5 Simple But Romantic Ways to Propose

It’s a beautiful moment when you realize you’re with the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. We understand that you’d want the proposal to be special. After all, this is the love of your life. But in this time where everyone posts everything on social media, you may feel pressured to match these grand engagements. We are here to tell you that you don’t need to. What’s important is that your significant other will feel your sincerity and love on this day.

Truth is, most people would probably prefer a simple but meaningful proposal to a large, elaborate one. Stay true to who you are and make it especially unforgettable for your soon to be fiancé. The basic tenet of any proposal is love and honesty, no matter if it’s an intimate or elaborate plan.

If you’re looking for heartwarming and romantic proposals that don’t involve jumping off airplanes, we’ve got you covered. While these still need planning in advance, you’ll surely appreciate the simplicity and genuineness of these ideas. You no longer need to strain to plan the perfect proposal. This moment will be just as special in its simplicity.

  1. Get the little (or big) ones involved

u/hotelnextmailcomgfdg via Reddit
Photo by: u/hotelnextmailcomgfdg via Reddit

It’s always a tug on the heartstrings when the most special little (or big) ones are involved. If you have a baby, fur babies, or nephews and nieces, they can help you pop the question. You can get a onesie or a shirt for the kids that say, “will you marry me?”. If you want your lovable pet to help you, place a signage around the neck with the big question. The moment they enter the room, your partner will be pleasantly surprised.

With their help, your proposal gets a cute and innocent feel to it. It’s so genuine, your significant other will surely say yes!

  1. Read between the lines

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If your partner loves books, you can use their current read for a simple yet sincere way to ask the question. You can replace her bookmark with a handmade bookmark or letter. Write about your feelings and intentions, and end it with, “will you marry me?”

You can also buy her a book she’s been eyeing and insert the letter there. This may be the perfect way especially if it’s hard for you to put into words what you want to say. You no longer need to memorize long lines, just pour out your feelings into your letter. This is an honest and authentic proposal that’s true to both your personalities. If you’re feeling extra, get her a new book and carve out the spot for the ring inside. Give it to her as a gift for a magical engagement.

  1. Photobooth Proposal

Photo: via Pinterest

Who doesn’t love photo booths? They’re simple and romantic. Couples at any age still use it. It’s a great plan for a proposal, too! You’re surely going to capture the emotions at the click of the shutter when you ask the question.

You can do this with just the two of you or you can involve family and friends. Book a restaurant to celebrate after or prepare a meal with wine at home. There’s absolutely no set way to do it. If it fits your lifestyle, personality, and needs, go for it. You’ll have pictures to look back on and there’s nothing quite like capturing the exact moment when you pull out the ring and the expression on both your faces as you get engaged.

  1. At the Peak

Photo by: J Mark Photography

If you’re the type of couple that enjoys the outdoors and hiking, this is probably one of the best ways to plan your simple engagement. You can plan out a trek that ends during sunrise or sunset. At the peak, go down on one knee and go ask the question!

Make sure the ring is kept in a safe place and be doubly careful not to drop it along the way or when you take it out. Set the tripod to capture the moment and you’re good to go. You have the whole world at your feet and the best backdrop for this big occasion.

  1. Make a Movie

Caia Image / Paul Bradbury / Getty Images
Photo by: Caia Image / Paul Bradbury / Getty Images

It would be nice to look back on your relationship through photos or videos you’ve taken through the years. Include important milestones like anniversaries, birthdays, and trips you’ve taken together. End it with a video of yourself telling your partner how much he or she means to you.

Play the movie during “movie” night. Prepare some chips, cheese, and wine for the celebration after. It’s a simple but sincere way of proposing. Intimate and true, just like the two of you.







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