10 Amazing Filipino Photographers & Videographers in Toronto

Your wedding photos will be one of your favorite photos to look back on for years and years to come. These are your most precious moments preserved through stills. While a wedding film makes you relive all the emotions on that day. Don’t forget this is a once in a lifetime event. Without a doubt, getting a professional photographer and videographer will be two of the best investments for your special day.

Good professionals will have the flair to make you look and feel comfortable in front of the lens. Indeed, this is important so that you look natural and un-posed. Check out these amazing Filipino photographers and videographers. These are incredibly skilled individuals whose work will allow you to go back in time and re-experience your big day.

1. emblaze photography

Filipino Wedding PhotographerFilipino Photographer TorontoFilipino Photographer

Emblaze Photography is a team of talented photographers and creatives that tell stories through their cameras. Their style is light, airy, fresh, and timeless. They are so effortless, you won’t feel any pressure to pose and smile. Just be yourself and they’ll do the rest. They specialize in weddings, events, and commercial photography. In their hands, you’ll undoubtedly have amazing photos that are unforgettable memoirs of the best moments of your life.

2. Beyond Infiniti Photography

Beyond Infiniti Photography
Photo credit: http://www.beyondinfinitiphotography.com/

Beyond Infiniti Photography is made up of a husband and wife team who have an eye for elegance and beauty. Their photography style is bright and romantic. If this sounds like it’s up to your alley, wait until you see their body of work.

These are photos that are sure to spark joy every time you see them. The team ably captures the true essence of each couple’s relationship. Always unique and timeless, Beyond Infiniti goes above and beyond to deliver amazing photographs regardless of the occasion.

3. Goody Cambay Wedding Films


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A wedding film not only takes you back to that special moment, but it also shows you many parts of the day that you might have missed out on, too. Goody Cambay’s videography style is cinematic. It’s as if you’re watching a wedding scene in a movie. You starring in it is the best part of all.

From perfectly shot drone scenes to beautifully matched music, it’s a treat you’d want to look back on and show to others too. Your wedding is made up of different facets and in Goody Cambay’s hands, you’ll be sure that each important moment is captured.

4. Justklik Productions

Justklik Productions
Photo credit: https://www.justklikproductions.com/

Led by Mc Sabado, Justklik Productions is a team of photographers and videographers who are committed to telling your stories through their lens. They play with colors and lighting, creating vivid shots whether they’re pictures or videos. Their art is in balancing what you want and making sure these translate artistically through their work.

Their final photo edits reveal a dramatic style. The shots are never forced. They make sure candid emotions are seen whether it’s in their stills or their films. The team aims to capture the heart of the celebration through their art. As a photo and video team, they can make a photo montage and a film that seamlessly go together, just like you and your partner.

5. C. Royals Studio

C. Royals Studio
Photo credit: https://www.croyalsstudio.com/

C. Royals Studio is the brainchild of Joe Sangco who serves as their lead filmmaker as well. They are a group of photographers and videographers that take pride in their modern and contemporary style that is unique to the wedding industry. Their creative take on their films and photos leaves a lasting impression on anyone who sees their body of work.

They capture the most special moments whether done quietly or in front of guests, rest assured, you’ll be looking back on all these with delight in years to come.

6. Sherwin Javier Photography


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Sherwin Javier not only takes beautiful photos of couples, but he also makes sure he takes exceptional photos of the whole event. He takes note of the things that you so carefully planned for your wedding day. Little things in the styling, the venue, the cake, he uses these as his canvas for outstanding wedding photos.

His photography is a reflection of each couple he shoots. It’s a story through stills. Celebration, elation, family, friendship, and love, all these relationships and emotions are palpable through his work. He’s a master photographer who knows what’s important and makes sure he captures that.

7. Ryan Apigo


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When you’re getting married, you’re focused on the preparation, the walk, and of course your ceremony and reception. The great thing about having a wedding film made is being able to watch how your whole celebration came to be in the hands of a professional filmmaker. This is Ryan Apigo’s specialty.

Through his lens, you’ll appreciate much more of the venue, guests, and the whole event. He has an eye for shooting what’s important to his couples. Ryan can do so because he makes sure he has a proper relationship with the people he makes films for. He tastefully makes a cinematic experience that is sincere, beautiful, and heartfelt.

8. Bing Mariano

Bing Mariano Photography
Photo credit: Bing Mariano Photography

Mr. Bing Mariano is undoubtedly a first choice for shooting Filipino stars’ concerts and events in Canada. He is talented in all fields of photography. From headshots to concerts to events. You will surely love to get him to shoot your special day, too.

He is a tried, tested and trusted photographer that delivers results you want. He is an experienced professional that can deliver exactly what you want for your wedding day.

9. Kensi Production


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Feel like a true superstar when you see your wedding reel courtesy of Kensi Production. They tell him what you want and he’ll deliver more than what you expect. His films are carefully shot to highlight only the most special emotions and moments that you’ll want to keep forever.

He preserves your wedding day through his video. His film is a true keepsake that will be a constant reminder of your big day and all its beautiful moments.

10. Eloisa Plus Rey Photography

Eloisa Plus Rey Photography
Photo credit: https://eloisaplusreyphotography.com

Eloisa and Rey are a husband and wife duo who have a documentary style of photography. This is why even the most candid and spontaneous moments are caught on camera. True memories for keeps indeed.

They have a very relaxed way and manner so that the couple, their families, and friends all feel comfortable during the shoot. It’s as if you won’t even notice them. You can be entirely yourself without having to “act.” Intimate or large, whatever the theme, trust them to carry your wedding day into stunning photography.



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