10 Best Restaurants for Mother’s Day Specials in Toronto 2024

This coming Mother’s Day, the amazing women in our lives deserve to be treated to a hearty meal. And with countless restaurants in Toronto, you’re sure to find one that will give you the most savory cuisine. Be it European, American, or Asian cuisine, these restaurants’ Mother’s Day specials will make you and your family come back for more.

Though a majority of the food industry still refrains from offering dine-in services, you can still enjoy the upcoming celebration with the delivery and take-out options restaurants in Ontario offer. Let us help you decide, check out our list of 10 best restaurants nearby for Mother’s Day for your family to feast on.

Mother’s Day Restaurants In or Near Toronto

1. Ufficio Restaurant

Ufficio mother's day specials

Ufficio Restaurant offers Italian cuisine goodness that any culture would enjoy and savor on. They have menu specialties for seafood lovers, cocktails, and wine. Aside from that, they also serve vegetarian dishes perfect for health-conscious and eco-friendly diners. For the ambient, the restaurant is decorated with brass so this is perfect for a sophisticated style of celebration. They are open from Wednesday to Sunday and delivers across Toronto.

2. The Carbon Bar

The Carbon Bar

The Carbon Bar is a go-to restaurant for BBQ fanatics. They serve Southern-inspired cuisine that will surely impress the tastebuds of Southern people. They also offer different cocktails that go along with the flavorful menu they have. From tasty sandwiches to smoky grilled meat, they will surely fill your guts with a hearty treat. They are open seven days a week so you and your family can enjoy Mother’s Day and any celebration at home.

3. Miku Toronto

Miku Restaurant

Crazy over Japanese cuisine? Miku Toronto is one of the restaurants you can go to for this Mother’s Day. Offering fresh and rich flavors of Japan with added perfection of Aburi Sushi, they offer an extensive range of sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese cuisine staples. With their talented and passionate resident chefs, they also offer Japanese and European flavored desserts, authentic sake drinks, cocktails, and more.  This restaurant continuously expands its range of expertise to create an exceptional culinary experience for its customers. Truly one of the restaurants for Mother’s Day you and your family should try and feast on.

4. Scaramouche Restaurant & Pasta Bar and Grill


Scaramouche Restaurant & Pasta Bar and Grill is for families who want to celebrate Mother’s Day like they’re in France. This restaurant offers French haute cuisine that is to live for. In addition to that, they also offer a fine selection of wine that diners keep on coming back for more. When everything goes back to normal, they can further elevate your dining experience as they provide customers a beautiful skyline as their dining view. Meanwhile, you can savor their special Mother’s Day specials in the safety and comfort of your home.

5. One Restaurant

One Restaurant offering mother's day specials

The One Restaurant is part of the McEwan Group which is led by exceptional chefs. Owned by Mark McEwan, a well-renowned chef and creator of the hit series Top Chef, this restaurant offers the finest full-service dining experience and catering to customers and companies alike. They perfectly marry excellence and savory goodness in their culinary craft. As a result, they have been the go-to restaurants of many diners around Toronto.

6. Figo Toronto

Figo Toronto Mother's Day special

Figo Toronto is one of the best restaurants in Ontario that offers one of the finest contemporary Italian dishes. You can experience its exceptional culinary service while enjoying a sleek and elegant space. So it’s no surprise that they take pride not only in their sumptuous and mouthwatering menu but also provides customers a luxurious feel with its soaring windows and open kitchen interior. For restaurants offering mother’s day specials, it is quite common to find dishes that will make customers feel like they’re always in celebration.

7. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

The Keg Steakhouse

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar is one of the steakhouses in Toronto that doesn’t need an introduction. This restaurant-bar serves a classic steak and seafood menu that any local returns to and dig in for more. They offer one of the most flavorful mainstay courses that made them renowned throughout the neighborhood. But luckily, you can enjoy the rich flavor of their steak and seafood courses through their home delivery and take-out services.

8. Piano Piano Restaurant


Make the most out of the Mother’s Day celebration with Piano Piano The Restaurant’s impeccable menu. Whether you want to celebrate Mother’s Day with delicious pasta, chewy and crispy pizza, or a flavorful lamb, this restaurant will surely satisfy your Italian cuisine cravings. They provide a soulful menu that is always just enough to impress countless diners. With its chefs’ mastery of perfecting the combination of ingredients, it’s no surprise that countless diners have been returning to fill themselves with their tasty meals.

9. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Mildred one of the best restaurants for mother's day

Celebrate Mother’s Day most sweetly and unforgettably with Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. You can find this hidden treasure nestling in the heart of Liberty Village. With his restaurant’s foundation of heartfelt passion and commitment of its owners, you’ll surely enjoy the intimate and warm ambiance of this restaurant. They take pride in using locally sourced ingredients for their sumptuous courses. They don’t have a secret ingredient for their cooking – just pure love and commitment in providing dishes that tug hearts and hits home. Once you have tasted their dishes, you surely linger and come back for more.

  • website: www.mildreds.ca
  • address: 85 Hanna Ave #104, Toronto, ON M6K 3S3, Canada

10. Pearl Diver

Pearl Diver one of the best restaurants for mother's day

Pearl Diver is a restaurant dedicated to only serve the freshest and tastiest edible creatures of the ocean. Food is very important to this team of culinary experts as they see it as an instrument of connection and culture. From grilled to stewed plates of seafood, they got you covered. Aside from seafood, they also offer other dishes such as sandwiches and burgers.

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