10 Best Marriage Proposal Packages in Toronto (Ontario)

Choosing to spend the rest of your life with your partner is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life. This is just the first step. Planning the wedding proposal can be nerve-wracking, too. You’d like to surprise your significant other and make sure it’s as special as can be. Regardless of your personality, there are marriage proposal services that can help make your vision come to life.

Don’t sweat the process. Whether it’s outlandish, minimalistic, paparazzi-style, or intimate and sweet, these companies can make it happen. Here are the 10 Best Marriage Proposal Packages in Toronto today! There’s no better time to ask your partner to get married and spend your happy lives together than now. Check these out.

best toronto wedding proposal packages

1. Bellamy Loft

Wedding Proposal Toronto Marry Me Toronto

Bellamy Loft is a multifunction events venue that you can easily transform into any way you want. It is a great place for proposals because you can make it as minimal, grand, or themed. Does she love Harry Potter or do you want a winter wonderland in summer? The team behind Bellamy Loft is experienced in different kinds of events and their packages are easily customizable to cater to your needs.

They have partnered with the best planners, stylists, photographers, and caterers. They also have a long list of vendors for whatever requirement you may have. Surprise your significant other and act as if you’re attending a party when it’s actually romantic wedding proposal planned and executed just the way you want it.

2. VintageBASH

One of the most respected event stylists in the industry, VintageBASH is a go-to for weddings, proposals, and parties all over Canada. Their team of creatives is known for classic and sophisticated florals and décor that make each event a breathtaking sight to behold.

They have a wide selection of décor, props, signages, arches, balloons, and lighting for your perusal. Their packages are flexible and customizable so that you’re sure to get the most perfect set-up for the surprise of your partner’s life.

3. WildBash Events

Engagement Proposal Packages

WildBash Events is a professional event and management company based in North York. Whatever you have in mind for your proposal, these people will back you up, take your ideas, and translate them into an unforgettable experience. Their team is passionate about taking the pressure off and delivering well-executed affairs that are sure to wow anybody in attendance.

Get in touch with them to find out more about their curated packages to make your day as magical as possible. You no longer need to stress about the nitty-gritty, WildBash will handle all of this for you.

4. Luxe Proposals

    Luxe Proposals

    Luxe Proposals is your own personal luxury proposal concierge. They have proposal planning experts that can give you private access to beautiful proposal venues to get the dream proposal your partner deserves. Their winning process is simple but foolproof.

    First, they get to know you and your partner through detailed questions. Second, they develop a plan that ensures a truly meaningful day for the both of you. Your ideas and vision is respected and they turn it into a tangible plan. Once you are satisfied and approve it, you only need to wait for the date of your wonderful surprise. Luxe Proposals will take care of everything you need for the day and you can expect a perfect execution on the day!

    5. Perfect Proposal Toronto

    If you need help conceptualizing, planning, and executing your wedding proposal, this team of experts can make it happen. Perfect Proposal Toronto specializes in engagements and satisfied happy couples. Let them know what you want and they can design a bespoke marriage proposal that is individually tailored to your requirements.

    They are very hands-on from start to finish. Their team will help you find the best location and venue, manage the styling, and arrange a photographer or other professional vendor to capture your perfect moment. Their premade offers include the Marry Me, Love Struck, and Bohemian Beach Proposal Packages. They also have a secret proposal photo shoot service as well as a custom package to fit your budget.

    6. Gone Sailing Adventures

    Gone Sailing Adventures

    What about a marriage proposal in a yacht overlooking the city? You can have this and more with Gone Sailing Adventures. You can get a private yacht for just the two of you or you can invite a small group of loved ones to witness this occasion and celebrate after.

    Their wedding proposal package includes a private luxury yacht, planning the surprise, a special two-hour sail through the romantic Toronto Island Lagoons, and a candid video of the proposal. You may add professional photographer services for memories to last a lifetime.

    7. Paparazzi Proposals

    Paparazzi Proposals

    For a truly stress-free and well-planned engagement, you have Paparazzi Proposals. They offer free consultations that include a brainstorming session to get the perfect plan for you and your significant other. Once you agree on the plan, you will receive maps, diagrams, and directions for the exact location of your surprise. You will also be notified where the secret photographer will be hiding at.

    On the day, you can rest easy knowing your plan will go exactly as you talked about. You can be sincerely yourself with only a photographer immortalizing this magical event. You’ll have 100+ images available to view and print to remember this day. Want more? Their offers include a proposal photography package and a Toronto picturesque park proposal.\

    8. Fusion Events

    Fusion Events

    Fusion Events understands the challenges involved in planning a wedding proposal. This is precisely why they have created packages for your peace of mind. As experts in engagements, they have a list of unusual and amazing locations just for their clients. Their packages include live music, hidden cameras, flowers, and décor.

    Marriage proposals need not be complicated. Make it simple but oh-so remarkable with Fusion Events.

    9. Simply Proposals

    Simply Proposals

    No matter who you are, Simply Proposals can help make the perfect wedding proposal moment you’ve always wanted for your partner. Their team will help design a plan that will reflect your love story and relationship.

    Whatever the theme or budget, Simply Proposals will work around it just for you. They have packages for nature enthusiasts, romantics, adventure seekers, minimalists, animal lovers, and treasure hunters, too.

    Congratulations on your engagement! Let’s get to planning!

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