10 Best Luxury Gifts and Flower Delivery in Toronto

Gift-giving has always been something that takes a lot of time. There is this unspoken pressure that pushes us to not settle on anything, especially for our loved ones. This actually comes in a place that we think they deserve the best so we criticize our choice, finding fault in everything. With these ten best luxury gifts and flower delivery in Toronto, you can surely find something exceptional for your loved one. Also, the best thing about these is you can even add a dedication card that adds a personal touch to the idea. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s day or for an event, we got you covered!

Best Luxury Gifts and Flower Delivery in Toronto

1.Floral Bash

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Floral Bouquet

Floral Bash is one of the go-to florists in Toronto. They have a comprehensive selection of luxury gifts and offer flower delivery anywhere in Toronto. With this in mind, their flair for classy and sophisticated pieces remains. Save time and go through their website to see their premade luxurious and unique gifts.

All prepared with the finest ingredients and materials, you are sure that you get the best in all ways possible. As for recommendations, we suggest you for either a bouquet or any of the delectable boxes.

  • website: www.floralbash.ca/
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 5B, Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9

2.Berry Blush

Another florist in demand in Toronto, Berry Blush wows us with their chic floral design. They incorporate colours and textures into elegant packaging that instantly takes their floral arrangements to the next level.

Choose whether to go for their boxed flowers, bouquets, or vase arrangements. You can even opt to add these huge balloon accents. They have foil letters and number balloons to choose from. Mix and match however you like it, you’ll definitely craft a unique combo that is like no other.

3.Hanako Floral Studio

Hanako Floral Studio

Hanako Floral Studio curates floral arrangements that are chic, soft, and stunning. You can opt for their bestselling fresh flowers in a bouquet or go rogue with their basket or box options. Besides this, you can even order a couple of preserved flowers for a beauty that truly lasts for a lifetime.

A crowd-favourite, especially for the romantics, they also carry gift selections that are indeed sensible – from aroma candles, handmade soaps, and solid diffusers.

4.Toronto Blooms

Another good florist to check out in Toronto, Toronto Blooms has floral arrangement choices that range from different sizes and combinations. These are all curated with the thought of the overall intention the gift-giver would have in mind. They understand how flowers also elevate and set the mood.

Not only flowers, but they also offer superb and bountiful gift baskets that are good options for all occasions. Choose from their comprehensive options that come in various sizes and combinations.

5.Wild North Flowers

Wild North Flowers is another go-to florist in Toronto. Their floral arrangements are always distinctive and lively. Coming from an artistic perspective, they deliver statement pieces that stand out from the rest. Check out their website and go through their collection.

It’s also nice to mention how they name each with puns or references from pop culture. This goes to show how much thought their team puts into each piece. Always a delight, they are a good place to get flowers.

6.SOMA Chocolatemaker

Enjoy delightful truffles from SOMA Chocolatemaker. They are already in business since 2003 and have built a reputation for delivering excellent quality products that are enjoyable. You can go ahead a select whether you’re going for pralines or truffles but either is a great choice. It also comes in different packaging, with special editions for some occasions.

7.Kace Catering

Kace Catering never fails to bring joy to any occasion. They are a premier catering company in Toronto that offers full-service for social events and weddings. Flexible enough, they also curated unique gift options to go for in case you need a good gift.

Since it’s food, everyone will surely love it. You can select from their grazing boxes, brunch boxes, or even tea time boxes. Appealing for anyone, whoever they are. You can even have it delivered as a surprise! Also, there is no need to worry for people with diet restrictions as they are flexible to go gluten-free or even vegan.


Talk about gift-giving, Yorkville’s remains one of the best shops to go to. They have comprehensive gift options that are perfect for anyone or any occasion. Their offerings range from luxurious gift baskets, gift boxes, to even pastries such as cakes. Bundle up on or two if you are feeling a bit grand. After all, they wouldn’t be considered the number 1 luxury gift basket company in Canada for nothing.

9.Present Day

Present Day Gifts

If you are into more personalized gift boxes, Present Day curates each to fit a certain personality. Whether you are looking for something specific, they are perfect to check out. Be it for a coffee lover, stationery fan, or even a pampering treat for some, Present Day delivers sophisticated sets for anyone and any age.

You can even customize your own set if you want to. Just let their team know. Choose which box and what goes in for a really made-for-you impression to the receiver. At the end of the day, effort and thought count even more.


Last but not the least, Hazelton’s is popular for its huge gift collection. Whatever the occasion is you’ll surely find one that suits best that person’s interest and your budget. You don’t need to stress out anymore and just pick what you deem is best. They have combinations of chocolates, wine and spirits, pastries, to even gourmet gifts.

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