Photo Studio Rental in Toronto (North York)

Are you seeking the perfect space to bring your creative ambitions to life? Or do you need a top-notch studio in Toronto to take your photography game to new heights? Bellamy Loft is your go-to destination for all your photo studio rental needs. 

Our creative space is perfect for portrait photography, fashion shoots, content creation, product photography, or anything else. What sets us apart? We offer a unique blend of specialty, convenience, and complete customization.

Fully Transformable and Customizable Photo Studio 

Our photo studio is more than just a space to create art; we want it to be a hub for creative collaboration, connection, and growth. We’ve designed it to be fully transformable and customizable to meet your requirements. Simply share your vision with us; our skilled team will bring it to life seamlessly.

Conveniently nestled in North York, our photo studio rental is easily accessible to local and out-of-town clients. We provide ample room to accommodate various design elements and customizations. Additionally, beside us, you’ll find VintageBASH, our sister company, offering prop rentals for that extra uniqueness.

Flexible Photo Studio Rental Options 

Our feature-packed photo studio offers a range of flexible rental options. Whether you need it for an hour or an extended session, we’ve got you covered. Plus, the more hours you spend within our creative haven, the more discounts you unlock.

When you reserve our beautifully decorated creative space, you can bring your own photographer or step into the role yourself. Our spacious studio can comfortably host up to 25 individuals. To elevate your creative journey, explore our add-ons, including additional personnel, custom décor, props, signage, makeup and hair services, and a generous 10% discount on VintageBASH prop rentals.

Who Can Rent Our Photo Studio

  • Professional and Amateur Photographers – Established photographers will find our studio well-equipped for their professional projects, while amateur ones can use it to enhance their skills and capture stunning images.
  • Models – Our studio is suitable for models seeking a versatile and well-lit environment for their portfolio shoots or collaborations are encouraged to rent our studio.
  • Artists and Creatives – Visual artists, painters, sculptors, and multimedia artists can use our studio to capture high-quality images of their artwork or create multimedia content for exhibitions and promotions.
  • Content Creators – For bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers, our content creators studio rental offers the perfect setting to produce professional-quality content, such as beauty tutorials, fashion lookbooks, or product reviews.
  • Small Business Owners – Our studio’s abundant natural light and modern ambiance make it an ideal space for product photography and promotional materials, making it a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Initial Terms & Conditions

  • Force Majeure – If the contract is cancelled due to uncontrollable events like acts of God, natural disasters, government actions, or other extraordinary circumstances, we’ll offer a reschedule, but no refunds.
  • Check-in & Check-out Time – Your booking begins at check-in and ends when you leave the studio fully cleaned. If extra setup or cleanup time is needed, please book accordingly.
  • Base Rate -The stated rate applies to photography only; different rates apply to events and other activities.
  • Appearance – Our studio’s appearance may change without notice due to ongoing updates and decor changes.
  • No Smoking & Alcohol – Smoking (including e-cigarettes and drugs) is strictly prohibited. Intoxicated or under the influence, guests may be asked to leave.
  • Prohibited Items – We don’t allow smoke bombs, open-flame candles, and other hazardous materials in the studio.

Bellamy Loft redefines the traditional photo studio experience, offering a relaxed and unbounded setting for all to explore and bring your creative vision to life. Don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity – book our studio today and experience the Bellamy Loft difference.


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