5 Best Kids Birthday Packages in Toronto

Memories from childhood birthdays forever hold a special place throughout the years. As a parent, it can get tough to become more creative every year. On top of that, they oddly grow up so fast — you can’t even keep up at times!

Despite the difficulty of keeping track of their likes and dislikes, the effort to celebrate a memorable birthday on a yearly basis, is no question.

It can be difficult to admit, but yes, it’s okay to need help from others! When it comes to planning your kid’s birthday, we’ve narrowed it to 5 unique, exciting kids birthday packages for a range of ages.

1. Bellamy Loft

Kids Birthday Venue Rental Toronto

If you’d like your hands on deck with planning, Bellamy Loft will cater you with a top-tier venue and an all-inclusive package. Through this, you’ll have a say in every aspect of the event and create your kid’s dream birthday party.

It’s an emphasis on a ‘say,’ your wish is our command! With our all-inclusive package, event professionals will carry out the necessary duties, like catering, music arrangements, photography, photo booth arrangements, and more.

Curate your vision of your kid’s dream birthday with Bellamy Loft’s all-inclusive social event package.

  • website: www.bellamyloft.com
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit #4, North York, ON M3K 1Z9

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2. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada
Photo credits: www.ripleyaquariums.com/

Undeniably, the rising generations are rising to be active in terms of climate change and political views. Like saying those magic words, caring for nature and the environment should be and has been a standard.

What better to remind and activate environmental awareness than a birthday at the local aquarium! Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada’s standard kids birthday package includes admission, a decorated party room, exploration with over 20,000 fishy friends, food, and loot bags — the holy grail of birthday parties. Invite friends, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Environmental awareness has no age! Get in touch with the aquarium to learn more about the perks of the nature-themed kids birthday package.

3. Sky Zone

Sky Zone Birthday
Photo credits: www.skyzone.com/

Similar to youth advocation towards environmental awareness, raising your kids to be healthy and active is the right of passage. Sky Zone allows for fun and fitness to mingle! They offer their Freestyle Package and Glow B-Day Package, however, they’re open to put together your own theme as well.

Sky Zone packages include admission, a private party room, helping staff, themed decor, access to exclusive Sky Zone attractions, invitations, and more.

Contact Sky Zone to discover more about their existing, flexible packages and possible upgrades.

  • website: www.skyzone.com/
  • address: 45 Esandar Dr, Unit 1A, Toronto, ON M4G 4C5

4. Pirate Life

Pirate Life Birthday
Photo credits: piratelife.ca

Veering from the environment and fitness, how about some plain fun? One of the most unique ideas for a birthday party is a pirate treasure hunt. Get your pirate costumes on, book the Pirate Life, and gain the full experience of a sunken pirate treasure hunt!

As you cruise through Toronto’s Harbor in a 50-foot pirate ship, the kids can enjoy the hunt with costumes, face paints, and pirate names. Pirate Life carry three types of kids birthday packages: crew, quartermaster, and captain.

Check out which kids birthday package suits your kid best with Pirate Life.

  • website: piratelife.ca
  • address: 45 Lisgar Street, Unit 622, Toronto, ON M6J 0B8

5. WildBash Events

WildBash Events
Photo credits: www.wildbashevents.ca

Similar to Bellamy Loft, WildBash events allows you to express yourself and your kid through the event and planning. Their certified event professionals can and will turn your ideas into a fully-planned birthday party!

Whether it’s minimal managing or maximum managing from you, WildBash has got you covered. The professionals will handle your event the way you want, only your way.

Are you ready to get planning? Contact WildBash Events to start today!

From precise themes to a simple birthday party, you cannot go wrong with any of the 5 kids birthday packages! Parents know best, trust your gut with planning your kid’s birthday. We’ve all got one intention in mind, and it’s to give them a day they will never forget!

Get in touch and get planning, the party is right around the corner!

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