10 Best Fashion Photographers in Toronto (Ontario)

It takes boundless creativity to shoot show-stopping high-fashion photography. In case you’re looking for a trusted fashion photographer in Toronto, you’re in luck! We listed ten of the best in the industry who also situates here in Toronto. Prepare to up your ante as they grace you with their dazzling shots that caught one’s attention more than once. With no further ado, here are the ten best fashion photographers in Toronto!

Best Fashion Photographers in Toronto (Ontario)

1.Emblaze Photography

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This photo was taken by Emblaze Photography.

Capturing beauty than what meets the eye, Emblaze Photography is one of the premiering photographers in Toronto. They offer a comprehensive list of services that go beyond a single niche. Moreover, they have a flair for everything bright, chic and graceful. Definitely ideal for those who are looking to explore a bubbly and young fashion vibe. A more vulnerable shot? They got you as they also offer boudoir photography!

2.Koby Inc

A celebrated fashion photographer, Koby Inc has partnered with several known beauty and fashion brands and editorials beyond Toronto. He was invited as a guest speaker to some events and he was also awarded for his excellent works over the years. Known to take shots that are impactful, inspiring, and memorable, he executes delivers images that always go beyond his clients’ expectations.

3.Tina Picard

tina picard fashion photographer in toronto

These photos were taken by Tina Picard.

One look at her works and you’ll be in awe of the exaggeration and her being fond of colours. Coming off as bold, strong, and vibrant, Tina Picard excels as a beauty and fashion photographer in Toronto and beyond. Listing her hundreds of clients and publications on her website, there’s no doubt she is a seasoned photographer in the industry.

4.Captive Camera

Captivate through fashion photography with Captive Camera. With not much personal information of the photographer behind the company, they still have ample samples of their bold and vibrant shots. They also have quite extensive services offered – from events to portrait shoots. They surely got you! Also worthy of mention are some of their published works with magazines and more.

5.Ryan Fotografie

fashion photographers in toronto

This photo was taken by Ryan Fotografie.

Taking pride in the works he did with known clients such as Levi’s, MAC Cosmetics, Zara, and more. Several local and international magazines published Ryan Fotografie‘s works. Further, he also worked with models under known labels such as Anita Norris, NEXT, Wilhelmina, Ford Models, and more. Truly excellent at what he does, he mainly takes on client calls for his service mostly in Montreal and Toronto.

6.Metail Studios

Let’s talk about Metail Studios next. This studio has an impressive portfolio in terms of beauty and fashion photography. Truly creative, they take revolutionary shots that are bold and fresh take from the usual photos. Whether for online catalogues, branding, and social media, they can also cater to your needs and deliver beyond expectations.

7.Brogan McNab

brogan mcnab

This photo was taken by Brogan McNab.

A lovely person on her own, Brogan McNab also takes amazing beauty and fashion photos as well. With her restless imagination, fiery passion and internal obligation to create, she delivers exemplary results to her clients. Even more, she always delivers beyond expectations. Quite expressive, she takes a play with contrasting elements and even emotions to create an impactful photo.

8.Roberto Vasquez Photography

With the goal to wow you, Roberto Vasquez Photography dazzles us with one of a kind photoshoot experience and outputs. Their mission is to encourage action through illuminating a brand’s goal and creating impactful photos. As an experienced photographer in the fashion industry, he is strategic. He also plans each step in the way – from the lightings to props, and even down to angles. A perfect play with his creative talents, he does it like an ode to the brand.

9.Mark Binks

mark binks

This photo was taken by https://www.markbinks.com/.

A refreshing take to fashion and lifestyle photography, Mark Binks presents bold, unconventional, and vibrant deliverables to his clients. One look at his portfolio and you can immediately get his vibe – boundless, creative and fun. Playing with his camera, he also offers animation and videography services. All, of course, is graced with his style and technique. Further, his work (unsurprisingly) can be found in many media and publications.

10.Yugo Takahashi

Yugo Takahashi is one of the reputable fashion photographers in Toronto. He has a minimalist website that showcases how much he adores black and white colours in his works. More than this, he also has a background in animation and videography back in Tokyo. Through that, he understands well how colours and certain elements play to make a photo more impactful.

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