10 Awesome Photographers We’ve Worked With In Toronto

Photographers are getting more in demand nowadays because more people like to document the most special moments of their lives—a new baby, a proposal, an engagement, a wedding, and so much more. Imagine the many more significant moments people want to be captured.

These photographers from Toronto cover a lot of shoots that will amaze you. Their passion turned into a career is so inspiring, you’d want to meet each one for a quote!

1. Plum Rose Photography

Run by a fine art wedding and portrait photographer based in Oshawa, Ontario, Stephanie of Plum Rose Photography incorporates summer in all her photos. She feels like this season shows more of the warmth and light that people always look for in their photos.

Stephanie’s journey started when her son was born. Capturing every moment of her little one sparked the joy and warmth that opened her heart and soul to photography. She will get to know you like she got to know the love of her life, to make sure you’d love each photo.

  • Address: Oshawa, Ontario
  • Website: www.plumrosephotography.com

2. You By Mia

Amelia of You by Mia loved taking photos even back when it was just disposable cameras that were available. Her hobby of freezing time became a full-blown career.

You by Mia celebrates the big things and especially the little ones, because she believes that these are the real moments that people truly treasure. Amelia’s inspirations are the genuine smiles and honest moments of her clients. She loves to tell her client’s story through her photos.

Address:Aurora, Toronto
Website: https://www.youbymia.com/

3. Luna Wedding Photography

A mother, a wife, a photographer, and a storyteller – Laura is honored to be a part of her clients’ special days – this drives her to create special moments that her clients will remember forever.

Laura aims always to capture the perfect moments of her clients. Reading into the photos she took will tell you precisely what the story of the clients is. Being passionate as she is, Laura believes that living by the second allows you to enjoy life more – with your families and loved ones.

Website: http://lunaweddingsphotography.com/
Email: infolunaweddings@gmail.com

4. Dragana Paramentic

Doing work with soul and purpose is what Dragana’s business is all about. A professional photographer who sees beauty in everything and dedicates excellent care for your special moments and people you value the most.

With more than 15 years of shooting experience, Dragana is committed to helping people get their lives back. She specializes in hospitality and wellness and promises to create content photos that you can use for your brand. As a creative, she vows to help you succeed no matter what.

Address:Toronto, Canada
Website: http://www.draganaparamentic.com/
Email: info@draganaparamentic.com

5. Bemiro Photography

Bemiro Photography designs their sessions as fun and as relaxed as possible. Creating genuine connections and emotions is Bemiro’s specialty. They offer photography work from maternity to newborn shoots, from engagements to weddings. Book them today!

Bemiro Photography also mentors artists who want to improve their newborn photography. Each one will receive personal attention with the promise of helping you become better and successful with your craft. Bemiro’s sessions can be done in their studio or in your studio or shooting space. Follow them on Instagram for more cute newborn photography!

Address: 10036 Hurontario Street, Brampton, Ontario L7A 1E7
Website: http://www.bemiro.com/
Email: bemire.photography@gmail.com

6. Emblaze Photography

Emblaze Photography is made of a team of highly-skilled photographers and creatives who will go above and beyond to make sure that they will immortalize the best moments of your lives. They specialize in engagement, wedding, maternity, and newborn shoots.

To be a part of the journey of their clients is Emblaze’s honor. They love more than anything in this world to make sure that they will be able to capture beautiful unscripted moments, their client’s natural beauty, and chemistry.

Timeless undertone is the central theme they want for their clients – to be able to feature light, fresh, and classy—all the time.

Address: GTA/Toronto
Website: https://www.emblazephotography.com/
Email: hello@emblazephotography.com

7. Lane and Ave Studio Inc.

Lane and Ave Studio’s approach is simplicity while making sure that the authenticity of the moment remains at all costs. They aim to capture all the love surrounding their client’s special day and moments.

Jackie Laine and Lily Avetisyan are the co-founders of Lane and Ave Studio. Two passionate photographers who love to capture the client’s stories and moments in their photos. These milestones with their clients are something they both treasure.

Address: Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada
Website: https://www.laneandavestudio.com/
Email: LaneAndAveStudio@gmail.com

8. VIP Photography

Making sure that her clients feel like a VIP is Vanessa Ip’s style. Vanessa Ip is a portrait and event photographer located in the Greater Toronto Area. She strives to capture the special moments of her clients while making sure that they look their best.

Founded in 2017, VIP Photography will provide a variety of portrait packages for you to choose from. From a minimal portrait package or basic portrait package to a full-blown event overnight coverage. Take your pick and email Vanessa for your photography needs.

Address: GTA/Toronto
Website: https://www.facebook.com/vipphotography.ca
Email: contact@vipphotography.ca

9. Captive Camera

Captive Camera will help you find your voice. They say that the right photographer will make any moment picturesque, and Captive Camera will help you with that. They offer their clients experience, versatility, and outstanding customer service that you’d want them in your every event.

Examples of services that they offer are Corporate Photography Services, Event Photography Services, Headshot Photography Services, and Fashion and Glamour Photography Services. Make the call today.

Address: Toronto, Canada
Website: http://captivecamera.com/
Email: jaime.espinoza@captivecamera.com

10. Yuki Noda Photography

Yuki Noda’s love of photography came from using her dad’s camera as a little girl. After a few more years of practice, she created a portfolio online, which garnered a lot of fans, thus encouraging her to start charging for photos.

Yuki is a Web Programmer but feels more accomplished and inspired doing what she loves best – meeting new people and taking photos while making beautiful memories through photography!

Address: GTA/Toronto
Website: http://www.yukinoda.com/
Email: contact@yukinoda.com

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