10 Best Micro Wedding Planning Checklists And Templates

The common misconception with micro weddings is that it is easy to plan, but really, it is not. It almost follows the same tedious planning checklist big weddings follow through. The difference is often just the volume – the number of guests is lesser, the flowers needed are lesser, and the venue is minor. Accurate enough, the struggle still valid, but micro weddings require lesser time and resources from you. This means it is less stressful for the couple.

Whether you are starting with a full year to only a few months of planning, the internet provides plenty of options. Most wedding planning checklists and templates online are free, but there are also ones you can pay for. Rest assured, though, that everything included in this list is good enough – be it free or not. Without prolonging this, here are ten of the best micro wedding planning checklists and templates you can check out!

Best Micro Wedding Planning Checklists And Templates

1. Martha Stewart

Micro Wedding Planning Checklists And Templates

Get the complete checklist here.

Known for her classy hosting and supreme events planning skills, Martha Stewart is a go-to for a bride-to-be planning their own weddings. She shares a quite comprehensive free guide you can refer to for weddings of any size. Be it a huge wedding or micro wedding, the checklist and templates she has are just perfect for you. She even curated a wedding vendor template you can use to settle the essential things and prevent a wedding disaster. If you’re planning for an entire year or with only a few months, her micro wedding planning checklists and template will definitely bring order to chaos, as usual!

2.Peppermint & Co. Ltd.

Get the complete checklist here.

Peppermint & Co. Ltd. is a Canadian event consultant and designer company that got featured in Canada and the United States. With their impressive skills in planning, they prepared a quite helpful DIY Wedding Planning Guide and Checklist. The free guide covers all the details you may need – from budget to the extensive day schedule and other nitty-gritty details. The company believes in the beauty of planning and intends to help more brides enjoy the journey without stressing out too much. Besides being helpful for big weddings, these are also ideal for micro weddings.

3.Studio Creative Things

Studio Creative Things

Get the complete checklist here.

Chic and stylish, Studio Creative Things bring their own micro wedding planning checklist and template in fashion. Starting from a year before the big day, you can go each to-do thoroughly and with no rush. It’s a great list that actually comes with 44 pages, and it’s free! One of the most detailed checklists and templates you’ll find on the internet – from your to-do list to guest lists and budget planning template. Subscribe to their email list and get it within few minutes straight in your inbox.


Transform your pre-wedding concerns into a joyful and imaginative planning experience with Plan in Love.

This all-encompassing, membership-based template platform is steered by the seasoned expertise of Kyra and Kyla, who have an impressive 8-year background in the events field. Their versatile templates effortlessly accommodate any theme you desire. No matter your level of graphic design experience, you’ll find user-friendly, step-by-step instructions to tailor each template to your vision. Say goodbye to compromising quality for affordability. Your subscription not only guarantees top-notch resources but also connects you with a vibrant community of like-minded brides and wedding professionals, all dedicated to helping you craft the wedding of your dreams.


4.Canada – Financial Consumer Agency

Get the full checklist here.

For straight to a point and no-frills wedding planning attitude, the Financial Consumer Agency shares an interactive worksheet template that you can use in planning for your wedding. It works explicitly around figuring out how much you’re spending as a couple and breaking it down to what you need for your big day. The perfect backbone for planning but best to pair with a trusty to-do list too!

5. Real Simple

Real Simple Micro Wedding Planning Checklists and Templates

Get the full checklist here.

Another of the no-frill templates in this list, Real Simple, presents us with an easy-to-follow worksheet. As the whole wedding depends greatly on the working budget the couple sets, this stays a really comprehensive list of all the possible items you may need for your big day. Straightforward, just indicate your budgeted amount and vendor estimate. Once you have the actual cost, we hope you’re not going over your budgeted amount!

6.Colorado Micro Weddings

Get the book here.

Though not set in a Canadian setting, the Colorado Micro Wedding Planning Checklists and Guides is still a handy reference for your big day. Though this comes with a price, it’s only sold for USD$ 24.99 on Amazon. With this book, you can go in-depth with planning through helpful tips, guides, checklists and templates customized for micro weddings, including also the things to watch out for or even common mistakes to prevent.

7.Magnet Street

Micro Wedding Planning Checklists And Templates

Get the full checklist here.

Quite an unconventional name for a wedding resource, but Magnet Street proved to be an excellent resource. They have a free PDF guide you can download. The checklist is interactive and actually fun to go through. Also, punny, each stage comes with a catchphrase that is just fun! Another great thing about them? You can customize the list on the website.


Get the ultimate book here.

And when they say that the best things in life are free, Wedinspire instead offers us wonderfully-made 90-pages micro wedding planning checklists and templates for only $11. It covers the full event from the wedding planner as a whole to even the small nitty-gritty details that are essential such as payment tracker or even gift registry! This is a micro wedding planning checklist that we truly see as the worth of investment. It can also come in letter-size or A4 for easier printing!

9.Loverly Wedding Planner

Get the ultimate book here.

Available on Amazon, the Loverly Wedding Planner is a fantastic wedding planning book with lots of reliable tips and checklists to follow through. If you’re unsure yet if you want to plan your wedding thoroughly, this book will convince you to go for it. It is also perfect in simplifying the wedding preparations and letting you have a fabulous modern wedding for only $11.82 (Paperback).

10.Bellamy Loft

Not a checklist and template reference, but Bellamy Loft is still a fantastic venue that also offers full-service wedding planning services. They are genuinely great at what they do, and they actually have a tremendous portfolio you can check out. With impeccable decor, comprehensive packages and a smooth wedding day, why not choose a less stressful journey for you and your partner. Let their amazing team help make your dream wedding come true!

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