10 Unique Spaces for Popup Shops and Market Events In Toronto

Are you a trendsetter, an entrepreneur, or just someone with a unique product to share with the world? Whether you’re a seasoned vendor or just getting started, hosting a pop-up shop or market event is the perfect way to showcase your creativity and connect with your audience. Toronto, known for its dynamic and diverse culture, offers a plethora of exciting spaces to make your pop-up shop or market event a huge success.

In this blog post, we’re taking a deep dive into the vibrant and ever-evolving landscape of Toronto’s unique venues. From hipster hangouts to chic urban spaces, we’ve scoured the city to bring you the top 10 unique locations that will elevate your pop-up shop or market event to the next level. So, whether you’re in the fashion game, art scene, or food industry, get ready to explore the coolest spots Toronto has to offer for your next pop-up venture!

best pop up event venues in toronto & gta

1. Bellamy Loft

Bellamy Loft is the new kid on the block that refuses to be part of the crowd.

It’s a bright blank space that lets you transform the space to fit your popup event perfectly. Style it any way you want to or avail of their in-house packages to help you give the place an entirely new look.

This space is multi-functional and can be used for popups or any event that you have in mind. Perfectly versatile and all-purpose, the venue also has flexible and completely customizable packages, too.

2. IN Lifestyle

IN Lifestyle
Photo credit: http://inlifestyle.life

This beauty salon doubles as a pretty event or popup space. The venue is already beautifully decorated but it offers flexible options for their rentals.

You can rent it as is or bare. Additionally, it also has a roomy patio for extra space.

3. Love Child Social

Love Child Social
Photo credit: https://lovechildsocial.com

Love Child Social is a dynamic venue that mirrors the carefree island life. It’s a fun and charming space for events and popups.

The atmosphere is beach chic and the whole space has different lighting setups to play with to fit your event. It’s a beautiful space that is fully transformable to your liking.

4. Markham Civic Centre

Markham Civic Center

The city hall of Markham has different areas available for rent. You can choose from outdoor sports fields to indoor soccer fields to halls, rooms, or gymnasiums.

Be sure to check out their website or pay them a visit to see the venue for yourself. Over the years, it has been a favorite for market events and different popups from different brands.

5. Morning Parade Coffee Bar

Morning Parade Coffee Bar
Photo credit: Fareen Karim

A café that serves phenomenal locally-roasted coffee and fresh baked goods, Morning Parade can also be rented out for popups and small events.

It’s a coffee shop that aims to serve local businesses by sourcing their products. It’s a bright and cozy area that is inviting to crowds.

When rented as space, they can still provide their café services to your customers too. It’s a quaint coffee shop experience with a popup twist.

6. Northern Contemporary Gallery

Northern Contemporary Gallery
Photo credit: https://www.northerncontemporarygallery.com

Located at the Parkdale Theater building, Northern Contemporary Gallery is a haven for the artistic expression of any kind. While it aims to showcase different artists and creative freedom, it is also a unique multi-use space that is suitable for any event.

Of course, popups and other events are given an added flair with the gallery’s innate distinguishing mark of creative composition and style.

7. Riverdale Hub

Riverdale Hub
Photo credit: https://www.riverdalehub.ca

The Riverdale Hub is an all-around events place and coworking space that is easily customizable to your needs. You can rent one space or combine them for a larger area.

Chiefly, the wood beams, brick, and natural light gives a natural esthetic but can still be decorated to fit your popup theme.  Without a doubt, it is a transformative space that has hosted numerous projects that highlight culture and art.

8. Stackt Market

Stackt Market
Photo credit: https://stacktmarket.com

Stackt Market is a remarkable venue of curated local vendors that range from food and drinks, goods, lifestyle, beauty, and more. It’s an awesome venue for Popups and events because it is a cultural marketplace overflowing with inspiration and new experiences. There is plentiful foot traffic too.

They have a variety of spaces to choose from. In detail, their indoor areas include the Studio, North Hall, Solarium, and the Horseshoe. They have outdoor spaces and combo areas, too. Given these points, it is a phenomenal choice for your future events.

9. StartWell

Photo credit: https://startwell.co

The Event Studio of Startwell is accessible from King Street West. It is a well thought of space and a great area for popups.

It has three open sections for the lounge, bar, and presentation space. Additionally, they provide AV equipment too.

Rent it as is or design according to your needs.  Not to mention, they also have a bigger area called the Innovation Centre.

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