10 Best LinkedIn Headshot Photographers in Toronto

For the past years, we all took LinkedIn for granted and just focused on building branding from the perspective of customers. We thrived on maximizing our presence to bring us results in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, with outages and shifts online we saw how important to build a presence also outside the platform. We realized it’s not a smart move to keep all eggs in one basket. With that in mind, here are the 10 Best LinkedIn Headshot Photographers in Toronto that you can work with and revamp your presence on the platform.

10 Best LinkedIn Headshot Photographers in Toronto

1. Emblaze Photography

Located in North York. If you need an airy, bright and professional photography, Emblaze Photography is your best shot.

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2. Bellamy Loft


Not only a stunning event place and studio, but Bellamy Loft also caters to photography services that their clients can avail. They expanded their service from personal appointments to professional LinkedIn headshot bookings. Moreover, they are also up to date in the industry’s service industry trends. This is so they can truly help you have consistent branding that communicates your intention to your clients.

2. City Wide Studio Photography

Recruiters would love you for your professionalism and attention to detail by getting your LinkedIn headshot taken with City Wide Studio Photography. Layout your path to success and achieve more success through great reach and visibility within the platform. The team behind the studio knows by heart that an impressive LinkedIn profile shows how amicable you are.

3. GSR Studio

gsr toronto studio LinkedIn Headshot Photographers in Toronto

Top local photography studio from 2017 to 2019, GSR Studio has three comprehensive packages that you can avail of. Moreover, they have a straightforward website where you can check their portfolio and previous projects. If you’re a great fit, drop them a message or give them a call so you can get started. You may also consult with them too about outfits, poses, and more. Their team will be more than happy to assist you.

4. Stacey Naglie

Stacey Naglie is one of the best LinkedIn headshot photographers in Toronto that you can tap. She has a deep understanding not only of photography but also branding. With this in mind, she knows best how to help you communicate what your intentions are towards the camera lens. She also takes the extra step to get you comfortable and ensure that you will have the best headshot photo for your profile.

5. Studio J Photography

studio j photography toronto

Backed with research and understanding of the LinkedIn platform, Studio J Photography took the extra step to ensure that they can help you grow your career in the platform. Because of this, the first set a meeting to get to know their clients and come up with a strategy for the shoot. They also make sure that the client is confident and comfortable with their team for the best deliverables.

6. David Chang

David Chang is another go-to photographer in Toronto. As a professional photographer who worked with various clients for the last fifteen years, he gained was able to develop his style and strategies to help his clients grow their profiles on the platform. Furthermore, his shots are also grounded on the client’s personalities and the qualities they intend to highlight. It’s also worth noting that he worked with known brands in the past too.

7. Vertix Media

vertix media LinkedIn Headshot Photographers in Toronto

Offering comprehensive branding and web design services, Vertix Media can help you increase your reach on LinkedIn through stunning headshots that show off your best qualities. You may also use these in your resumes, website, and other platforms too. If you need more help, they can also assist other marketing solutions you may need to scale up your business.

8. Art of Headshots

Art of Headshots offers LinkedIn headshot photography services in Toronto. As true experts in the industry, they also help their clients come up with stunning headshot photos that align with objectives to scale their business. Furthermore, they also have several other studios in different cities within Canada so you don’t have to worry if you’re not from Toronto.

9. Capture it Photo

capture it LinkedIn Headshot Photographers in Toronto

Commended because of how they take care of their clients, Capture it Photo sure captures their clients in the best light. They also help them showcase and help clients make the first impression count through the platforms. Moreover, you can check their website for their portfolio. With them, you are not limited to simple shoot concepts but you can also in your most natural environment too.

10. Toronto Photography Z

Toronto Photography Z helps their client come up with the best and most creative LinkedIn headshots in Toronto. This studio is also run by a seasoned photographer who has been in the industry for twenty years already so you’re sure that you’re in great hands.

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