10 Best Photo Booth Rental Companies in Brantford

If you’re still wondering if renting a photo booth is perfect for your big day, this is a big YES. Not only perfect as an activity your guests can spend time in, but they also get to interact with other guests and have tangible souvenirs to bring home and look back on. With this, what’s far more important is choosing a company that can deliver a fabulous setup that’s fully equipped and fitting to the venue. Here, we rounded up the 10 Best Photo Booth Rental Companies in Brantford that you can consider for your big day.

10 Best Photo Booth Rental Companies in Brantford

1. RAD Photo Booth

RAD Photo Booth Rental Companies Toronto

Catering to any kind of event, RAD Photo Booth got you and your luxurious setup on your big day. They accommodate bookings within the Greater Toronto Area including Brantford. Moreover, they have a couple of setups you can choose from. They ensure that their clients are happy by delivering quality service and a fantastic setup aligned to the decor. What’s to love more about their service is their 7 to 10 seconds print time so you can have more fantastic photos to print.

2. Party Decor

Party Decor boasts of their unlimited photo prints that your guests can make the most of. Furthermore, they also have a modern open-air setup which allows for more people to come in for a photo. Besides this, you can choose different metallic backdrop colours — they have red, gold, rose gold, purple, silver, and navy. There are also a couple of props to utilize and add a sense of personality in each shot.

3. The Bloom Booth

the bloom booth photo booth companies brantford

One of the best photo booth companies in Brantford, The Bloom Booth continues to wow their clients with fantastic setups. They have three tiers that you can choose from, depending on your budget. If you’re looking for a fun straightforward setup, their Mini package is best for you. But if you have more budget to spare, their Luxe and Champagne packages are the bombs.

4. Zattup Photo Booth

Straightforward service, Zattup Photo Booth makes the whole rental process as seamless as possible. They cater to any events with different packages to check out, especially if you’re working with a tight budget. Moreover, there are also additional services you can avail such as event scrapbooks to have a tangible souvenir for the host. There are also other favours you can include such as custom frames, slideshows during the event, and more.

5. Fun Booths

funbooths photo booth rental companies brantford

Fun Booths is also a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a premium photo booth rental company in Brantford. They have an impressive website that showcases fabulous shots from their previous clients. Besides this, they also have sleek and sophisticated technology that makes it extra possible for clients to have open-air setups and quality prints. Moreover, they also extend their services to accommodate video concepts if the client prefers.

6. SMart Booth Images

Smart Booth Images caters to areas in the Greater Toronto Area with a surcharge depending on the distance. They focus on delivering quality service that is interactive and fun not only to the host but for the guests too. Primarily, they cater to weddings, charity events, and corporate events. There is also a promise of flexibility since they also entertain outdoor setups for fairs, festivals, and more.

7. Mirror Photo Booth

magical mirror brantford

Going beyond tech, Mirror Photo Booth elevated their setup through an interactive mirror touch screen that allows your guests to have fun and get along with others. Since this does not include a photographer who’ll take their shots, introverted guests can easily get comfortable in being their best selves. Not only that, but this can also take boomerangs and videos too that you may download soon after the event.

8. Booth by Demand

Surprisingly with a minimalist and easy to set up a photo booth, Booth by Demand boasts of their straightforward camera technology and won’t need much space in your venue. This is perfect for open-air setups as well that can accommodate more people for more fun. Furthermore, they also have other party services that you can avail of — that’s like hitting many birds with one stone.

9. Abbey Road Entertainment

abbey road photo mirror booth

Another photo booth rental company in Brantford, Abbey Road Entertainment understands how to bring a good time to a party. They are partnered with a few venues within the area so this can simplify the planning and setup process on the day itself. Besides this, they also have a lot of entertainment rentals you can check out if you have more budget and space on the venue to spare.

10. Pynx Rental Services

Pynx Rental Services extends photo booth rental for events in Brantford. Focused on entertainment, they also have DJ and sound system services to bring life to your party. Their photo booth has an open-air setup with unlimited printing. Decor and props may vary depending on the type of event and location.

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