10 Best Restaurant Influencers & Food Bloggers in Toronto & Ontario

Traveling involves indulging in delectable cuisine and unique culinary experiences. Ontario is home to some of the most delightful culinary destinations in the country, which is why Canadian food influencers flood their blogs with the province’s top cuisine highlights.

To discover the area’s best dining venues and recipe ideas, let’s look at the top 10 restaurant influencers and food bloggers in Toronto and Ontario.

1. Hungry416

hungry 416 toronto food influencer

Hungry416 is a website that follows the story of Ontario’s food businesses. They contribute to the development and growth of brand awareness of these businesses.

They often invite a couple of popular Canadian bloggers and influencers to a free menu tasting event and request them to market your business.

website: hungry416.com
email: hello@hello@hungry416.com

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2. Living Lou

The Living Lou blog is maintained by Louisa Clements. To create meals worthy of a social media post, she combines authentic ingredients and convenient techniques to create bright and simple recipes on her blog.

From Loblaws to Hamilton Beach to Dairy Farmers to KitchenAid to Kraft Canada to Lavazza, Living Lou has worked with some of the biggest names in the food industry. Moreover,  Living Lou has been featured on GoodHousekeeping, Buzzfeed, and CNN as well as many others.

website: livinglou.com

3. Narcity

Narcity is dedicated to informing its readers about the events in their communities. Moreover, Narcity showcases the best of the region’s food, culture, and attractions. It has helped Toronto foodies find the right match for their palate.

You can also subscribe to their content-rich daily newsletter of top trending topics that will help you plan where to go for dinner and what to chat about when you get there, among other things.

website: www.narcity.com

4. The First Mess

Laura Wright’s vegan food blog, The First Mess, features lots of vegan recipes and nutritious meal ideas. It contains the greatest vegan dinner options, vegan breakfast recipes, gluten-free vegetarian meals, vegan smoothies, delightful vegan salad ideas, healthy, and a lot more. Laura sure loves to share tidbits of plant-based and positive lifestyle inspiration!

website: thefirstmess.com

5. The Girl on Bloor

It’s been eight years ago since Taylor Stinson launched her site, The Girl on Bloor, which features healthy, time-saving meal prep recipes. It’s her mission to help other busy people like her save time and money while enjoying more nutritional and homemade meals on the go.

She believes that having healthy meals ready ahead of time will free up more time in your week to do things that please you and give you more time to be physically active.  In addition to reducing food waste and saving money on groceries, meal prepping saves you both time and mental energy.

website: thegirlonbloor.com

6. Running on Real Food

When Deryn Macey launched the blog in 2013, she wanted to share her experiences with healthy food and fitness, and inspire others to do the same. Running on Real Food features delicious and easy-to-follow vegan recipes and plant-based meal suggestions for its followers.

website: runningonrealfood.com

7. Rock Recipes

Rock Recipes is all about making real food for real people. Rock Recipes blog founder Barry C. Parsons is the man behind this wildly popular food blog. The Rock Recipes blog has a huge collection of culinary pictures with direct links to the recipes. For those looking for traditional favorites, as well as some of Barry’s own ideas and adaptations of recipes, RockRecipes.com is a great place to get it.

website: rockrecipes.com

8. Blogto

If you’re looking for a full guide to all things food-related in Toronto, look no further than Blogto. This blog features some of the greatest event listings in the city. Whether you’re looking for current news and entertainment, or culinary reviews as your inspiration for your next meal, Blogto is your go-to source for all sorts of information in Toronto.

website: blogto.com

9. Simply Stacie

Simple Stacie features quick and easy dinner recipes, sweets, and more for folks who are busy but still enjoy cooking. Besides recipe inspiration, Simple Stacie shares hauls, cleaning and organizational inspirations, reviews, and anything interesting.

website: simplystacie.net

10. Simple Bites

Simple Bites believe in the significance of bringing the entire family together for meals daily.  In addition to a wide variety of recipes, they also provide helpful how-tos on preserving food and cooking with kids. Simple Bites is a perfect blog to uncover new recipes, read inspiring stories, and get a fresh perspective on how to feed your family well.

website: simplebites.net

These restaurant influencers have driven many foodies to the local food hubs. Many people turn to these food bloggers and restaurant influencers when they’re looking for meal ideas or just want to read something interesting daily.

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