10 Best Modern Rustic Venues in Toronto (Ontario)

Venues are spruced up to bring the dream celebration of people into life. More often than not, we all want to find a place that has character and appeal. So if you want something modern yet full of personality, modern rustic venues should be considered. A blank canvass is a good choice so events stylists can play around with their creativity but for extra rustic and country ambient, timber and bricks is an element you shouldn’t miss.

With a myriad of choices you have out there, it’s easy to get lost. To help you, we have created a list of the 10 best venues with rustic and modern accents that you can choose from.

Modern & Rustic Venues in toronto

1. Bellamy Loft

Looking for a place that has flexibility yet elegance? Bellamy Loft has that! This event venue is suitable for micro weddings and other intimate affairs –  perfect for these crazy times. Since it has flawlessly painted white walls, this is a perfect canvass for very creative stylists. It can be easily transformed into anything imaginable, whether into of one the best modern rustic venues, winter wonderland, or a garden fairytale – name it! Aside from flexibility, you also have access to a full-service company that can put together everything you need for your event. Sounds good, right? Check them out to block your schedule!

  • website: www.bellamyloft.com
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit #4, North York, Ontario, M3K1Z9, Canada

2. Old Mill Toronto Event Venue

Looking for more options in one? Old Mill Toronto Event Venue offers you indoor and outdoor venues. This venue has a rich history that is evident in its structure. The outdoor facade of this place gives you all the romantic and nostalgic feels while the indoors have aesthetically aged timbers and wooden beams. With over a hundred years from its establishment, this venue has already become a landmark that binds people to any kind of celebration. Rich history and beauty combined, this is truly one of the most sought-after modern rustic venues of our era.

3. Vantage Venues

Want a rustic-themed celebration in the heart of a city? Vantage Venues will surely make that modern rustic venue style you are going for! This venue allows you the best way to infuse modern and rustic elements in your celebration with its city view through the windows. Just find the right events stylist to bring in the rustic vibe and your modern rustic dream will behold. Visit their website below to book and save your date.

4. Artscape Wychwood Barns

Artscape Wychwood Barns is an outdoor modern rustic venue that is perfect for corporate functions, bazaars, and tradeshows. With its spacious enough corridor, high beams, and a sprinkle of an events stylist’s creativity, this venue will be transformed into the modern rustic fantasy you are envisioning of. Aside from corporate affairs, this could be perfect for other family celebrations such as anniversaries and birthdays. The open space this venue offers can give you that feeling of airiness and flexibility for your occasion.

5. Jam Factory T.O.

Want a venue with an ultimate rustic magic? The Jam Factory is the one you’re looking for! This venue has industrial bricked walls, beautiful timber beams and pillars, and everything rustic in between! With its whopping 3000 square feet space, this is perfect a place to facilitate weddings, styled photoshoots, and any kind of celebration! The timeless beauty and modern rustic fantasy it offers can definitely match your dream. To top it off, this venue also has a team of professional events stylists that can help you put together that utmost rustic fantasy you are aiming for. What are you waiting for? Modern rustic venues like this quickly become unavailable! So rush onto their website now to save your date!

6. Palais Royale

Did you say luxurious rustic venue? We heard you. Palais Royale is a venue that gives off an expensive vibe without the hefty price! For nearly a century, this venue has been home to events of various celebrations, from weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and even corporate affairs. Offering an array of venues such as a patio overlooking Lake Ontario to their indoor venue with rustic elegance. With its state-of-the-art facilities that are rich in history, this place is an oasis for any kind of event.

7. Fantasy Farms

Fantasy Farms, one of the best modern rustic venues

Dreaming of a fairytale-like venue? Fantasy Farms is for you! This venue has nothing short of whimsy and magic. With an amazing facade that is nestled in the greens of nature, you and your guests can truly immerse yourselves in a beautiful enchantment. Taking pride in the old-rustic scenery it offers, you will surely be blown away at the sight of this whimsical venue. They offer amazing services as well, perfect for intimate and romantic celebrations such as weddings and anniversaries. This hidden gem is situated in Downtown Toronto, which is a rare treasure you have found.

8. The Burroughes Building

Brewing an event and looking for a venue that has the coziest and most rustic goodness? The Burroughes might just be it! They have everything rustic you can imagine, from high wooden beams to industrial brick walls to aesthetically aged floors. Aside from that, you can also opt for their rooftop space that is perfect for romantic events such as weddings and engagement parties – truly a hidden modern rustic gem in our generation.

9. The Berkeley Bicycle Club Event Venue

The Berkeley Bicycle Club Event VenueThinking of vintage rustic glamour? The Berkeley Bicycle Club Event Venue offers it generously! This venue is furnished with beautiful wooden furniture and glass solarium from ceiling to floor. This historical place can hold up to a hundred guests and takes pride in its architectural perfection that is a convenient alternative for outdoor rustic venues. Be it for corporate events, intimate affairs, or a small wedding, this venue is perfect for you.

10. The Symes

Scouting the town for an art deco venue? Then The Symes is the venue for you. Taking pride in its art deco architectural design, this modern rustic venue has been catering to all types of events. With its own spirit and style, this venue boasts 5,800 square feet of space. You can choose from their vaulted and luminous rooms or an equally sensual space with rough bricks and details. Want to see more? Check out their website now!

  • website: www.thesymes.ca
  • address: 150 Symes Rd, Toronto, ON M6N 0B1, Canada

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