15 Best Professional Real Estate Photographers in Toronto (Ontario)

If you’re looking for outstanding real estate photographers, you’re in luck! We round up the best professional photographers in Toronto that you can check out in here. Further, these have plenty of experience and a great portfolio, so you’re sure that you’ll get only the best. Some are also even skilled enough to take on commercial photography projects too. Truly reliable to work with, here are fifteen of the best professional real estate photographers in Toronto.

Best Professional Real Estate Photographers in Toronto (Ontario)

1. Emblaze Photography

Another photographer in Toronto that is fun and great to work with, Emblaze Photography, remains a crowd-favourite. They are flexible in any kind of shoots – from food, lifestyle, or even real estate. Moreover, their experience speaks volumes about them. You can also check out their website and see how chic, elegant, and fun their shoots are.

2. Bellamy Loft

Real Estate Headshot Photographer Toronto
Real Estate Photography

A well-rounded company with an impressive flair for design and elegance, Bellamy Loft is a must-see. They are some of the best professional real estate photographers in Toronto. With their experience from running real estate (a venue, in this case), they know the ropes of the industry. Through this, they built credibility through knowing what to highlight or how to best showcase real estate.

2. Adam Sturino

Adam Sturino is one of the go-to real estate photographers in Toronto. His works reflect his ethos, which is modern, cinematic, and minimalist. Through this, you can see how he works best with architecture and commercial spaces. However, his works are not only limited to this. Check out his stunning portfolio, and we bet you’ll love him.

4.Lighthouse Media

Lighthouse Media specializes in real estate photography. Their website showcases their previous projects, emphasizing what they can offer to you. Exceptionally flexible, they can also cater to small condos to even large luxury properties. Indeed a leader in the industry, they are reliable for indoor and outdoor shoots.

5.Goldfish Interactive

Offering not only still photos, Goldfish Interactive ups the real estate photography game. Additionally, they now offer shoots, making possible 360 virtual tours! But no need to feel overwhelmed. Moreover, they also have packages you can check and see which suits your needs most. With their comprehensive equipment and tools, you are indeed sure to get the most out of what you paid for.

6.M. Shaltout Toronto

Truly professional, M. Shaltout Toronto promises a photo that can sell. Perfect for real estate for sale, they are also able to provide superb shots that showcase the place in the best possible way. Further, they ensure to present it the best way possible. Classy and elegant, they truly step up the game in terms of selling properties.

7.Pro Studio

Real Estate Photographers

Going with Pro Studio assures you that you get professionally done real estate photos. They have pretty impeccable in what they do. Catering to premium and luxury properties, they indeed ensure that you only get the best. Besides this, they also offer video, virtual staging, and drone shots too.

8.Elevated Photos

To elevate how your photos, Elevated Photos ensures to up the real estate photographers’ game in Toronto. They are taking bright, well-lit and staged photos that will definitely attract buyers and showcase what you offer. Besides, they are truly amazing to work with.

9.Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography

Brad Anderson runs the company for 20 long years. He made quite a reputation through his company: Architectural Photography. Further, he takes on real estate projects and delivers stunning photos that work well for realtors or even feature shots. Attractive and work well with the premium market, he also ensures streamlining your strengths and making you stand out from your competitors.

10.Otbx Air

Founded in 2016, Otbx Air takes pride not only in its special equipment. They also help their client have amazing real estate photos that actually sell. With their business experience, they use this as their unique selling proposition for aspiring realtors. Besides this, it’s also remarkable how they dream of creating the world’s most extensive photography and videography company.



Adapting to the current times, Toronto-Pix is a mindful real estate photographer in Toronto. They promote safe and contactless shoots to ensure the safety of not only their team but their clients as well. Moreover, the company has been in business for over twenty years and has built a reputation in the industry.

12.LogicWorx Studios

One of the go-to commercial and real estate photographers in Toronto, Logicworx Studios, is also ideal. They are definitely enthusiastic about working with small to huge luxury properties. Additionally, they have full-service equipment that allows them to take amazing photos and videos showcasing the best of properties.

13.Jagged Lens

Jagged Lens

Often, it’s the imperfectness that brings out the best in us. Jagged Lens knows just that. Further, they also ensure that their outputs reflect impactful photos that indeed help their close clients’ sales. Besides this, they also cater to different photography projects such as corporate portraits, cinematic property films, 360 virtual tours and staging.

14.Houss Max

Helping you maximize your property’s value, Houss Max will help you with that. They offer excellent service with a quicker turnaround compared to other companies. Further, they also cater to videography projects. If you’re looking into 360 virtual tours and staging, they’re also perfect for you.

15.Studio GTA

Studio GTA Real Estate Photographer

Studio GTA is an excellent real estate photographer in Toronto. They are great at what they do and indeed delivers classy, glamorous shots that scream luxury. Besides this, they are perfect for premium properties. Additionally, they also actually play around with the real estate’s strengths and uses this to their client’s advantage.

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