10 Modern & Bright Film and Photography Studios in Toronto

Toronto is a city bustling with art and creatives. If you are a photographer or videographer looking for studios to showcase your talent, you’ve got to take a look at this list below.

Here are 10 modern and bright spaces that you can transform to fit your vision and bring them to life.

  1. Bellamy Loft 

    Bellamy Loft       Photo credit: https://www.bellamyloft.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Photo-2020-02-07-11-28-27-AM.jpg

Bellamy Loft is the new kid on the block that gives you a blank canvas to work your creative magic in. Easily customizable to transform into however you want your photos or videos to look. If in need of props, their sister company VintageBASH offers a good selection of rentals that you can choose from.


  1. THAT Toronto Studio

THAT Toronto Studio

Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/thattorontostudio/photos/a.312664619087232/997835863903434/?type=3&theater

THAT Toronto Studio is a spacious and bright space with 3 massive South-facing windows that will give you all the natural light you need. Make-up and hairstyling stations, backdrops and backgrounds, and many props are available for use. If you’re a beginning photographer and want to build your portfolio, you can take advantage of their pro-lighting kits that are available for rent, too.


  1. Album Studio

Album Studio

Photo credit: https://www.albumstudios.com/junction-cove

Album is a full-service studio that offers 4 different spaces with white walls for any of your shooting requirements. Junction Cove is their largest, Studio A has floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings while Studios B and C are good options for smaller budget shoots. They have a wide variety, that might be an understatement, of rentals available as well so you can fulfill any theme, style, or look that you’re going for.


  1. SHVRK Studio

SHVRK Studio

Photo credit: https://shvrkstudio.com/

This 1,000 sq. ft. space was made with creatives in mind. They can host any type of photoshoot – weddings, family, pets, editorial, you name it, they’ll still be a perfect fit. They have curated décor and furniture pieces that you can freely use in order for your vision to come to life. It’s a bright studio with abundant natural light and high ceilings with props, photography sets, and basic equipment for your perusal.


  1. Working Proof

Working Proof

Photo credit: https://www.workingproof.ca/gallery

Working Proof is a modern space that can be used for photo and video shoots as well as events. They have 18 foot ceilings and large north facing windows to allow natural light to come in easily onto the area. If bright is not the theme you’re going for, they also have blackout curtains that will help you achieve the look that you’re going for. They have a wide selection of backdrops available for rent, too.


  1. Mint Room

Mint Room

Photo credit: https://www.mintroom.ca/white-loft/

The classic Mint Room Studios is known for weddings, fashion, and family photography. It is an elegant space with a lot of natural light. It has 6 different studios decorated depending on the room’s theme.


  1. Inkast


Photo credit: https://inkaststudio.com/studio

For editorial and fashion shoots, Inkast is a great option. They have large windows for soft, natural light and 16 daylight bulbs to meet your lighting requirements. It is a large and versatile studio with 26 beautiful paper backdrops to choose from for all your shooting needs.


  1. Studio 202

Studio 202

Photo credit: http://www.studiorentalintoronto.com/

Studio 202 is a unique space that was originally knitting factory back in the 1940’s. It retained much of the building’s beautiful infrastructure giving it a distinct look. It is spacious with a 14 foot high ceiling that will give you all the area you need for the perfect shoot experience. Seamless paper backgrounds are available for rent, too.


  1. Neighbourhood Studio

Neighborhood Studio

Photo credit: https://neighbourhoodstudios.com/s-1

This studio offers 3 areas you can choose for that will fit whichever type of shoot you have in mind. Studio 1 has 2,500 square feet of modular space, a private terrace, and options to blackout the area depending on your theme. Studio 2 has 1,500 square feet of space, high ceilings, and a private terrace. If you want a bigger space, a combination of those two are available in studio 12.


  1. Astrolab


Photo credit: https://astrolab.studio/studio-1/

Astrolab prides itself on the high tech and complete equipment as well as their studios. Perfect for filming, they offer 2 options. Studio 1 for larger groups of 20-40, and studio 2 for groups of 10-20. Both are soundproof with high ceilings spaces that will make your photo and video dreams come true.

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