10 Best Luxury Engagement Proposal Packages in Toronto (Ontario)

In all things we do, we always want the best and your partner wants that too! With this in mind, we encourage you to make the best out of your engagement proposal. There are several proposal packages in Toronto that you can avail for a fuss-free and extraordinary moment for you too. Prepare to splurge a little more for this premium experience to mark the start of a lifetime.

10 Best Luxury Engagement Proposal Packages in Toronto (Ontario)

  1. VintageBash


Vintage Bash is a premiering event and wedding decor website that also offers event packages. This covers engagement up to the big wedding day as well. Since they have a seasoned team already, you can be sure that you’ll have a no-fuss and dream come true execution of your proposal.

With their wide collection of decor and furniture, you can also rent these for a more premium set-up depending on the motif you have in mind. Impress your partner and make the most out of this moment with their amazing team. Book a consultation to discuss this more.

  • Website: www.vintagebash.ca/ 
  • Address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 5, North York, ON M3K1Z9


It’s a fine time to embark on the exciting journey of planning your wedding day!

Plan In Love impresses with its vast array of wedding planning resources, including elegant planners, customizable templates, and all the essential elements you need for your big day. Each resource features various design styles, ensuring a perfect match with your wedding theme. By joining their community, you’ll gain access to a carefully curated collection of over 500 premium templates, thoughtfully designed with your needs in mind. Say farewell to disorganization and embrace the tranquillity that comes with knowing every detail is expertly managed.


  1. Bellamy Loft

An event place that also holds wonderfully set-up events, Bellamy Loft stays one of the best choices for everything celebration. From a plain room, these can easily be transformed to however you deem it to be. Should you opt for a more intimate proposal with a picturesque backdrop, sophisticated setup, and attention to detail, they are the best you can work with. 

More than these, they also have an impressive directory of decor, stylists, caterers, and more. You can definitely have a stress-free wedding proposal planning with them. Just drop them a message for a consultation and they’ll be more than happy to be of service.

  1. WildBash Events

WildBash Events is a budding events planning company in Toronto, They show promising events that are not only aesthetic but also assured to be meaningful. Bringing your dream wedding proposal to life, they have an amazing team that assure you’ve got everything under control without stressing out. 

Partnering with known and reliable vendors in the neighbourhood, you are sure that you get only the best with them. Since they are true experts in events, they can also be your wedding day planner too!

  1. Two Sisters Vineyard

With a deep understanding of how special this event is to their clients, Two Sisters Vineyard brings luxurious wedding engagement packages. They have a wine tasting night laid out for you and your partner. Perhaps, you can even avail the veranda package where you two will be guided for an outdoor wine tasting and a bottle of custom wine with the label: Will you marry me? 

  1. Perfect Proposals Toronto

perfect proposal toronto

Perfect Proposals Toronto got everything covered. More than knowing the city well and partnering with vendors, they sure got you for a luxury engagement proposal that your partner would never forget. Whatever your budget, they offer a wide selection of elegant packages that fit any budget. Moreover, these packages also come with fresh and sophisticated blooms and decors to help you feel a little bit more confident when popping the question.

  1. Gone Sailing Adventures

Impress your partner with a date on a luxury yacht through Gone Sailing Adventures. Don’t be too afraid to splurge on this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Since this involves a lot of sun time, remember to ask for their recommended attire and things to bring. Further, there are also several rules and regulations to take note of before onboarding for a smoother experience together.

  1. Luxe Proposals

luxe wedding toronto

Luxe Proposals offer consultation for their clients that are perfect for those without an idea yet on how to plan this out. Ensure that you got every detail were covered with their silver and gold packages. Truly luxurious, they help you go big on details with a professional planner you can work with side-by-side. Moreover, they got you if you’re looking for a full-set with intricate decor for your dream proposal.

  1. Trade Sensation Events

If you’re looking at unique and creative wedding proposals, Trade Sensation Events is at your service. Besides this, they also have three packages that you can work with. If you’re keeping it with the right level of fancy, they can help you plan the proposal of your dreams.

  1. Paparazzi Proposals Toronto

paparazzi wedding proposal

Have the proposal of your dreams with Paparazzi Proposals Toronto. They’re here to help with planning from scratch up to the big day where they are present to capture your big moment secretly — like true paparazzi! Choose from their three tiers on what works best with your budget. 

  1. Fusion Events

Popping the question without stressing out is now an option. Here is Fusion Events who got you covered for a luxury engagement proposal package made best with their expertise. Thoroughly customizable, you can go ahead and choose your preferred location and prepare your budget. Furthermore, they got the hidden camera, flowers, and decor ready for your big moment!

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