10 Best Private Catering Companies in Toronto & Ontario

If you’re planning to host a party – whether that be for an anniversary, birthday, wedding, etc – we got you! Toronto and Ontario have a bunch of excellent private catering companies to choose from. Varying on their experience and specialties, you can easily check each out based on reviews of their previous clients.

With this in mind, you need to also understand that catering is a vital element of an event. Your attendees will remember food the most. No need to worry! We prepared this rundown of the ten best private catering companies in Toronto and Ontario. Without further prolonging this, check these companies out!

Best Private Catering Companies in Toronto & Ontario

1.Kace Catering

KACE Catering

A no-fail private catering company that is reliable and good at what they do, Kace Catering gets the job done best. They put in extra effort on each detail that is reflected in how exquisite they plate and present their food. Ideal for impressing your guests, they offer gourmet food selections that are ensured to be of top quality. You can even let them know in case you (or some guests) have dietary restrictions so they can adjust accordingly.

2.Food Dudes

Food Dudes is one of the best private catering companies in Toronto. They also built quite a reputation in the neighbourhood for several years with the food they offer. Such true delights, their meal are always prepared fresh and indeed enjoyable. They excel in handling events of any size – from small gatherings to grand and lavish events. With their experience, you are sure that you get the most out of the money you spend and will have an excellent party for your guests to enjoy.

3.Daniel et Daniel

Daniel et Daniel

A delight to work with, Daniel et Daniel prides themselves on their superior cooking and planning skills. With their close understanding of what any host would need, they prepared a couple of packages to choose from. Moreover, each of these caters to a different pool of guests and event style. Whether you opt for just grazing of cocktails, you’ll still get gourmet meals. Besides this, the duo’s conscious alignment on sophistication helped them appeal and build a reputation in the industry.

4.Catering by Mario

Another private catering company in Toronto, Catering by Mario focuses not only on delivering great food but also curating a perfect event for you. They understand the importance of food served and how it can affect the dynamics of your event. With their experience, you can go for a consultation and align on what’s best for your event.

5.Tasty Solutions

Tasty Solutions

Tasty Solutions is a private catering company in Toronto that also services the whole of Ontario. With this in mind, they also cater to parties of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to lavish events. Also flexible, you can go for a multiple-course meal and go big with grazing boards prepared and served at the comfort of your home. Once you confirm your booking, the chef will personally coordinate with you to align the menu. With this, you don’t lose your personal touch and personality on food. Another great thing about this chef is he can bartend!

6.Ida’s Kitchen

Whether you are planning for small gatherings or extravagant parties, Ida’s Kitchen is a good choice. They actually specialize in private catering and are committed only to serve healthy international cuisine. Furthermore, they can also cater to cocktail parties, buffets to plated dinners that just show how flexible they are. They also can send staff to assist you during your event, making sure everything runs smoothly.

7.Elle Cuisine

Elle Cuisine

A recognized catering company in Toronto, Elle Cuisine is featured in several media and publications. With this in mind, they are also popular for serving restaurant-calibre food at the comfort of your own home. You can hire them as a private caterer for any occasion and guest size. Besides delivering excellent food, they also have planners who can help you prepare the table and ensure excellent presentation to your guests. Such a breeze to work with, anybody will definitely love them.


Focusing on delivering a high-expectation and spectacular event, 10tation offers private catering services anywhere in Ontario. Through a personal chef, they encourage you to explore and be more open on what you want, opening a new experience of only culinary goodness. They use fresh and daily handpicked ingredients so you are sure that what they serve is of the best possible quality alone.

9.The Drake

The Drake

They say home is where the Drake is. We can’t deny how it can be true so might as well, bring in The Drake‘s private catering at the comfort of your home for your party. One of the catering leaders in the whole of Ontario, they offer their gourmet meals into premium and luxurious packaging making it more accessible to anyone – whether it be for a virtual event or you just prefer to have it boxed individually. Still with the assurance that they prepared it fresh with locally sourced ingredients.

10.Encore Catering

A leader in the industry, Encore Catering has proven what they can offer over the years. They remain as one of the most sought-after catering companies in the area. With this, private catering services them is perfect especially if you are after a chef-crafted menu that you don’t need to worry anything about as whatever happens, you are sure it’ll turn up great.

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