How to Plan a Micro Wedding (Intimate Wedding)

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Our current climate has made couples shift their priorities when it comes to marriage and weddings. With COVID affecting many decisions especially finances and more people wanting genuine interactions, intimate weddings are now more than ever preferred.

Intimate weddings, micro weddings, and elopements differ in the number of guests invited. With intimate weddings, you can have at most 50 of your nearest and dearest loved ones to celebrate with you. It essentially still includes all the beautiful and magical elements of your traditional wedding but on a much smaller scale. Let’s say you have a set budget already, with a smaller guest list, you’ll be able to have more spending power for other things like an amazing photographer, catering company, or event stylist.

With this kind of wedding, you can control everything and make it all about YOU. Now, if we’ve piqued your interest or you’re considering this type of celebration for your special day, let us help you plan your day. Here are some tips and points to take note of in planning your intimate celebration.

Visualize your dream wedding


You may or may not have a dream wedding in mind. But now that you are actually going to tie the knot, it’s a good time to sit down and really think about the kind of wedding you want to have. Think about a theme, venue, dress and suit, and all that jazz. If you want inspiration, all you need to do is Google it and save photos on your phone for future reference. Remember, this is your special day and in this first step, you can dream up the setting you both want and can agree on. The next steps will help you figure out what is doable and what you can forego.

Decide on your budget

Many couples choose the micro wedding route for financial concerns, more genuine connections, or both. While a smaller event may be more budget-friendly, it can also be a way for you to splurge on other parts of your celebration. This is why it’s important to establish your budget early on. You and your partner must decide on an amount, a maximum and minimum, that you are willing to spend for this day. Everything else will be based from here. You can adjust your expenses based on this budget.


Cash is king and we’re here to make things easy for you!

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Choose the best venue

There are many considerations for weddings like the dress, suit, styling, food, and so much more. But, the venue dictates much of those decisions. It will also be one of the large spending items on your list. So once you’ve decided on that, it will be easier to manage your budget and other essentials for your intimate wedding. The best thing about a smaller-scale celebration would be a cheaper venue since you don’t need a large space to accommodate many guests.


Another big consideration when it comes to the budget would be the number of guests involved. Intimate weddings usually have 20 to 50 guests. There will be a cost per head. This is a good way to gauge your budget and a good determining factor of where you want to hold your wedding. You can rent an event space that can accommodate 100 people and divide that area for your ceremony and reception. The possibilities are endless. Also, because this is a smaller wedding, you can absolutely choose your best of friends and only the family you want to be there. In doing so, you can decide freely without judgment about how and what you want to do on your day.



Based on your budget, you can decide between a DIY, vendors, or a combination of both. Vendors will definitely make the planning and execution of your vision easier. Wedding planners are a godsend. They can help with the legalities as well as introduce you to reputable vendors to help make your dream wedding come to life. You can absolutely choose to DIY some parts of your event, or if you’re a true creative, you can definitely do it all yourself. This is the beauty of an intimate celebration.

Paperwork and permits

Don’t forget to research the paperwork and permits you need to legalize your wedding. Every city will have its specific laws and process. You can ask your planner for assistance or you can search for how to apply for these on your own.

Other considerations

Once you’ve decided on vendors, budget, and venue, you can now move on to other items on your checklist. Food is incredibly important. Guests will remember good food. You can have simple cocktails, a buffet, or a full-seated dinner. You may want a dancefloor too. This means you will need a good sound system and DJ. Styling will be a factor for your dream wedding, too. Document this day through the lens of a photographer and a videographer. List all of your must-haves and your non-negotiables. You can try to fit all this into your budget.

G E T M A R R I E D.

All the planning and brainstorming may be stressful. But deciding on an intimate wedding is already enough to help you relax more and enjoy the process. Regardless of what you decide and what type of wedding you’ll have, what’s important is that you celebrate your love, your way. Your marriage will always be the best thing to come out of this.

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