15+ Small Launch Party Venues in Toronto

Celebrate milestones and do it in a splendidly remarkable way by hosting a launch party. Select from various popular and most recommended small launch party venues in Toronto and see which suits your brand most! If you have no idea where to start, here are 15+ Small Launch Party Venues in Toronto to consider.

15+ Small Launch Party Venues in Toronto

1. Bellamy Loft


Located in the heart of Toronto, Bellamy Loft wows us with its humble white walls and spacious area which makes it perfect for events. The simplicity of the venue contributes to its elegance and allows easy dress-up for their clients. Furthermore, they are also affiliated with VintageBash which allows you to work with them and get help in event decor.

2. Cafe Fairouz

Cafe Fairouz is one of the best places for small launch parties in Toronto. More than a venue, they are also a restaurant that serves delicious Middle Eastern Cuisine. Their space can accommodate at least 40 seated persons, making it perfect for intimate events. You no longer even have to worry about food since they got that already.

3. In Lifestyle

With a space that’s ideal for intimate parties and pop-ups, In Lifestyle easily wins our hearts. The space has a refreshing vibe which can fit whatever concept you may have. Not only great for casual launch events and brand activations, but this space is also perfect for social events and weddings too.

4. Head Office Ottawa

Head Office Ottawa Launch PartyHead Office Ottawa Launch Party

Showcasing their stunning venue through a virtual tour option online, Head Office Ottawa has a productively-designed event space. They are truly one of the small launch party venues you can consider in the area. To keep it simple, they prepared membership packages and a one-day-only option for interested clients.

5.  Waterfront Toronto

The neighbourhood’s favourite spot for over 15 years, Waterfront Toronto now accommodates corporate events for different brands and businesses. They have a space with a majestic view of the waterfront and an event area where you can set up however you intend your event to be.

6. Bar Le Germain

Bar Le Germain is one of the best small launch party venues you can explore in Toronto. Perfect for high-end and stylish events, their bar in Toronto has seating and a stunning view that can surely impress your attendees. You can also serve your guests any of their contemporary international and Canadian dishes.

7. Richmond Rental

Whatever you intend to use the venue with, Richmond Rental offers flexible space that can be used for art showcases of other events. Their space can accommodate however you intend your launch to be.

8. Westinghouse HQ

Westinghouse Launch Party Venues in Toronto

A stunning event place that showcases Hamilton’s heritage, this one-of-a-kind venue allows potential launch parties to be as remarkable as possible. Perfect depending on the brand vibe, Westinghouse HQ is home to events of all formats. They have different rooms you can choose from. From a casual lobby bar to huge fancy ballrooms.

9. The Diplomat

The Diplomat is a good small launch party venue that covers all possible aspects you need to attend to. The venue itself is a restaurant that offers brunch and dinner menus that your guests can explore. Moreover, the atmosphere of the venue also helps elevate the experience.

10. Eglinton Grand

Eglinton Grand Launch Party Venues in Toronto

Eglinton Grand is a good venue for events. The story behind the building sure makes the experience extra special. Furthermore, the space is flexible and can be utilized for various celebrations. There is various AVP and sounds equipment you can also rent with the venue to save you time and streamline the to-do.

11. The Luna Studios

Perfect for something sweet and dainty, The Luna Studios is a prime small launch venue option you can consider in Toronto. They have a nice spacious event area where you can set up tables and chairs or cocktail tables instead. Moreover, they also have themes you can explore to save you from the stress of planning and decorating.

12. Moonlight Lounge

Fun and spontaneous, Eat Taco Events aim to execute an amazingly designed event for their clients. Perfect for casual night outs or a more lively launch party, their Moonlight Lounge becomes a more splendid choice. The neon lights and football table can surely set the mood and encourage everyone to unwind.

13. Bedrock

Bedrock wows us with a wide series of event venues they offer. They have different sizes and facilities which can easily fit whatever you have in mind. Furthermore, some already have seating and an amazing view which can suit luxury brands. At the same time, rustic and casual events are also perfect in their industrial and outdoor venues.

14. Startuptive

Startuptive Launch Party Venues in Toronto

A casual coworking space that’s designed to boost productivity, Startuptive also extends its space to cater small events or intimate launches. This allows a more collaborative event where attendees are engaged and participative. Their event area can accommodate 40 to 50 persons in a session.

15. Ricarda’s

Sophisticated, Ricarda’s is a nice space to host small launch parties in Toronto. They serve delicious pastries and hot beverages which can be enjoyed nicely while chatting during the event. Moreover, they are also accommodating champagne brunch parties depending on whatever the brand preference is.


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