10 Best Food Delivery for Virtual Meetings in Toronto (Catering Companies)

Long were the days where we can’t hold events due to social restrictions. Adaptable as ever, the digital world launched several applications making it possible for us to conduct gatherings or meetings online. With this in mind, we can now have game nights or live streaming events with our loved ones. Furthermore, this is also applicable for groups or offices allowing people to conduct virtual meetings.

But another thing we miss about social gatherings is food and no event is ever satisfying (especially meetings) without it. To improve the mood of people and encourage engagement, it’ll be a great idea to have your next virtual meeting catered! There are now a bunch of catering companies who are now flexible to cater these kinds of events by delivering each straight to your attendee’s door. We don’t want to take too much of your time so here’s a rundown of the ten best food delivery for virtual meetings in Toronto!

Best Food Delivery for Virtual Meetings in Toronto (Catering Companies)

1.Kace Catering

courses meal boxes Virtual Meetings in Toronto

Coming first is our favourite catering company in Toronto. From full-service gourmet catering, Kace Catering now caters to virtual events. Still, with their usual culinary excellence and finest ingredients, you are sure that you get the best out of the money you spend. They also have a flair for presentation ensuring that even though meals are packed, they are still elegantly packaged with care.

Besides that, you already know the drill! Let their team know of certain dietary restrictions each may have – be it gluten-free or all-out vegan. Also, you can even have multiple meal courses if you’re feeling a bit fancy. Whatever you need, they always got you!

2.Tasty Solutions

If you are looking for a private caterer that is not only skillful but also great to work with, Tasty Solutions it is! The chef behind the company directly collaborates with the host on not only their food picks but also the overall impression of the event. This helps him curate the best possible meal and presentation to be aligned to the overall event. Further, he also studied to mix drinks! So if you are up to something fun, this company is just perfect.

3.Daniel et Daniel

Daniel et Daniel Virtual Meetings

One of the catering companies that usually pop up nowadays for catering services. Daniel et Daniel offers packages that can be fitting to intimate gatherings to even virtual meetings in Toronto. Their three options cover grazing, cocktail hour, to a full-on dinner party with multiple meal courses. As for food, they still deliver excellent meals that not only look appetizing but taste good as well.

4.Kiss the Cook

Who wouldn’t want to actually kiss the cook if the food served is heavenly, right? Kiss the Cook has been a favourite catering company wherever in Toronto. They have worked with known companies over the years, making them extra trustworthy. Check out their excellent meal options and go big for your next virtual meeting!

5.10tation Event Catering

10tation Event Catering

Perfect for corporate or usual social gatherings held virtually, 10tation Event Catering delivers incredible food that is prepared by their skilled chef. Further, they set high expectations for themselves in line with their hopes to be the leading catering company in Toronto. With that vision, they always deliver excellence to their clients.

6.Elle Cuisine

An established and acclaimed catering company in Toronto, Elle Cuisine continues to wow their clients with their excellent food and service. With this in mind, they cater to any event – be it virtual, stay-at-home, corporate, to social gatherings. They have several options to choose from as well, it may be to serve food in meal boxes for delivery to different addresses, or party boxes for at-home events.

7.Decadent Catering

Decadent Catering

Indulge yourselves with food served by Decadent Catering. They have a preselected breakfast and lunch menus you can choose from. This is perfect for any occasion. With ingredients sourced from local but top suppliers in Toronto, you are sure that your food is fresh, sustainable, and as organic as possible.

8.Oliver & Bonacini

A caterer that is a prime example of class and luxury, Oliver & Bonacini continues to wow their clients with their food and presentation. Perfect for important events such as business meetings with investors to huge social events like weddings. Truly they are the cherry on top of every event, making sure that your event is a success and your food served will be the talk of the town. Very impressive to them!

9.Encore Catering

Their years in business are no joke. Encore Catering has been in business for over 40 years and truly, has been a go-to for anything catering-related. Their experience lets them easily determine what an event needs and how to best execute it. With them, you don’t have to worry anymore about anything. They know what’s best and you’ll just have to enjoy and make the most out of your virtual meeting.

10.The Drake

The Drake now offers meal boxes that can be delivered any time and anywhere in Toronto. With a comprehensive menu, you can select for whatever time of the day – be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Besides this, their menu is also seasonal. You can go ahead and order whatever is in season. This is because they use locally sourced ingredients that are fresh and sustainable. As for their box packaging, they encourage you to discuss with them which to go for. They have different varieties assuring that your meal is presentable and never less.

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