10 Best Photo Studio for Mother’s Day Photo Shoot 2024

Celebrate Mother’s Day differently this year and book a photoshoot for your mom! A great and memorable bonding experience you two can share. The best thing about this is you get superb photos you can print out as souvenirs. To help you save time looking for the best photo studios for your Mother’s Day photo shoot, here’s a rundown of ten fantastic places to checkout.

Best Photo Studio for Mother’s Day Photo Shoot (2021)

1.Bellamy Loft

Red Carpet Photo Shoot Mother's Day Photo Shoot

Coming first in this list, Bellamy Loft remains a promising venue for events and even photoshoots! With their impeccable white walls and well-maintained structure, it’s easy to dress up the area for a Mother’s Day photo shoot. They even have an amazing team to help make your dream setup come true. With this in mind, you can work with any theme you have in mind. Whether it be based on her favourite book, film, or etc. This venue is a perfect canvas.

2.Shvrk Studio

Bright lit and spacious, Shvrk Studio offers a 1,000 sqft space ideal for your Mother’s Day photo shoot. The venue is conveniently located in Toronto. Besides this, you can also appreciate their furniture and accent selections that you can play with and decorate your preferred set-up. Another thing worth noting is the availability of photo shoot equipment you or your hired photographer can use.

3.Wade Studio

Mother's Day Photo Shoot

Easy to book, Wade Studio is equipped with different and high-quality lighting and grip equipment. They also have an open space that’s convenient to work with and unlimited backdrops to use. Moreover, they even have superb furniture you can borrow for a while and set according to your theme for your Mother’s Day photo shoot. Indeed professional, you can check out their website to see more of their clients’ previous works.

4.Kissed by Light Photo Studio

Kissed by Light Photo Studio is an excellent choice to consider if you’re into surprising your mom (or wife) for a maternity shoot! They are very dedicated to capturing this unique and delicate milestone in a woman’s life. Fun to work with, they weave stories into the photo shoot considering the personality of the subject as well. Check out their gallery for breathtaking and fantastic maternity shots.

5.Mint Room Studios

Mint Room Mother's Day

Worth considering if you’re looking for premium studio spaces, Mint Room Studios is ideal for you. It is located in Downtown Toronto and indeed accessible wherever you come from. Besides this, you can check out the two premium studio spaces they offer. These are Mint Room Studios and the Preto Loft. Also perfect for engagement or wedding photos, the walls and fixtures are already elegant on their own.

6.That Toronto Studio

That Toronto Studio is a fully-equipped and fully-furnished photo studio perfect for your Mother’s Day photo shoot. The studio can be rented wither hourly or daily, depending on what you have in mind. Besides this, they have two rooms to choose from. Go for the Blanca room if you’re into dressing up the place for a theme but if not, you can also check out the homey Main Studio.

7.Inkast Studio

Inkast Studio

With their team’s understanding of the whole creative process and the need of photographers, Inkast Studios work on being the best possible studio for photo shoots. They have a minimalist venue that is very flexible, impressive equipment to work with, and amenities to enjoy. If you’re looking at touching base with your creative flow, they’re perfect for you.

8.Studio by House

Studio by House got you covered in a lot of ways! They are offering different packages to choose from depending on the session length. Also, they have five fully-styled set-ups you can check out and have fun in. Classy and inspired by the modern French countryside, you can simply have your afternoon high-tea or live the life as a Parisian model for the day.

9.Studio 202

Studio 202

With this venue retaining its original architecture that goes back to 1940s, Studio 202 indeed is brimming with creativity and history at the same time. You can work with the already existing strip hardwood flooring, brick walls, and single pane glass windows – giving so much personality already on its own. You can check out the studio via their website and plan ahead how you want to have the Mother’s Day photo shoot surprise.

10.King street Photo Studio

Located in Lawrence Street instead but still very accessible anywhere in Toronto. King Street Photo Studio is full-service studio. They are known to take excellent headshots and portrait photos. If you are looking for a more straightforward photo studio, they are one of the best ones to check out and work with.

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