagement Event Space Venue TorontoEngagement Venue

A go-to venue in Toronto, Bellamy Loft covers all your event needs! They have a fantastic team that owns any concept you have in mind and delivers it 10x better. Besides this, the venue alone is superb. Conveniently located in Toronto, they also have immaculate facilities that are easily customized depending on your concept. To add, they already have connections with floral and decors, staging, catering or whatever company you need to make your dream event come true. Make this celebration stress-free and book an appointment with their team now!

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2.Graydon Hall Manor

Graydon Hall Manor Venue for Engagement Party

Fall in love with this gorgeous venue in Toronto. Graydon Hall Manor gives off a classic, elegant, romantic feel that sure will make you and your partner even more lovable. They have a fantastic terrace where you can house up to 250 seated guests. To add, this stone terrace overlooks their picturesque garden and a huge fountain. Truly in here, you will feel that love is all around.

3.Eglinton Grand

Eglinton Grand engagement party venues in Toronto

Are you and your partner into iconic places? If yes, Eglinton Grand is perfect for the two of you! Showcasing art-deco style, this theatre is actually designated as a historic landmark in Canada. Built in the 1930s, theatre is considered one of the places designed for elites, so it’s no longer surprising why the venue on its own shows grace and luxury. Best to take this chance and party like The Great Gatsby! We’re sure you’ll be the take of town for quite some time.

4.The Grand Luxe Event Boutique

The Grand Luxe Event Boutique

Stepping away for a bit from the garden and timeless venues, The Grand Luxe Event Boutique is a great venue you can check out in Toronto. Not only contemporary in nature, but it is also sophisticated and flexible. Have it dressed up to any theme, the place itself has an exclusiveness appeal to it. Feel like a socialite by hosting a party in here. Making it even better, your guests will surely love the superb food and the team’s hospitality that runs the place.

5.The Carlu

The Carlu engagement party venues in Toronto

Designed by a Frech architect in the early 30s, The Carlu is one of Toronto’s go-to engagement party venues. A venue that is truly sophisticated and timeless, you and your partner can never go wrong here. As a matter of fact, this is also popular for hosting corporate events such as fashion shows, etc. Host a party with class in this amazing place!

6.Hotel Ocho

Hotel Ocho Venue Place for Engagement

Located in downtown Toronto, Hotel Ocho is quite a famous go-to venue for almost any event. Check out the upper-level event space that is spacious alone, serving as a perfect canvas for any theme. Though best for rustic, cozy theme because of its iconic red brick walls and fixtures that aged just fine, giving the room more personality alone.

7.Bisha Hotel

Throwing another hotel into the mix, Bisha Hotel is not only a fantastic venue to stay-in and relax but also known for its remarkable venue selections. Taking pride in their famed Sky Suite on the 46th floor, it’s the most loved venue they have. It has a fantastic view of Toronto at night. Besides this, the room itself is chic and modern, perfect already on its own. The golden chandelier, floor decals, and expansive row of windows definitely add flair to the room.

8.Leña Restaurante

Leña Restaurante engagement party venues in Toronto

Leña Restaurante is an excellent place to dine-in and party with your loved ones. Even more, celebrate milestones in their extensive venue offerings that fit from smaller, intimate gatherings to huge social events. The Bar Lala venue has, of course, a lounge with a bar that your guests will surely love. The accents and fun furniture give life to the room on its own. But if you’re into a more sophisticated and private space for your party, they have seated separate venues you can check out. Amazing food, amazing venue. What else do you need?

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