10 Best Gourmet Catering Companies in Toronto & Ontario

There are two things in every event that should be perfect: food and venue. As something that leaves a longer impression on our guests, we should closely pay those two. The venue is straightforward. You just need to find a great place that is accessible and spacious. Also, it’s best if the venue has superb amenities. However, getting the right menu needs more attention. Here, we listed down ten of the best gourmet catering companies in Toronto and Ontario. All offer different cuisine and menu courses, but we’re sure you’ll find one that suits you and your event best. Without prolonging this, here is the list:

Best Gourmet Catering Companies in Toronto & Ontario

1.Kace Catering

Kace Catering Gourmet Catering Companies in Toronto

One of the premier gourmet catering in Toronto, Kace Catering is a crowd-favourite. They not only offer delicious food but also serve it with class and sophistication. Moreover, you can have it adjusted based on your dietary restrictions. The team behind the company is accommodating and fantastic to work with. They have comprehensive packages perfect for events of any size. Also flexible, they can cater to different cuisine based on your preference. Check out their website and learn more about their offerings.

2.Phancy Food Catering

Providing unique, multi-cultural inspired food, Phancy Food Catering brings modern twists to classic dishes. They value hospitality more in each of the events they cater. This is reflected through their unique and mindful packaging. Moreover, they won several awards from local awarding bodies in the industry.

3.Toben Food by Design

Queen Street Partners purchased 639 Queen Street West and branded the property Burroughes Building to pay tribute to its original use. The Building has been positioned to attract retail, office, showroom, gallery and exhibition venue tenants.


Toben Food by Design is committed to serving artisan food and level up your events. They also ensure that all the ingredients they use are not only fresh but also local. Furthermore, they have been in the industry since 2005 and continue to grace events with fine dining selections. Also, they offer flexibility with the host on the food choices, budget, and staffing. Such a breeze to work with, they also have great food.

4.Tasty Solutions

Taking gourmet catering to the next level, Tasty Solutions can make your diner more special with their private chef. You can have professionally cooked food in the comfort of your home. You will have to schedule a consultation if you’re good with them. Their resident chef will help you curate a menu that is tailored for you. Besides this, they also offer catering, private bartending, and premium food box services.

5.Chef Revolution

Chef Revolution

Another personal chef on this list, Chef Revolution, offers private cooking classes at home besides catering. One great thing about their in-house chef is his talent to create something delectable for people with dietary restrictions. He was featured in several publications and media in Toronto. Furthermore, he is also in the industry for over three decades!

6.Gourmet Catering Co

Starting small as a family business before, Gourmet Catering Co. grew into a premium gourmet catering company in Toronto. They rebranded in 2017 under a new name, but the family history has gone a long way already. Featured in several media and multi-award-winning, the company stays strong and passionate about the services they provide.

7.Gourmet Craft & Catering

Gourmet Craft & Catering

One look at the food they prepared, we can’t help but feel hungry. Delectable and eye-candy, Gourmet Craft & Catering treats each client with fantastic food. With them, we celebrate not only life but also flavour. Something noteworthy about them also is they prepare the highest quality of food, locally prepared and prepared fresh onsite.

8.Big City Gourmet Catering

If you’re looking for full-service catering in Ontario, Big City Gourmet Catering is perfect for you. They cover a wide range of locations and also one of the leading wedding caterers in Markham. Moreover, you can also have the menu customized depending on your preference. They also have an impressive presentation and impeccable service that will surely impress your guests. You can never go wrong with this company!

9.Daniel et Daniel

Daniel et Daniel is one the go-to gourmet catering companies in Toronto. A duo, both named Daniel, run this company. The two are experienced in the industry, having worked with huge hotels and restaurants in the past. They now grace events with their artisan cooking and aesthetic planting. Whatever you have in mind for your theme, they can work with it. You can also let them know of particular preferences so that they can prepare food aligned to certain restrictions.

10.Encore Catering

A leader in the industry, Encore Catering has been in business for over 40 years. They have a huge kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment and a seasoned chef to prepare your food selections. Open to cater any event – whether big or small. Further, they also take on each event as if new adventure. They are ensuring that each course is done well and their clients are happy.

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