10 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Toronto

Do you ever get that feeling when you wish you can record every second of our special moments? We do too but in the meantime, while we are waiting for such technology, we can put our trust in many lifestyle photographers in Toronto. These artists will capture the most special days in your life that are worth framing for and handing down to the next generation. After all, photographs are one of the most valuable keepsakes we can have.

With numerous lifestyle photographers around Toronto, finding the right one for you is like finding a needle in a haystack. So, to help you lessen the work, we have listed down 10 of the best lifestyle photographers that provide service in Toronto, GTA, Ajax, Brampton, Concord, Hamilton, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Oakville, Kleinburg, Milton, Stouffville, Pickering, and more.

10 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Toronto

1. Emblaze Photography

Lifestyle Photographers TorontoLifestyle Photography TorontoOntario Headshot Photographer

Have an eternal way of cherishing moments with Emblaze Photography. This photography company specializes in commercial photography, weddings, events and more. They draw inspiration from raw moments that result in natural-looking, unscripted images. Driven by passion and love for capturing special moments, this team of experts sure knows every twist and turn in taking breathtaking photographs. The outputs they offer have classic undertones that will surely remain kept up with a lifetime of trends. You can also can on them for airy. fresh, and light vibe to photographs. Aside from the high-quality photographs, every client loves them for their warm and prompt customer service. Surely, one of the best lifestyle photographers in Toronto!

2. DreamDay PhotoStudio

lifestyle photoshootsIt’s definitely a must to capture one of the most important moments of your life, especially your wedding. This awards you both the honor and the responsibility to be with your partner through thick and thin. Capture that best moment of your life with DreamyDay PhotoStudio as they are fully committed to giving their all to provide the service that fits all your needs. Apart from weddings, this company also offer services for lifestyle photography, cinematography, wedding planning, even bridal makeup and rental photo studio. Choosing them will not only give you access to their impeccable photography service but also their other range of services.

3. CopperRed Photography

lifestyle photographerNervous in front of the camera? Don’t worry CopperRed Photography will surely make you feel confident. Owned and operated by Caroline, this company is loved by many because of its assuring service and high-quality work. She’s so good that even if you’re camera-shy, she would make it look like you’re not. How you feel is a big deal for her and for this reason, she really goes out of her way to let you be and feel yourself. Her passion for capturing small details of milestone events make her heart flutter.

4. Janis Lempera Photography

lifestyle portraitsCapturing those wonderful moments definitely gives you that sentimental value that you don’t want to lose. Even we wouldn’t want to forget those moments. Whether you’re being usually happy with family or celebrating big like your wedding, let Janis Lempera Photography capture those wonderful moments. She can bring out the best in everybody and have it preserved through a camera click. For her, it’s not about being happy for the sake of looking good on the camera, it’s being real and happy right at the moment. This principle made her one of the most reliable lifestyle photographers

5. Lights N’ Legere Photography

lifestyle photographers in TorontoBe it a lifestyle, wedding, family, or baby photo, it’s worth being captured every second. You don’t want any of that to be forgotten, do you? Well, Lights N’ Legere Photography can help you capture those unforgettable moments. After all, all those wonderful moments we are talking about could be a moment you can share throughout an entire generation – and maybe even next. That’s why choosing this company offers you more than just perfect pictures but also guarantees to establish a connection. This team of photographers will make sure your personality will show every flash of the camera.

6. Pictonat Photography

newborn photographyWho doesn’t want to be photographed with an excellent team? Pictonat Photography will capture the purest moments of your life, whether it’s a family portrait, new baby photos, maternity photoshoots, or even for branding and commercial materials. This team goes beyond talent and expertise as they will make sure every photo is captured exactly right for you. To achieve this, Pictonat’s team will have a sit-down talk to ensure they fully understand your vision. By doing this, along with their patience, warmth, and strong attention to detail, you will surely be impressed beyond means.

7. Diego and Liza Photography

unique photographersPhotos are one of the greatest things technology has brought us. Since this company is husband-and-wife-owned and operated, you can. guarantee work that connects with you. They specialize in capturing all candid moments of weddings but can greatly work as well as lifestyle photographers. Playing with light, shadows, and textures give their photos a distinct and stand outlook. Clients love them for their extreme dedication and passion for their craft. They make sure that their client’s unique personalities are depicted in each photo they capture. Since this company a husband and wife owned, they make their more interesting by competing with each other’s shots.

8. Frost Photo

lifestyle photographers in TorontoFrost Photo will make every shutter click count, freezing moments you can cherish forever. This company is a full-service lifestyle photo studio that provides service for weddings, events, portraits, and life’s special moments. They offer photography services that will surely bring you an out of this world experience. In addition to that, Frost Photo also offers fine art prints, high-quality canvas, a wide variety of contemporary frames, and handmade albums to suit your preference. Although their premium services sound too lavish, you can enjoy these at a very reasonable price. Truly, the dream lifestyle photographer you might be looking for!

  • website: www.frostphoto.com
  • address: 166 Chaplin Crescent, Toronto, ON M5P 1B3, Canada

9. Magenta Photo

Lifestyle Photographers in TorontoIf you’re looking for convenience and high-quality photographers, Magenta Photo should definitely secure a spot. This company has nine locations in Quebec and Toronto that makes it accessible to all customers. Offering an experience that is truly one of a kind, this team of photography experts will make photoshoots feel like a walk in the park. Aside from beautiful lifestyle photographs, they also offer other services for weddings, corporate events, pop-up sessions, frames and more. Combined with their warm accommodation and care for their clients, customers return to them for their photography needs.

10. Plexman Studio

Lifestyle Photographers in TorontoOne of the key points that make any special celebration in our life is its very essence. Be it a wedding, family portrait, a maternity or newborn shoot, corporate or even a simple lifestyle shoot, it will always signify the journey and the memories you have made. Luckily, Plexman Studi is passionate about being part of your celebration. With over 30 years of experience, they got what it takes to shoot jaw-dropping shots to capture the best moment of your life. Saving time and providing you great value for money, its team will provide you an efficient and consistent process of photography.

  • website: www.plexman.com
  • address: 11 Carlaw Ave #4, Toronto, ON M4M 2R6, Canada

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