5 Marriage Proposal Speech Examples

Planning a marriage proposal takes time and effort. Since you’re here, we bet you already booked a reservation at your favourite restaurant or planned out a weekend getaway with your partner. Still, what makes this moment extra special is through a meaningful and heartfelt proposal speech. Worry no more because we got you 5 marriage proposal speech examples to help you ace that speech!

5 Marriage Proposal Speech Examples

1. 10 reasons why I love you

If you’re having writer’s block, why not consider this speech example. You can start by listing 10 reasons why you love your partner. List down everything you see in them – as an individual, a partner, a future parent, and more. Have more than 10 reasons? Go ahead and extend it up to 15! 

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[Name], it’s been [3] years since we’ve met on that fateful day and my life has never been better. I would love to let you know 10 reasons why I love you:

  • I love you because you make me laugh when I needed it most
  • I love you because you inspire me to be a better person
  • I love you because you are extremely patient with me during my lowest points
  • I love you because you are an amazing [daughter] who loves and takes care of [her] family
  • I love you because I know you’ll also be a great mother to our children someday
  • I love you because you have dreams and you’re not afraid to go after it
  • I love you because you dare to be yourself and own who you are
  • I love you because of how the light shines each morning together
  • I love you because of how comfortable silence can be, with you
  • And most importantly, I love you so much that I’ll want to be with you forever and I hope you’ll say yes. Will you marry me?

2. Do something you both love

If you’re both into adventure, you can plan first a trip out of town along with activities. All the while, you can pop the question seemingly random (but of course, this is planned). Whether it be before sky diving, or once you’re both up in wall climbing. Keep it cool but well-thought.

[Name], it’s been [3] years since we’ve met on that fateful day and my life has never been better. After [trekking 7 mountains with you and visiting 5 countries with you], would you like to do this, with me, for the rest of our lives? Will you marry me?

3. Looking back and welcoming the future

Acknowledging your life together – through ups and downs. You can start by how you two met and walk your partner through your milestones individually and together. Then divert to the future, the potential of an ongoing love story together.

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Our lives together are a beautiful story in progress. We met serendipitously at a [cafe] and shared a couple of years from then. You believed in me and supported me through my life, to be where I am now. At the same time, you are also going after your dreams then and you’ve achieved so much more now. Though there are many chapters yet to be written, let’s hand-in-hand write this amazing love story together. Will you marry me?

4. Short but sweet

If you are worried that you may forget everything because of nervousness, don’t worry because you can still go with short but simple. Here’s a cute but straight-to-the-point way of popping the question that you can use. Just remember to keep the whole event well-planned for a more impactful proposal.
[First Name, Middle Name, Last Name], there can only be a yes answer for this question I’m about to pop. Will you marry me?

5. Go poetic

For the ones who love fluff and well-written poems, you can never go wrong with this. Not only it is romantic, but your partner will also appreciate your effort in this piece. Quick tip if to use similes and metaphors for imagery. Make it rhyme if possible too!

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Here’s a piece you can use:

It took one look and I knew that the stars finally spoke back, through you.

I look at you as you smile, just like sunlight that dazzles, forging halos so bright.

I see you are ethereal, an answered prayer, and a dream come true.

Will you marry me?

What makes a good marriage proposal speech?

Before we get the ball rolling, it’s best to first determine what makes a good proposal speech. Take a moment to look back on your memories together and your whys. Like writing any good piece, start with writing what you want to say. No need to worry about your grammar and flow yet. Just go ahead and pour your heart out. 

Don’t worry about being too emotional because this is yours to seize. Look back on when you how you two met then fell in love. To add, you can also share your brightest moments and the moment you knew. Build up the momentum through these stories. Once you feel you’ve written straight from the heart, you can now edit your draft. Don’t forget to end your speech with the question: Will you marry me?

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